How to Connect I7s Wireless Headphones to Android

Wireless headphones are increasingly appearing in articles on our blog. And today I will show how to connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to a phone running the Android operating system using the example of Xiaomi. Although the owners of any smartphones can use the instructions and then listen to music, the algorithm of actions is identical for Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Redmi and others. Despite the difference in the characteristics of the various True Wireless (TWS) models of the in-ear with a headset and microphone, they all connect to Android and iPhone according to the same principle. Therefore, this guide will also be universal for all types of “headset”, whether it be pathos JBL, Marshall Major, Sony, Samsung, Apple Airpods or inexpensive iFans, i11, i12 or Elari Nanopods c AliExpress. But the settings for listening to music and managing calls on the phone via bluetooth communication will differ depending on the modification, so for each of them we made separate articles on the blog pages.

How to turn on the wireless headphones?

Before you start using, let’s see how to turn on the wireless headphones. We will talk about connecting a headset to the phone, which works by the type of TWS (True Wireless) connection. This means that there are no wires at all between them. They connect via Bluetooth 4 or 5.0 both between themselves and with the phone. At the same time, only one of them, the leader, connects to it. And the second works through the first, creating stereo sound.

Therefore, when you removed the headphones from the box, you need to start by turning on and synchronizing them with each other. In different models, this is done in one of two ways.

  • Manually. this is an obsolete type in which you need to simultaneously press the function buttons on each of the headphones. After which they will connect with each other, and then you can already connect them to the phone.
  • Automatically. this method is used on all latest TWS wireless headphones. The bottom line is that both modules are paired from the factory, and as soon as you get them out of the case, they are immediately connected to each other and ready to work with a smartphone.

What type is used in your model, you need to know from the instructions that come with the kit. But it is possible to understand without it too. if immediately after switching on a voice alert of the “Pairing” type is issued in them, then they are already synchronized.

How to Connect I7s Wireless Headphones to Android

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Connect your Android phone to wireless Bluetooth headphones

The next step is to directly connect the headphones to the phone wirelessly via Bluetooth. To do this, activate the bluetooth module on Android. in the "Settings"

How to Connect I7s Wireless Headphones to Android

Or just pull the top curtain and click on the corresponding icon.

In the list of "Available devices" we find by the name of your inserts. Please note that there will be only one name, although both headphones work.

We select them and connect. Then a message like “Headset is connected” will sound in the speakers. You can run any audio or video track and listen.

How to turn on the second wireless earphone for both to work?

Another likely difficulty that users may encounter is the headphone mismatch between them. This is when one works with the phone, and the second does not. To correct this common error, you need to make a complete reset and pair them again. There is a separate article on this on our website.

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