How to Connect Iptv to a TV Through a Router

Increasingly, Russian providers, in addition to the basic services, provide the opportunity to watch TV channels on the IPTV standard. This is a digital television broadcast over an internet connection. In other words, you can watch TV channels on a computer or on a TV. Let’s look at how to configure IPTV through a Wi-Fi router.

IPTV setup

It is immediately worth noting that for the operation of IPTV, as a rule, a special set-top box is used. The bottom line is that you connect an Internet cable to this set-top box, and a composite or analog output comes out of it to the TV. That is, in simple words, the prefix is ​​a kind of converter of a digital signal to analog.

But, if you have a Wi-Fi access point, then you can set up a wireless IPTV broadcast directly from the router to a TV (if it supports SMART TV), a laptop, a phone, and so on. This is done very simply. You just need to put one tick. But, it is worth noting that the router must support IGMP technology. Internet Group Management Protocol. This is the protocol that is required to control multicast information in local and global networks implemented on IP technology.

In fact, IGMP opens up streaming video support (live online streaming). On some routers, this protocol is issued separately. That is, in the LAN settings, you just need to check the “IGMP” line and save the settings. In other routers, this feature is called Enable Multicast Routing.

Let’s look at how to enable this protocol, using the example of a D-Link Dir-320 router. It should be noted that although other routers have differences in the design of the interface, but still the basic settings remain unchanged. That is, on any router we will need to perform almost the same actions.

IGMP Activation

So, in order to configure IPTV broadcasting via a wireless Wi-Fi router, you first need to enter the router settings. To do this, find out the IP address of the access point. As a rule, it is indicated on the factory sticker on the device.

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How to Connect Iptv to a TV Through a Router

If this sticker is erased or you cannot find it, then the necessary information is contained on the box and in the instructions for the router.

If there is no instruction, and you threw the box away, then you can find out the IP address of the router as follows. Connect to it via Wi-Fi (or cable). Press two keys at the same time: [Windows] [R]. In the window that appears, write CMD and click OK.

The command line will open. Write the following ipconfig command in it and press [Enter]. Find the line “Main gateway”. this is the address of your router.

Now start any browser and in the address bar write down the IP of the router (the one that we already recognized on the command line). Press [Enter]. Now we are on the login page. Here you need to enter a username and password. On some models of routers, you should also add captcha. Sometimes the password field needs to be left blank, while the captcha is entered in capital letters.

In the settings menu of the router, go to the tab "Advanced Settings". Here we open the section "Advanced network settings." Find the “Multi cast routing” section. Below we put a tick in the line "Multicast streams". Save the settings and reboot the router.

On some models of routers in the advanced network settings (or just in the network settings) you need to check the IGMP line and save the settings. This completes the setup. Your access point will now support IPTV broadcast.

Remember that to view the channels on your computer, you will need to install a special player, which will also need to be configured accordingly. The main thing is to specify a list of channels. As a rule, the provider’s website contains instructions on how to do this. The fact is that each provider has its own characteristics, according to which the player is configured. Remember that you can always contact online support or call the operator who will help you in the player settings.

Configuring IPTV via Router: Video

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