How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Proper connection of PS Vita to a computer

Play Station Vita (PSV) is an entire entertainment complex in your pocket. Music, photos, games and much more will delight you every day, after purchasing this miracle device from Sony Computer Entertainment.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

The PS Vita Handheld Game Console can be synced to a computer.

An important point in operation will be the synchronization of the portable console and PC (personal computer). this is necessary for the exchange and transfer of information between them. There is nothing complicated in connecting them to each other, all you need is a PC, Vita PS, a USB cable (usually included) and the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation program. Please note that the latest firmware version must be installed on the portable console.

Copy files from PS Vita to a computer

Step 1

Connect the portable console to the PC using the cord.

Step 2

You need to install an application for working with data. To do this, follow the link. Click on the button “Download the latest version”, then install the downloaded program.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Run the program. a small icon in the system tray will indicate the beginning of its work.

Step 3

The next step is to prepare the material for duplication. In order for your pictures, music, etc. to be displayed on the device, they need to be placed in the appropriate categories of the Libraries directory. You can see these folders on the left side of any open window. Simply put, if you need to transfer music from the computer to the console, then the audio files should be placed in the "Libraries".> "Music". Place the files necessary for downloading on the PSV in the appropriate folders.

Step 4

Go to the device. Launch Data Management. There, in the "Copy Data" category, you will see "Computer.> PS Vita system ”, select this item.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

A window opens in which folders similar to the directories in the Library are displayed. Choose the one in which the objects you need lie.

Step 5

PS Vita will display on its display objects that you previously dropped into the appropriate directories. Select the media you want to copy (they will be checked) and click the “Copy” button. The download process will begin, after which they will be available on the PSV.

Copy files from PS Vita to a computer

Copying from a portable set-top box to a computer is carried out using the same program. Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation. The first thing to do is to connect Vita to the PC via a wire. Then go to “Data Management” on the PSV and mark the data necessary for duplication to the computer. Click the “Copy” button and wait for the procedures to finish. Done, files copied successfully.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

How to connect PS Vita to a laptop

The process of connecting a console to a laptop is no different from connecting it to a PC. The sequence of actions is the same: download the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation program, connect Vita to the laptop using a wire, place the files necessary for duplication in the appropriate directories.

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The last thing we would like to draw your attention to:

  1. If you have connection problems, check the integrity of the USB cable and connectors. According to statistics, this is one of the most common problems when synchronizing two devices.
  2. As mentioned above, before starting operation, make sure that you are using the latest firmware on your PSV.
  3. Objects for transferring from one device to another must be placed in the appropriate categories of the Library directory. PS Vita will not see them if they are located elsewhere.
  4. Some data is intended for only a few devices associated with a single account.
  5. Certain file categories have been restricted. You can work with them, but for this you need to correctly configure parental control.

That’s all. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in connecting Vita PS to a PC.

Sync PS Vita and PS3

If you are the lucky owner of several consoles from Sony, and to be precise, you own the Sony PlayStation 3 console and the Sony PlayStation Vita portable game console, then it is possible to play any materials stored in the memory of one device on the screen of another. To do this, you need to configure remote playback of both devices. Let’s see how to connect the PS Vita to the PS3.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

What gives us connect PS Vita to PS3

Run the program "Remote Play" and explore the possibilities. On the main page there are such shortcuts:

To perform any function, just click on the corresponding icon.

By clicking on “Login”, we launch the Remote Play program itself.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Using Remote Play on PS

This item shows the name of the PlayStation 3 system, which is indicated by the second device paired with your portable console.

What functions can be performed using PS Vita on the PS3:

  1. Set up your device. However, not all options are executed in this mode. some functions are blocked.
  2. View photo files. In this mode, DVDs, Blu-ray discs cannot be read and it is impossible to open files with limited access (protected by copyright).
  3. Listen to music. Any available audio files open.
  4. Play videos. You will not be able to open videos recorded on DVD, Blue Ray and protected by copyright.
  5. Play your favorite games. I can immediately disappoint you: not all games support this function.
  6. Set up a network connection. This option is available in limited mode with a reduced feature set.
  7. Manage your friends notebook.

Connect PS Vita to PS 3

First you need to register your console in the PS3 system.

  1. Step one. Open the settings of your PlayStation 3, find the option "Remote Play Settings", select "Register Device" and then "PS Vita System". The display will show the registration number. write it down.
  2. Step Two We launch the Remote Play function on the portable console. Find “Launch” and click “Next”.
  3. Step Three In the window that appears, enter the previously registered registration number, select the "Register" item.
  4. The fourth step. Systems on two devices synchronize automatically. Upon successful synchronization, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen. Click OK.
How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Apps on PS Vita Console

To be able to use Remote Play away from home, you must first configure your PlayStation 3 to connect mode. We perform the following actions:

  • Open the Sony PlayStation 3 Internet browser, and you need to log in from an account that supports pair synchronization with PS Vita.
  • We find "Network", select the Remote Play function. our PS3 is configured to connect.
  • Now we connect the PS Vita system to use Remote Play.
  • In the portable console we find "Remote Play", click "Start."
  • Select “Internet Connection”.
  • All the following steps are quite simple. you must clearly repeat what the built-in installation wizard offers.
  • The synchronization was successful. this will be indicated by the display of the PS3 screen on your PS Vita.
  • That’s all. Now you can freely use the Remote Play function.

