How to Connect Samsung J3 to TV

How to Connect Samsung J3 to TV

In this instruction, you will learn how to connect the phone to the Samsung Smart TV and what you need for this. So, to begin with, there are three options for connecting a smartphone to Samsung Smart TV:

  • Connection via a special application via WiFi;
  • Miracast wireless connection;
  • Connection via HDMI cable;

Consider each of them:

Connecting your smartphone to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi

In order to connect a mobile phone to a Samsung TV in this way, you need a smartphone based on iOS or Android and a WiFi router. The first thing to do is download the free Samsung Smart View application to your smartphone (you can download it on the Google Play or iStore). This program allows you to display the image from the phone screen to a TV, create a collection of your favorite movies and shows, and also use the phone as a remote control for TV.

How to Connect Samsung J3 to TV

After installing the application, you need to connect your TV and phone to the router (to the same Wi-Fi network), turn on the TV and run the installed application. The televisions available for connection are displayed on the phone screen. Choose the one you need and enjoy the picture on the big screen!

Miracast Wireless Connection

The Miracast connection essentially repeats the well-known Bluetooth. you need to start the search mode on the phone and TV and allow the exchange of data (all subsequent connections will take place automatically when you select the appropriate item in the smartphone menu).

For example, on a Sony Xperia M4 smartphone, you need to go to the Settings menu.> Xperia Connections.> Duplicate the Miracast screen, and then click on the “Start” button, so that the phone detects a TV to which you can connect. Click on its name and then everything will happen automatically.

How to Connect Samsung J3 to TV

Thus, you can view the phone’s desktop on a large screen. It is worth noting that with this method of connection, 4K video is duplicated without any problems and slowdowns. But playing a dynamic game will not be easy. the image is broadcast with a delay of 0.5-1 sec.

Connecting via HDMI using MHL technology

Connecting in this way consists in connecting the phone and the Samsung TV via the HDMI cable. Micro USB. It looks like this:

How to Connect Samsung J3 to TV

As a rule, all modern smart TVs from Samsung are equipped with MHL technology, but if your model does not have it, you must additionally purchase an adapter that converts the MHL signal to regular HDMI. At the same time, the device connection diagram will look as follows:

How to Connect Samsung J3 to TV

In conclusion, it is worth noting that connecting the phone to the TV via HDMI is perhaps the best way to connect, both in terms of image quality and sound.

We hope our instructions helped you. If you know other ways to connect your smartphone to smart TV, then share them in the comments or our VK group.

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