How to Connect Speakers To TV Via Hdmi

Suppose you decide to improve the sound of your TV to get the most out of your movies. In this case, the samba itself will encounter the problem of how to connect speakers to the TV, because without them it will not be possible to change the sound quality.

The problem with modern flat-screen TVs is that they have no place for good speakers. The processor processes the audio signal quite qualitatively, but the tool should be improved to convey the sound to the viewer. Therefore, stereo systems, speakers and ordinary speakers are connected to the TV. In the case of limited finances, you can even connect headphones and enjoy the high-quality sound alone. But it’s really easy to connect headphones if there is a corresponding jack for them.

Before all work, do not forget to disconnect your electrical equipment from the network. Turn it on after everything is connected, and set the sound initially to a minimum. This is especially true for powerful audio systems and amplifiers.

Connecting active speakers

Active speakers have a built-in amplifier. They are powered from the network. They can be connected directly, without the use of any complex additional devices. Active are often computer speakers.

If you look at the back of your TV, you will see many sockets there. Each of them is signed. Paying attention to the marking, you can easily determine for what purpose the socket is provided. So the standard linear audio outputs of white and red are signed Audio-R and Audio-L. If you have any doubts, you need to look into the instructions.

Speakers from a computer are connected through round 3.5 mm jacks called TRS (another common name for mini jack is “mini jack”). They are easy to identify by the headphone icon. The TV must have the same jack as the computer to connect it to the speaker system.

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How to Connect Speakers To TV Via Hdmi

On large televisions, instead of a small TRS, a “tulip” type connector is provided. To connect computer speakers to it, you must use the adapter.

Video: How to Connect Speakers To TV Via Hdmi

Passive speaker connection

The passive speaker system does not have a power amplifier, so it is connected to an amplifier, which in turn is connected to a TV. Connection is via cables.

  • It is believed that the power of the amplifier should be at least 30% of the speaker power. The wires are selected with a cross-sectional area of ​​at least 1 square. see, and the thicker the better.
  • The speaker impedance should correspond to the nominal output impedance of the amplifier.
  • Be sure to observe the polarity, connecting the left channel to the left column, and the right to the right. If you break this rule, the sound will be much worse.

If your stereo system consists of several passive speakers, then you can connect it through the AV receiver using a cable. You can use speakers of almost any power and get the highest quality surround sound. Music lovers pick up equipment by ear, but do not forget about the main characteristics of the equipment. Modern models have HDMI connectors. If you use it, you will get the best result, because through it a high-quality digital signal is transmitted.

Connection via tape recorder or radio

Those who want to transfer sound to the speakers of the music center need to use a connecting cable.

  • We connect the TV cable to the tape recorder.
  • The tape recorder is connected to the speakers.

You can connect the speakers to the TV in the same way through the radio, which will serve as an amplifier.

Connection is via the “tulip” and “mini jack” sockets. Use adapters if necessary. Since we output the audio signal from the TV, the cable on it must be plugged into the output jack. Under it is the marking OUT. At the same time, on the tape recorder, it must be connected to the input jack. Look at the instructions for your electric devices, and you will understand where which connector is located.

Conclusion to a compact stereo system

Here the sound will be better than on a tape recorder, but slightly worse than on a composite stereo system. In general, this is an average option, besides very popular. The cable can be connected to the SCART socket using the adapter SCART-RSA (tulip) or SCART-TRS (mini jack).

When viewing analogue channels, it will not work to improve the sound. It can only be made louder, but all errors will remain.

Improve the sound of your TV by connecting additional devices to it. This is a pretty fun and addictive process. As soon as you begin to understand the wires and connectors, it remains only to choose the optimal sound that will completely suit you.