How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

How to use Wi-Fi Direct with your iPhone mobile device

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Establish a connection with the iPhone.

    Leave the TV on the screen that shows the WPA key (password) that you want to enter on the iPhone.

How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

Select Wi-Fi in the iPhone settings to enable the Wi-Fi function.

How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

On the iPhone screen, tap Direct-xx-BRAVIA to access the password entry screen. Enter the WPA key (password) shown on the TV screen, then click Join.

How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

Wait a few minutes until a connection is established and the Settings screen appears. If there is a mark on the iPhone side for the SSID and a dash on the side of the TV, the connection is established.

How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

NOTE: If the connection is not established, repeat the above procedure and verify that the WPA password (WPA Password) is entered correctly.

When the setup is complete, you can use multimedia between your iPhone’s digital mobile device and your Sony Wi-fi Direct compatible device using the iMediaShare app, DiXiM app or another app. For more information, including information on obtaining Wi-fi Direct apps on your iPhone mobile digital device, visit the Apple website at or contact your iPhone retailer.

How to use the Wi-Fi Direct function on this TV?

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Using Wi-Fi Direct mode, the TV can be connected directly to a compatible Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi device (such as a smartphone, tablet or computer) that also supports the “DLNA Push controller” function. Media content such as photos / music / videos on a mobile device can be played back on a TV. It does not require a wireless router (access point).

Note: You may need a USB-Wi-Fi adapter (UWA-BR100) to use this feature on some TV models.

To connect the TV to other devices via DLNA, do the following:

  1. Press the HOME button on the TV remote control to display the main menu, then select the Applications section.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Direct Mode (Wi-Fi Direct Mode) using the arrows on the remote control.
  3. Make settings on your Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi. compatible device for connecting to a TV. To connect your computer to the TV using Wi-Fi Direct, follow the instructions:

If you cannot establish a connection

  • When the Wi-Fi Direct mode pairing screen is displayed on the TV, press the OPTIONS button on the remote control and select Manual.
  • Select a connection method using the WPS Button (Push Button) if your mobile device supports WPS connection. Otherwise, select Other Methods and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection setup.

To connect another device Follow the steps above to connect. In total, up to 20 devices can be connected to one TV, and up to 5 devices can be connected to the TV at the same time. To connect a new device when 5 devices are already connected, delete the unused device from the TV list and register a new one.

To change the TV name displayed on the connected device When the Wi-Fi Direct mode pairing screen is displayed on the TV, press the OPTIONS button on the remote control and select Change Renderer Device Name (Edit Renderer Name).

To display a list of devices or unregister them.

  • When the Wi-Fi Direct mode pairing screen is displayed on the TV, press the OPTIONS button on the remote control and select Show Device List / Delete.
  • To unregister a device, select the device in the list and click the button. Confirm the action.
  • To unregister all devices, press the OPTIONS button while the list is displayed and select Delete All, then select YES.

To display a notification when you try to connect a device to a TV

  • Enabling this function may prevent an external device from connecting to the TV.
  • When the Wi-Fi Direct mode pairing screen is displayed on the TV, press the OPTIONS button on the remote control and select Registration Notification.
  • Please note that after you reject the registration request from the device, but will no longer be able to connect to the TV until you remove it from the list of devices.
  • To connect a previously rejected device, press the OPTIONS button, select Show Device List / Delete, and remove the previously rejected device from the list.

To skip the connection steps when reconnecting the device

  • After the device is registered with the next setting, you can start playing content on the TV immediately after sending it from the device (except when the TV is in pairing mode with new Wi-Fi Direct devices).
  • Press the HOME button on the remote control, then select Settings → Network → Ready Wi-Fi Direct (Standby for Wi-Fi Direct) → On.
  • If your TV is connected to a 5GHz wireless router (access point) using a USB wireless adapter, set the Standby for Wi-Fi Direct (Standby for Wi-Fi Direct) setting to Off.