IMPORTANT. When a third-party program is launched on the portable console during remote playback, device synchronization will stop after half a minute.

TIP. So that your Sony PlayStation 3 does not work around the clock, depleting its technical resource, you can configure the option to remotely turn on the device. To do this, open the console settings, find the item "Remote Play Settings" and select "Remote Start". Now the PS3 will turn on as soon as it is accessed by the portable PS Vita console.

Device synchronization may not take place if certain conditions are not met. We recommend that you verify that these conditions are met so that you do not encounter errors:

  • Make sure the USB cable is connected to both paired devices. If an error occurs, reconnecting the USB cable may correct the situation.
  • Make sure your PS3 has new software installed. To access some features, you need to update your PS3 firmware to version 4.00 or newer.
  • Before starting remote playback, check if there is an XMB icon on the PS3 desktop. XMB is an application management service. Device synchronization will not happen if an open application is already hanging on your system.
  • Before connecting devices, insert a memory card. You cannot exchange data between devices if the memory card is not inserted or is full.
  • Be sure to log in to both devices from the same account, which supports pairing.
How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Sync PS3 and PS Vita consoles


As you can see, connecting a PlayStation Vita portable console to a PlayStation 3 is a rather complicated process, requiring time, perseverance and even some skill. Not everyone succeeds the first time, but if you practice, then synchronizing the consoles will not be difficult in the future. Another thing is that even with a successful connection, many functions of the devices simply do not work. Therefore, before you spend precious time, pay for an access point or perform other costly procedures, think about whether the game is worth the candle.

Connect PS4 and PS Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment is a world-famous giant in the video game industry. It is one of the divisions of Sony and is directly involved in the development of video games, hardware and software for PlayStation (PS) consoles. Modern gamers with pleasant nostalgia recall their childhood spent behind the joystick from PlayStation 1 (PS1). It was the first game console from the PlayStation line. Time passes, and progress does not stand still. in 2013 PlayStation 4 (PS4) was born.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

How to sync PS Vita and PS4.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment is not only developing consoles. They also succeeded in developing portable consoles, the most famous of which is the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). Today we will talk about these two devices and their interaction with each other. As a rule, they connect PS Vita to PS4 for the following purposes: remote playback and a second screen.

Remote play

This is a very convenient and useful feature. It gives the user the ability to control PS4 using PS Vita without any wires. It is also possible to use PS Vita as a second joystick. If the game for PS4 supports remote playback, then you can play it on PS Vita. The coverage area of ​​the wireless connection is quite extensive and will operate throughout the apartment, and in some cases even beyond.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Second screen

True video game fans will appreciate this feature. With its help, all useful information about the game will be transmitted to the display of PS Vita. It can be anything: the amount of resources available in the game, a map, a radar. and all this is right at hand.

Before we begin to consider directly the process of synchronizing devices, I would like to focus your attention on the fact that not all games for PS4 support these functions. You can find out the exact information by looking at the back of the box or just reading the description of the game on the Internet.

How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer

Connection Methods

There are several possibilities to connect Vita PS to PS4, and all of them are implemented through the “PS4 Connection” application. It will choose the available synchronization method and offer it to the user.

  • The first way. PS Vita connects to PS4 using a wireless network.
  • The second way is using your home Wi-Fi network.
  • The third way is through the Internet.

TIP. It will be preferable to use the first method. It is much more practical, especially due to the direct connection of the two devices, the signal quality improves. To connect, we will perform actions in parallel on both devices.

  1. Go to the “Settings”. “Remote Play Connection Settings” menu and check the box “Allow Remote Play”.
    How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer
  2. Immediately check that there is a mark in the box “Direct connection to the PS Vita system”.
  1. Go to the “Connection PS4” menu, then “Start”. The system will give you a choice between two functions. a second screen or remote playback. Choose the one you need.
    How to Connect Ps Vita to Computer
  2. If you have already been registered with the PlayStation before, you can skip this step. The first time you connect, you must enter an eight-digit number. You need to do this in a few minutes. If you do not have time, then to get a new code, click the "Back" button on the Vita substation.
  3. PS Vita will start searching for PS4 and offer the best way to connect.

That’s all. If the above actions are performed correctly, the same image will be displayed on the screen of your Vita and PS4 (in the case of using remote playback).

On this our article comes to an end. We hope it was useful and helped you understand how to connect PS Vita to PS4.

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