How to Connect SD Card on Phone

Most users of mobile phones and smartphones are faced with a situation where the phone does not see the memory card. Sometimes this question arises immediately after the purchase of the device, but most often it fails later, having already managed to become an integral attribute of everyday life and accumulate important files. There are many reasons why a flash drive is not displayed on the screen and, having applied strength, the owner can always eliminate them.

How to Connect SD Card on Phone

If the phone does not see the memory card, we can talk about software problems, this factor is fixed in half the situations. Defects are just as often the result of a banal flash drive failure, only replacement will help here, although modern features allow you to recover data from damaged media.

With a lack of time and desire, there is always the option of accessing the specialized services of a service center, but they cost money and cost more than the flash drive itself. View recovery instructions apply to all generations of mobile devices, including older versions. In these cases, in answer to the question: why the phone does not see the memory card, it remains to shrug: he is tired, he leaves. But! Data can always be reproduced in full!

In an emergency, a reading device will help, from which they are all easily transferred to a PC.

Factors due to which the phone does not see the memory card

Having wondered why the smartphone does not see the memory card, its owner needs to analyze the following points:

  1. Why did she fail;
  2. Find out the current state;
  3. Clarify the causes of failures;
  4. If they relate to software, then why the android does not see the memory card.

Then based on the results

  1. Format via PC;
  2. Format via smartphone.

It must be remembered that the first time you install a flash drive, complexity is often caused by its capacity. This is especially true for obsolete models that are unable to support modern products.

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How to Connect SD Card on Phone

If the new phone does not see the memory card what to do, the following list will tell you, which lists the main problems and ways to resolve them.

  • File system crashes. The most common problem that is fixed by reformatting the flash drive;
  • Weak connection with flash reader. The flash drive must be inserted denser, and then restart the mobile phone;
  • The phone does not see the memory card, because the reading slot is completely defective. Here, only the appeal to the specialized services of the repair center will help;
  • Flash media just burned out. It will not be possible to reanimate it, but there is still hope for data recovery. Modern capabilities allow this.

The phone does not see the memory card. Procedure

First of all, it needs to be rebooted. Usually this procedure is already enough to fix software crashes and other difficulties. If, after a reboot, the phone does not see the microsd memory card, you need to remove the external cover and pull out the battery, behind which the flash reader is located and check the contacts. In other models, the socket is on the side, here you also need to try to press it more tightly to the contacts. The main thing is not to transmit, so as not to cause mechanical damage.

How to Connect SD Card on Phone

When there are no positive results, the product is checked on another device. An ideal option is a card reader connected to a computer. Another mobile device is also great. If it and all the stored information is available, it means that the problems are in the smartphone and you can’t do without repair here. The main reasons are caused by software flaws or damaged contacts.

How to Connect SD Card on Phone

When another phone does not see the memory card, it is either about file structure defects, or the flash drive simply burned out. In this case, it can no longer be restored, whereas file failures can be easily fixed, it is enough to format the product.

Format using PC

It must be remembered that in the process all information from the drive will be deleted. If there is no confidence that the memory card is not visible on the phone due to software problems, and the stored information is important, it is better to take it to the repair service.

In another situation, you need to format the USB flash drive in the following sequence:

  • It is placed in a reading device, and then in a computer connector;
  • Startup should start automatically. If this is not the case, then the phone has stopped seeing the memory card due to its malfunctions. You need to go to "My Computer" and see a list of available connections. The absence of a drive in it indicates that it has burned out;
  • When there is a display, right-click it and activate the “Format” option;
  • A menu appears on the screen where the user must select a format. It is represented by 2 types of NTFS and FAT. The lion’s share of flash drives belongs to the FAT standard, which is selected from the very beginning. In the absence of positive results, you can try NTFS;
  • Having determined the format, the owner activates the “Start” option and waits for the end of the operation;
  • Next, a formatted flash drive is again checked for work. It happens that already at this stage all questions are removed.

How to Connect SD Card on Phone

In the absence of a card reader, all actions can be easily performed using a mobile device.

Format without a computer

So what to do if there is no card reader, PC and laptop. It doesn’t matter, the product is easily formatted using a mobile phone, you just need to go to the “Settings” Android. They are located in the corresponding list, where the owner can use the “Disable” and “Extract” functions. Most current devices immediately offer the owner to format the drive. You should not perform the operation right away, because, as in the case of the computer, the operation completely erases all stored files.

Before that, you need to check the contacts again, excluding the weak connection version. After making sure that the connection density is sufficient, the user proceeds to the direct process.

How to Connect SD Card on Phone

Understanding the reasons, you should remember about different versions of Android firmware. The order of actions depends on this. In other operating systems, the procedure is performed in a similar way, just find the category "Settings"


If all the efforts turned out to be in vain, the only way out is to contact the repair center or buy a new flash drive. In any case, all options should be used, avoiding financial waste and, most importantly, losing important information.

This article is intended to help with the question. Almost no mobile phone users can do without a flash drive. It is with its help that video clips are watched and videos are listened to. Personal photos and pictures from the Internet are stored here.

It happens that after the procedure the problem persists, being caused by the incompatibility of the smartphone with the media. Errors are fixed using drivers, which can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s official website.

However, some Chinese models are fakes, whose owner can not count on service. He will also need to contact the repair center, whose specialists will complete it, flash the device again and prepare it for full work.

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