Notes: If your TV is connected to a wireless router (access point) at a frequency of 5 GHz using a wireless USB adapter:

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  • A 5 GHz connection will be disconnected during Wi-Fi Direct mode operation, and network functions such as Media Remote, TrackID ™ will not work. The connection will be restored immediately after exiting Wi-Fi Direct mode.
  • The connected devices must meet the following requirements :. Compatible Wi-Fi Direct devices: 2.4GHz connection (5GHz is not supported).

How to use Screen mirroring

Article ID: 00161798 / Last Modified: 08/28/2018

You can connect to a TV directly without using a cable or a wireless router (or access point) using the Screen Mirroring feature of a Miracast-compatible device.

To connect, you must select the duplication function on the TV and on the source device.

For more information, see the list of Miracast certified Wi-Fi devices (Wi-Fi Certified Miracast), which can be found on the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

To register your device on a TV

Follow the instructions below to configure.

NOTE: The control menu varies depending on the model. Instructions for the W900A series are given below as an example.

    Press the INPUT button on the TV remote control, select Screen mirroring with the / buttons, then press the Enter button. The TV goes into standby mode and waits for a connection with a mobile device.

How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

  • Connect your mobile device compatible with Screen mirroring to the TV. Set up your mobile device to connect to the TV.
  • The instructions below use Xperia as an example (Android 4.4).

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Select Xperia Connectivity (Xperia Connectivity).
    3. Select Screen Mirroring.
    4. On the Screen mirroring screen, tap Start.
    5. Select OK.
    6. Tap the name of your TV.

    Access to the list of connected devices / unregister devices

    On the screen mirroring standby screen, press the OPTIONS button, then select Show Device List / Delete.

    To cancel registration, select the device to be deleted in the list, then press the button. After that, select Yes on the confirmation screen.

    To delete all devices, click the OPTIONS button in the list, select Delete All, then click Yes on the confirmation screen.

    The icons to the left of the list show the following.

    (test icon): Connected devices

    (display icon): Devices compatible with Screen mirroring

    To display a dialog box when trying to connect the device to a TV

    Activating this function avoids connecting an unwanted device.

    When the Screen mirroring standby screen is displayed, press the OPTIONS button, then select Registration Notification? Enabled (On).

    Keep in mind that if you decline the registration request from the device, you cannot connect this device until you remove it from the list of devices

    To connect a device whose registration request was rejected, press the OPTIONS button, select Show Device List / Delete, then delete the rejected device. After that, establish a new connection with the device

    NOTE: Connected devices must meet the following requirements:

    • Devices compatible with Screen mirroring: Connection in the 2.4 GHz band (the 5 GHz band is not supported).
    • Miracast compatible devices: Connecting in the 2.4 GHz band (5 GHz band is not supported).

    How to Connect iPad to Sony TV

    How to connect an ipad to a TV via WIFI, via HDMI or USB, in several ways and devices.

    Owners of iPads love to spend free time lying on the couch with a gadget in their hands, which is very convenient to watch your favorite videos and enjoy high-resolution photos. But if you want to expand the range of sensations and give yourself more comfort, it will be useful to find out how to connect the iPad to the TV. This will bring the operation of the gadget to a whole new level, because the small screen of the iPad cannot compete with the screen of a modern TV.

    This article will introduce you to the main ways to connect the iPad (as well as its younger "apple" brother. iPad mini) to the TV. There is the possibility of wireless connection and connection of devices through the use of special cables (and adapters). In any case, the need for additional devices and tools that can establish communication in the "ipad. TV" system. The only drawback of Apple technology in this case will be the inability to connect devices to the TV via regular usb directly.

    Wireless connectivity via Apple Tv (paired with AirPlay)

    How to Connect Iphone to Sony Bravia TV

    It will allow you to broadcast video from Netflix, YouTube and other services leading online broadcasts. In addition, you will have the opportunity to play media files from your own collection in iTunes. AirPlay technology, which allows you to remotely view videos, listen to music and play games on the big screen, will also be a useful addition. It is precisely this ability of the Apple Tv that we need in order to connect the iPad to the TV.

