How to Connect Bluetooth To a Laptop

How to connect bluetooth on a laptop?

How to Connect Bluetooth To a Laptop

1. First, make sure you have one. This is usually indicated by a sticker with the letter B or the inscription "Bluetooth" on a laptop.

2. So, there is still a wireless connection, now you need to enable it. There are two ways to do this:

  • press the F6 or Fn6 key;
  • double-click on the Bluetooth icon and press the button "Enable".

3. Now you need to verify its activity. To do this, turn on the bluetooth function on another device, such as a phone. If you did everything correctly, then your phone should display your phone as a detected device.

4. We turn to pairing devices. A laptop and a phone may request a code, do not be alarmed. there is nothing to worry about. The password you invent yourself, the most important thing. enter it the same on both devices.

5. Proceed to file sharing.

Thus, you can turn on bluetooth on your Acer and Samsung laptop. But as for the Lenovo model, everything is a little different. Bluetooth is turned on through the menu "Start". There you must choose "All programs"then "Standard" and "File transfer".

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How to connect a bluetooth headset to a laptop?

How to Connect Bluetooth To a Laptop

It sometimes happens that you don’t have the opportunity to sit in front of the monitor while talking on Skype. So what to do in such a situation? How to communicate with the interlocutor? The answer is simple. use a bluetooth headset.

Step-by-step instruction:

1. So, you already know how to connect bluetooth on a laptop, so quickly activate the Bluetooth icon.

2. Now we need to turn on the headset in pairing mode. How to determine the desired mode? Very simple. The LED on the bluetooth headset should flash quickly.

3. Click the Bluetooth icon on the quick access panel and select the tab in the window that appears "Parameters". Here you need to put a tick in the line "Detection"to allow bluetooth devices to see the computer.

4. Click on the tab "Devices"then click "Add".

5. A window will appear in front of you "Bluetooth Connection Wizard", where it will be necessary to put a tick in front of the item, which says that the device is already installed. Now you can click "Further".

6. In the list of detected devices, select our bluetooth headset, click "Further".

7. At the point where the access key is mentioned, enter "0000" and press "Further".

8. When the devices are paired, you can click "Done".

If everything is done correctly, then you should see a bluetooth headset settings window. Here, you will also need to follow a few simple steps:

How to Connect Bluetooth To a Laptop

  1. We select the option that says about the personal device of the headset without a display, then "Further".
  2. We note that we will mainly use this device to communicate via Skype, and click "Done".

It remains only to configure the Skype program itself. To do this, run it and select the tab "Instruments"then "Settings ", paragraph "Sound setting" and select as "Audio output" and "Audio input" bluetooth headset. Save the settings. Well, thanks to the article, you now know how to connect bluetooth to a laptop and correlate it with a wireless headset.

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