How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

If you don’t have an access point (router) at home yet, but you have already acquired a modern TV with the Smart TV function and want to connect your smartphone or tablet to it, then you can use Wi-Fi Direct technology, which allows you to connect devices directly.

How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

In this article I will try to write in detail about how to establish connections between two devices using the “Direct” technology. I will show by the example of an NTS smartphone on Android OS and an LG TV (32LN575U).

If we talk about why they connect, then there are several options. For example, to control the TV from the phone, using LG’s proprietary technology called TV Remote. About this technology, and how to configure everything, I already wrote tv-remote /. Or to transfer media content from a smartphone to a TV, using DLNA technology (I’ll write more about that).

We will need:

  • A smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi Direct support. You can look in the settings where there is Wi-Fi network management, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Direct TV. You can find out about this in the specifications, call the manufacturer’s support, or look in the settings.

Turn on Direct on the phone

Go to settings and in the section “Wireless Connections and Networks” click on the “Yet" (this is the case with me on HTC One V, these settings may be called differently). Click on Wi-Fi direct, thereby turn it on. Confirm by turning on by clicking on Ok.

A message appears that the function is enabled.

That’s it, go to the TV.

Launch Wi-Fi Direct on the TV (LG)

Go to settings (there is a special button on the remote for this) and go to the tab Network. Then select “Wi-Fi Direct”.

How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

Then turn on the technology, just set the switch to On and wait until the TV finds our phone. We select the found network.

How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

Then just click Yes. You can also check the box next to “Connect automatically without prompting”, this would then connect faster.

How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

At this point, a window appears awaiting confirmation.

How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

On the phone you need to confirm the connection. Just click Ok.

Everything, a message should appear on the TV that the connection is established.

How to Connect Phone to TV Lies

As you can see, nothing complicated! Good luck!

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