How to Connect an Apple Watch to a Second Phone

Often a situation arises when the question becomes relevant: “How to connect two phones to each other?” For example, you need to copy a large file with a video or program from one phone to another. Or move a large number of music recordings and photos. In addition to the traditional sending of files via the “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi” channels, there are several other ways. This article will tell you how to connect two smartphones with each other via a USB cable.

Can smartphones be connected by cable?

In order to connect two phones with a cable, you need to have in stock a micro-USB cable. USB and a USB-female adapter for “OTG”. To begin with, it is worth noting that you can connect only those phones that support the One-touch-Go (OTG) function. Thanks to this technology, you can connect any peripheral device to your smartphone, including a second phone.

How to Connect an Apple Watch to a Second Phone

USB adapters can be marked “master” or “slave”, that is, they can be masters and slaves. If there is an adapter marked “master”, then the phone with this adapter will be the main one, and the second phone will be displayed on its screen as removable media. If the adapter is marked “slave”, then the situation will be mirrored.

All modern smartphones support OTG technology. It was designed to connect keyboards, a webcam, removable media, a printer, a mouse, and other peripheral devices to Android devices.

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Video: How to Connect an Apple Watch to a Second Phone

To connect two phones, you first need to connect a USB-female adapter to one phone, and a micro-USB cable to the second phone. After the phones determine the cable and adapter, you can safely connect them together.

When connecting two phones, you do not need to use additional software. The interface of the standard smartphone file manager is enough for this. In this case, the contents of the slave telephone are displayed in the file manager of the primary telephone as the contents of removable media. After connecting the phones with a cable, you can copy files at high speed and not worry about a possible disconnection or data loss, as is the case with data transfer via the Bluetooth channel.

How to Connect an Apple Watch to a Second Phone

How to connect a smartphone to a tablet?

No less popular than smartphones, today are tablets. And so the question of how to connect the tablet to the phone with a USB cable often arises. over, most modern users often have both of these devices. And sometimes it is very necessary to quickly copy a large amount of information from one of them to another.

As in the situation with two phones, a micro-USB cable. USB and a USB-female adapter for the OTG function will come to our aid. But some tablets already have a built-in USB interface. In such a situation, the task is simplified: only a micro-USB to USB cable is required to connect. Just remember that the built-in USB-female often has the manufacturer’s label “master”, and take this into account when connecting.

Once you know how to connect your phone and tablet via a USB cable, transferring information between these two devices has become even faster and more reliable. Of course, in the world of wireless technology, this feature is not always necessary. But situations happen different. For example, one of the devices has a broken Wi-Fi adapter. Then data transfer via the USB interface will be the only and no less reliable way.

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