How to connect the remote control from the console to the TV

If you read this article, then you have already become a subscriber of television from Rostelecom. Together with the television set-top box, a universal control panel fell into your hands, which can be controlled not only by the set-top box, but also by the TV itself after presetting. It is about setting up the remote control that will be discussed in this article and we will try to consider this issue in as much detail as possible.

Rostelecom remote control control circuit

If you already held in your hands the usual remote control from the TV, then most of the buttons on the Rostelecom remote control will seem familiar to you and they perform the same functions.

How to connect the remote control from the console to the TV

Using the following buttons you can:

  • Power turn on or off the set top box
  • A / V. switch the video output of the TV itself
  • TV turn on or off the tv
  • Menu. enter the main settings menu
  • TOGGLE. switching the menu mode and viewing mode
  • BACK return to the previous settings step
  • Right, left, up, down. menu navigation buttons
  • OK. confirmation of action
  • Back forward. these buttons allow you to scroll through the recording for a certain interval in the viewing mode
  • Play / Pause. play and stop button to pause broadcast in viewing mode
  • CH. channel switching
  • Mute. mute
  • Last channel switching between the last two channels
  • Vol. volume control
  • 0. 9. channel numbers

Setting up the Rostelecom remote

Open the box from the set-top box and find the instructions in it. It describes the main methods for setting up the remote control:

  1. using the codes from the instructions
  2. enumerating all the codes that are in the device’s memory

To enter the code change mode, you need to press and hold the OK and TV buttons alternately. After that, the OK button should blink several times. Now you need to enter 4 digits that correspond to the code of your TV model. Now try using the Vol button to increase or decrease the sound. If you succeeded, then the remote control was configured correctly. If not, try entering a different setup code and try again to control your TV.

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If such manipulations did not lead to anything, then you need to try out the second method of configuration. Press and hold the OK and TV buttons on the remote control at the same time and wait for the TV button to flash. Press the numbers 991, and then press the CH button until your TV turns off. Turning off the TV will confirm that the code from the remote control has approached.

Some TV models have the same code as the set-top box and there is a conflict in control. In such situations, there are 5 backup codes.

Press the OK and POWER buttons at the same time and enter one of these codes. Now check the conflicting buttons again. If the situation is not resolved, then you must enter a different code and re-check the operation.

Codes for setting up the Rostelecom remote control for TV models

The easiest way is to choose a control code according to your TV model. In the following table you will find the most popular brands in the TV market. Just find your manufacturer and enter the appropriate code.

How to connect the remote control from the console to the TV

Reset Rostelecom remote control to factory settings

Do not be afraid to configure the Rostelecom remote control, as there is always the opportunity to reset all settings to the factory level. If something went wrong and you want to reset, press the OK and TV buttons until the LED flashes twice and enter the code 977. After that, the POWER button should flash 4 times.

As you can see, setting up a remote control from Rostelecom can be quite easy. We tried to analyze this issue in more detail, but if not one of the described methods has worked with your TV, write about it in the comments and we will try to help you solve the problem.

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