How to Connect Smart Watch X6

How to Connect Smart Watch X6

For more than four months now I have been using a smartphone running Windows Phone. Lumia 1520. Frankly, I am extremely unhappy with this device or the system itself. And after the final release of Windows 10, it seems to me that I will completely lose the desire to return to Android (but we’ll talk about this after Microsoft releases its OS into the world). But I will not hide that problematic issues happen. I came across one of these when I wanted to choose a “smart” watch. It turns out that most popular wearable gadgets cannot work in tandem with Windows Phone. Is there a way out of this situation?

To begin with, the problem does not concern all wearable devices, namely the category of smart watches. With fitness bracelets, the situation is quite normal. about 30 percent of gadgets on Yandex.Market can work in tandem with Windows Phone. But with the clock, things are more complicated, so I offer you a small selection of these gadgets that will “make friends” with your Windows smartphone without any problems.

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Pebble time

Considering that all watches on Anroid Wear and their relatives working on their own operating systems (some solutions from Samsung, LG, Alcatel) do not support working with Windows Phone, the Pebble gadget from the company of the same name may just be the perfect solution for fans of tiled »Smartphones. True, not everything is as joyful as it might seem at first glance. Officially, the watch still only supports Android and iOS phones. But there is hope! The fact is that the Pebble Notification application has appeared in the Windows Store, which is still only at the testing stage, but now it gives us a chance that Pebble watches will support devices running on the Microsoft mobile system. In more detail about Pebble Time we wrote here.

Fitbit surge

If you need a “smart” watch right now (you just can’t wait to get one more gadget at your disposal) and there is no time to wait for the weather to come with support for Pebble Windows-smartphones from the sea, then a device called Fitbit Surge may suit you. In principle, this thing has and can do everything necessary: ​​an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass, an altimeter, an ambient light sensor and a heart rate monitor. Personally, I really like the watch. Coloring options can be three: black, orange and blue. The only point that raises questions for me is the security of the device. Fitbit Surge is protected only from moisture, that is, light rain is not terrible for them, but they will not survive diving under water (even light). The batteries should last for 7 days, and a full charge takes more than two hours. Synchronization with a smartphone running Windows Phone is carried out using a special Fitbit application. The price of the issue is 250.

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Agent smart watch

Another interesting option that you should definitely consider is Agent Smart Watch. The developers hit the jackpot on Kickstarter, collecting instead of the desired 100 thousand dollars a million. The device received a 1.28-inch screen with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, support for Bluetooth 4.0, an ARM Cortex-M4 processor, clocked at 120 MHz and a 300 mAh battery. A standard set of sensors is provided, as well as wireless charging according to the Qi standard. But you often don’t have to use it: the developers promise that the smart watch will be able to live up to 7 days without recharging with a constantly active connection to the phone and up to 30 days in the time display mode. There is no change in color of the case, but the straps can be different (five colors in total). The price of Agent Smart Watch is 250.

i’m Watch

China? Yes, China. But not everything is as bad as you might think. First of all, it is worth noting the appearance of the device. The watch turned out beautiful and I personally like it. The only thing that bothers is the inscription (and double) “i’m Watch” on the strap. Compactness is also quite controversial here: 52.9 x 40.6 x 10 mm. The gadget weighs as much as 170 grams! But there are also positive points. For example, an updated version of Android 1.6 is used as the operating system (developers call it the i’m Droid 2). This means that i’m Watch has much more opportunities than smart watches that I wrote about above (here you have Twitter, Faceebook, and even Instagram). Its memory is 4 GB, RAM is 128 MB, the processor runs at a clock frequency of 400 MHz, and the 1.53-inch screen received a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels (in PPI it turns out 220). There is only one connector on the watch, and it performs three functions at once: audio output, charging, and connecting to a computer. By the way, the speaker is also on the watch. If you want this watch for yourself, then you will have to pay about 200 for it.

Despite the fact that there are several more options (for example, MyKronoz ZeWatch), the choice of smart watches is not very large. But so far only. If you are the owner of a Windows-smartphone and use some kind of smart watch, then be sure to unsubscribe in the comments.