How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

Nowadays, various smart gadgets are very popular, which greatly help to make life easier for their owner. In particular, smart bracelets have become very popular. They have many features that need to be configured. A logical question arises, how to set up a fitness bracelet. Today we will analyze this topic in detail and find out all the necessary tracker settings before use. As an example, consider Xiaomi Mi Band 2. After all, this is the most popular fitness bracelet and most competitors are equal to it. But by a similar principle all other similar devices are configured.

How to turn on the bracelet

The device is turned on automatically. But for the bracelet to turn on, it must first be fully charged. Depending on the model, charging time, as well as battery life, will be different.

In the case of Xiaomi Mi Band 2, the tracker is fully charged in 1.5 hours. Charging occurs using a special cable that comes with the kit. It must be connected to the device itself, as well as to the computer via a USB connector.

After the bracelet is charged, it will turn on automatically. As soon as the device turns on, it is ready to pair with the phone via Bluetooth.

Pairing with smartphone

Most modern bracelets are able to work with both iPhones and Android phones. But for this you need to install a special application.

How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

In order to connect the bracelet to the smartphone, as for performing any other actions with the gadget, you need a Mi account. If you already have one, you just need to log in to the downloaded application.

Otherwise, you will have to register an account before proceeding to the next step. It is not necessary to go to the official website of the manufacturer.

Registration can be done directly in the application. All that is required is an email address. Upon completion of registration, you will be automatically logged in.

After that, the application itself will offer you to connect a bracelet. Find the pairing screen and select your tracker from the available devices. For some time, the application will try to synchronize with the bracelet.

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When the pairing process is completed, you can start using the gadget.

How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

By the way, when pairing, the firmware is automatically updated. This is an important action that requires almost no user intervention.

Make sure you keep Mi Band 2 close to the phone so that there are no interruptions during the firmware update process. In case of connection problems, there is a possibility that the device will turn off.

The user will not see that the firmware update process has started, because the application will not ask for permission. The update will start automatically, and users just need to wait for the process to complete.

An important advantage of this device is that you can install the Mi Fit application on several devices without going through the initial setup. You can access data through your online profile stored on Mi Cloud, which is very convenient.

It is also not recommended in the future to turn off the bluetooth on the phone. The fact is that the tracker itself has quite a bit of memory, so it cannot store all the information about the state of the medium for a long time.

So the bracelet itself will be able to work no more than 12 days. The application allows the device to upload data to it, freeing memory. Thus, all the necessary information is stored on your smartphone.

How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

Fitness Tracker Setup

To make it convenient for you to fully use the device, you must configure it. Otherwise there will be some difficulties. For example, why do you need Chinese time to reflect on your wrist?

Configuring everything on the tracker itself would be very inconvenient, which is why most bracelets, including Xiaomi Mi Band 2, are configured through a mobile application. The user has the opportunity to set many different parameters:

  1. The hand on which the bracelet is worn. You might think that this is not so important, but it depends on how accurately the steps taken will be calculated.
  2. Next, the device’s display itself is configured, or rather, what will be displayed on it. In particular, this is the time, date, distance traveled in meters or steps, the number of calories that the user managed to burn in a day, the pulse of the carrier, the battery charge level. If you want to disable one of the parameters or add the one that is currently inactive, this can be done through the application.
  3. Time display format. If you decide that you don’t need many widgets on the screen, it’s more convenient to install a large clock to make it easier to look at the time. But if you decide to enable all functions at once, it is better to limit yourself to a small watch with a date.
  4. You can set up such a useful feature as turning on the bracelet when raising your hand. If you activate this item, the backlight will turn on every time you look at the bracelet. If this parameter is disabled, the backlight will be on all the time. It is better to activate this option, since the backlight drains the battery power of the device. It will help to significantly increase battery life.
  5. Xiaomi Mi Band 2, like most modern fitness bracelets, has a sleep tracking mode. That is, when you sleep, the device monitors your physical condition, and in the morning you can get information about how well you slept. But this mode has another very useful feature. You can set the measurement of the pulse during sleep. This will not only provide more information about sleep quality. Now the bracelet will include an alarm clock at the most suitable time for waking up, so that it is easier for you to wake up. But, of course, it drains a lot of battery power.

How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

In fact, these are all the basic settings that you may need. But besides them, there is also another menu that allows you to configure user alerts. That is, the bracelet will be able to display SMS text, the name of the caller and even notifications from various applications on the screen.

In order to configure the appropriate settings, you must go to the "Notifications" menu. In total, the following settings are available there:

  • Incoming call. If someone called you, the bracelet will begin to vibrate, and the name of the contact will appear on the screen;
  • Alarm clock. Here, of course, you need to keep in mind that we are talking only about those applications that the Android operating system identifies as alarms. For example, alarms that are set in Google Clock or the standard clock application are recognized, and those that the user set in Solid Alarm Clock Extreme. Also, the alarm is configured on the bracelet itself through the application;
  • Application Notifications. This function allows you to display the icon of the application on the screen, which decided to notify you of any event;
  • Inactivity Alert. As a rule, this function is needed by those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. If it is turned on, then at times when the user sits in one place for a long time or simply does not show activity, the bracelet starts to vibrate, reminding you to stand up and walk a bit;
  • SMS. A very useful feature. With it, you don’t have to get your phone every time a message arrives. The bracelet will display it on the screen. But you need to keep in mind that a message typed in Cyrillic is often displayed incorrectly. This also applies to the name of the caller;
  • Goal achievement. The bracelet allows the user to set specific goals. For example, you can set the daily number of steps that you need to go through. Upon reaching the task, the bracelet vibrates;
  • There is an opportunity to set certain hours when you will not be disturbed by any notifications.

By the way, the bracelet is able to display messages not only in the form of SMS. With some services, it is able to interact at a sufficient level to display the text received from them. These include:

How to reset the device to factory settings

It is almost impossible to reset Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to the factory settings by yourself. This will require a special flasher, that is, a separate device.

The bracelet itself remembers the account to which it was linked and contains information about the user. But a soft reset, after which the gadget can be transferred to another person, can still be done.

To do this, open the application on your smartphone, go to the device section and find the paired tracker. At the very bottom, you need to click on the disable button.

The application will give you several warnings and you just need to agree with them all. After that, you need to wait until the bracelet is completely discharged.

How to Connect M2 Bracelet to Phone

Before the factory settings, this bracelet, of course, will not reset, but its condition will be close to the new device.

There is another option for short-term exposure to the charging contacts of the tracker with current, but we do not recommend it to you. After all, so easily you can not reset the settings, but bring the device into complete disrepair.

Using the example of Xiaomi Mi Band 2, you can understand how fitness bracelets are configured. In fact, most of what is said in this instruction is suitable for other bracelets, for example, for the JET Sport FT-5.

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