How to Connect Bluetooth Earphones to Samsung TV

Technologies are developing more rapidly: their diversity gives us new opportunities for comfortable work and relaxation. Bluetooth headphones are another technology that makes it much easier to use a computer, phone, or TV. They allow you to view your favorite programs or play games without disturbing others, while remaining mobile and doing something in parallel. If you want to know how to connect your wireless headphones to your Samsung TV, continue reading our article.

Connecting wireless headphones to a Samsung TV

Modern headsets are activated in many ways. We will analyze in more detail how to connect wireless headphones to a Samsung Smart TV, depending on their type.

Via integrated bluetooth

A similar feature is available on all new-generation Samsung TVs that support the Smart TV function. Connecting a headset in this way is very simple.

How to Connect Bluetooth Earphones to Samsung TV

To begin, turn on the device itself in pairing mode. hold down the start button on the headphones until the indicator starts flashing.

In the TV menu, go to the “Sound” menu, look for the “Speaker Settings” tab and find the parameter line of the Bluetooth headphones. If this line is missing, your screen does not support this function.

Your device will automatically start searching for gadgets to pair. After making contact between the devices, start debugging sound for the changed speakers.

Video: How to Connect Bluetooth Earphones to Samsung TV

Via bluetooth transmitter

If you found out from the previous paragraph that your model does not have a function for connecting bluetooth gadgets, a special Bluetooth transmitter will solve this problem. You can purchase a model for one pair, as well as more expensive adapters for connecting two or more pairs. The debugging of the transmitter is as follows:

  1. Connect the conductor directly if you have an RCA connector or using a pre-purchased adapter.
  2. Turn on the transmitter, if necessary. many of them turn on automatically after connecting. About the launch says a special sensor on it.
  3. The headset and conductor are connected immediately, since by default they are tuned to the same frequency. If the sound does not turn on, reset the settings by pressing the special button and turn it on again.

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi headphones are more expensive than conventional Bluetooth, but transmit better sound over long distances. Turning such a device on is easy. After activating the device, in the “Loudspeaker Settings” section, start automatic device search. After synchronizing the devices, sound will begin to be transmitted through the new speakers.

Possible problems

The problems with connecting wireless accessories to the device are in the accessories themselves, more precisely in their manufacturer. The optimal synchronization process is possible between Samsung devices. For others, drivers or special parameters may be required.

The same situation is with the transmitter. we recommend that you purchase everything from the same manufacturer whenever possible so that the settings sewn into their interface do not conflict with each other.


A growing number of companies are introducing wireless technology into their processes, because they really make our life easier and brighter. Now you have learned how to make viewing your favorite programs even more comfortable.