    We will connect using the following algorithm:

    First you need to connect Apple Tv to the selected TV, and then run AirPlay (you can do this by going to the "Settings" > “AirPlay”).

    Now you need to make sure that the iPad and Apple Tv are connected to the same wifi network (check in the settings of the tablet and the console that the network name (SSID) matches).

    After that, go to the multitasking panel on the iPad (double-click on the "Home" button).

    Now, swiping your finger from left to right, you will find yourself in the volume control window of the brightness level. Next, we expand the list of additional features of AirPlay.

    All that remains is to select your Apple TV and activate the Mirroring function (Video replay).

    How to connect iPhone / iPad to TV? (2 ways)

    In this video, I will tell you about the purpose of the Apple TV and Digital AV Adapter, as well as how AirPlay Mirroring works.

    SONY BRAVIA Connecting devices to a TV

    In this edition of the How-to Guide, you will learn about:. setting up a direct wireless connection to.

    All. Now the screen from the iPad (or iPad mini) will begin to appear on the TV with the Apple TV connected.

    Now we turn to the “wired” ways to connect the iPad to the TV.

    How to connect iPad using HDMI cable

    To do this, you need to purchase a special Digital AV adapter from Apple (looks like a USB cable) that can convert the signal from the gadget, making it compatible with the HDMI interface.

    This method will allow you to transfer audio and video signal in HD quality without the slightest delay and distortion.

    As with Apple TV, this adapter supports “Display Mirroring”. a technology that allows you to broadcast the entire contents of the iPad screen to the TV.

    We met with the adapter, now we will learn how to use it.

    1. First, connect the Digital AV Adapter and iPad.
    2. Next, we take an HDMI cable, one end of which must be connected to the Digital AV adapter, and the other into the corresponding connector on the TV. You can (optionally) use a receiver connected to the TV for this purpose. This will allow you to get the best sound from speakers connected to the same receiver.
    3. We go to the TV menu, where we indicate the source of the signal we need (you need to select the HDMI port through which the connection is made; its number can be found next to the connector itself).
    4. Now, any change on the iPad screen should be duplicated on the TV. To check the quality of the connection, you can look through the photos or just go over the menu.

    Special VGA Adapter

    Using Apple’s VGA adapter, you can connect your iPad not only to your TV, but to any other display that has a VGA connector (PC monitor, projector, etc.).

    The connection is due to all the same Display Mirroring technology, which we talked about in the previous two sections. But, unfortunately, the VGA adapter does not allow broadcasting sound through the TV speakers. For this purpose, you will have to use the built-in sound system of the iPad or connect special external speakers to the headphone jack.

    Using this adapter will be preferable when connecting to a projector or a conventional monitor (for example, for presentation). An HDMI cable is recommended for connecting to a TV, as it allows you to receive higher image quality and transmits video along with an audio signal.

    Connect via Google Chromecast

    This device is very similar to a miniature usb flash drive, but it doesn’t connect to the TV via a usb port, but into one of the HDMI connectors. In addition, for the gadget to work, access to the electrical network (outlet) is required. Instrument setup is carried out from the iPad using a special application, after which the user is able to instantly send sound and images from the iPad to the TV using the home wifi network.

    Immediately after the announcement by Google, this device has a lot of satisfied fans. This indicates the reliability and high performance of the gadget. Although Google Chromecast did not solve the problem of connecting the iPad to the TV via usb, it allowed us to get rid of the wires without giving any delays and slowdowns when playing a video stream from the iPad.

    However, this type of connection can provide picture transmission only in 720p quality (recall, Digital AV-adapter provides 1080p transmission). Therefore, if your TV model has an impressive diagonal, it is recommended to use Apple’s proprietary adapter.

    We have listed the main methods of connecting the iPad to the TV that do not require special settings and long fuss with adapters. Alas, Apple has not yet realized (and may not consider it necessary) the ability to directly connect its gadgets to devices that expand the functionality of the screen (TV, projector, monitor.) via usb. But you have several alternatives to this type of connection at once, not inferior in convenience and ease of use.

    See also: how to connect the receiver to the TV

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