How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

User manual Gal LM-P001 remote controls. Instructions for use of household appliances and electronics

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Universal Remote GAL LM-P003

The GAL LM ‑ P003 remote control can be configured in several ways: enter the code manually, select by brand or use automatic selection (it can take a very long time).

Batteries are not included.

The controls of the console as a whole are in their places, they are pressed normally. The only controversial decision is the multi-colored buttons combined with the buttons of the player.

The plastic in the case is of rather poor quality, it breaks under heavy loads (if you sit on the remote, for example). At first, it also smells unpleasant.

The list of codes for the GAL LM-P003 is very large: there are many rare firms. However, there is no guarantee that the remote control will work well with your TV. Usually there are no problems with the cross, buttons for switching channels and adjusting the volume. specific functions may not work.

The manufacturer claims support for most receivers used in conjunction with Tricolor TV.

Remote control GAL LM-P003

Gal LM-S005L Online Operating Instructions [4/40]

code search, training using the original remote control.

Remember to change batteries at least once a year

Open the battery cover by depressing the latch. Carefully observing

polarity, install two AAA batteries in the battery compartment. If the remote is not

was previously configured to work with your devices, you must perform

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Programming data is stored in the device memory in the absence of

Remember to change the batteries at least once a year.

Set up the remote to work with the necessary devices. To do this, you can

use several ways. After saving the code, turn on your

device, such as a TV, switch the remote control to TV control mode when

using the “TV” button and check the operation of all buttons on the universal

remote control. If any buttons do not work properly, then try

pick up another code

. If this did not help or if you couldn’t find the code at all

devices, you can learn the buttons of the universal remote with the remote

original using the learning function.


Find the brand of your device in the code list. Each brand of device

matches one or more four-digit codes. Try to enter

different codes to achieve the best result.

Press and hold the desired device selection button, for example, “TV”,

then press the Power button. When the indicator light comes on, release

both buttons. Enter the four-digit device code. When entering each digit

the lamp blinks and after entering the fourth digit it goes out, and the code

stored in the remote control.

If the code you enter is incorrect, the lamp will blink twice and will continue

burn until you enter the correct code.

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How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

How to Connect Gal Remote to TV

The TV is broken and you do not know what to do? Take a short test and find out how best to repair your TV.

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