How to Connect Jbl Soundbar to TV

Modern TVs are equipped with all the necessary functions for a comfortable viewing of movies and television shows. You can purchase a device with high-quality image in HD, with a thin AMOLED screen and other features. Despite this, the sound in the TV is not fully implemented. Therefore, often users buy a speaker system. How to connect the soundbar to your TV. we will analyze in this article.

What is a soundbar (or Surround Bar)?

Many are familiar with speakers of earlier production. this is a subwoofer with several (quantity depends on model) mid- and high-frequency speakers.

Most often they connected using RCA (bells) cable to a computer, TV or other devices through a 3.5 mm plug. One of the most striking advantages of such systems was the loud sound. They are often used today, but they are beginning to give way to the next development milestone. soundbars.

These sound devices for TVs have two advantages at once. it’s purity and sound quality. As well as the ability to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth. They can also be connected to a home network for more flexible management. The new system consists of an active (low-frequency) and passive (long panel) subwoofer. Typically, the latter has control buttons for playing on independent sound sources.

A button should be placed on the low-frequency speaker, which activates the Bluetooth module for connecting to the main panel.

How to connect a soundbar to a TV via HDMI

Some soundbar models come with a special cable to connect the device to the TV. You can use it if the instructions contain a description of this process. But experts recommend using HDMI (ARC), as it allows you to adjust the playback volume on both the soundbar and the TV.

How to Connect Jbl Soundbar to TV

This method of connecting the soundbar to your TV will be discussed later:

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    Turn on the soundbar and TV after you have connected the devices with an HDMI cable. It should also be included. If your device has several ports, you can select any, it does not matter;

If a coaxial cable came to your soundbar in the kit, you can use it.

In terms of sound quality, both connection methods are equal.

You need to make sure that your TV has a port that allows you to connect this type of cable. If there is no port and also no HDMI input, use the analog ports on both devices. Provided that the kit has an RCA cable.

How to connect a soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth

If you bought an LG soundbar that supports bluetooth, then you can use a wireless connection. In this case, you can find a special button on the case of the passive subwoofer. The Bluetooth icon is engraved on it.

Press this button to activate this connection mode.

Further procedure:

  1. On the remote control, press the button with the name "Func";
  2. “LG TV” should appear on the TV screen. Choose her;
  3. Press the button several times to change modes until the device name appears on the screen;
  4. Then you need to press the "Home" button on the TV remote control;

Your TV model must have Bluetooth technology. After connecting to the TV settings, you can turn off the soundbar or connect another device.

Speaker location

If we are talking about the location of the soundbar near the TV, it is best to fit the panel below or above the screen. Since if you remove it to another place, the sound will not come out correctly in terms of logic. The source of the picture is in front of us, and speech or other sounds from the TV are on the sidelines. The same applies to the low frequency subwoofer. If there is space behind the TV, this is the best place for it.

How to connect a soundbar to a mobile phone

The sound source for the soundbar can be your mobile phone. The soundbar will become an amplifier for your favorite tracks. The smartphone can also be used as a remote control for the panel. But for this you need to download the application from the App Store or Play Market.

Each popular manufacturer of music devices has its own program. With its help, you can make a "bunch" of devices in your home network via Wi-Fi and manage them.

You can use the Bluetooth button to connect your soundbar to both the TV and the mobile device. Having activated it on the sound bar, open the bluetooth settings on the smartphone and select the model name of the sound device from the list. Then turn on the melody on the player to check the connection.

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