How to Connect a Steering Wheel to a Windows 7 Computer

How to connect a steering wheel to a computer

The steering wheel and pedals are connected to the gaming PC according to the scheme usual for all control devices. keyboard, mouse, joystick or gamepad. They are equipped with a USB port, thanks to which there is a "hot plug". the computer instantly recognizes the device and makes it possible to use it. Consider this process in more detail.

If nothing happened after plugging into the USB port, or the steering wheel does not work as we would like, we will need a set of drivers or special software. As a rule, you can find it on the manufacturer’s website or on the disk “out of the box”. It also does not hurt to read the instructions for the device, which often gives comprehensive answers to all questions. We find the disk, insert it into the drive and run the installer.

How to Connect a Steering Wheel to a Windows 7 Computer

If, after the previous step, the steering wheel did not work, perhaps it was not determined by the system. To check this guess, go to the "Start" menu, open the "Control Panel", in it the item "Equipment and Sound". In windows 7 just below the sub-item “View devices and printers” is located, in which all connected game devices, including the steering wheel, will be marked.

If the steering wheel is not there, in the upper left corner we look for the "Add" button, click it and give the system time to search for available devices. When the device is found, select it and click the "Next" button.

To calibrate the game wheel, go to the "Start" again.> "Standard".> “Run” and enter the command “joy.cpl” in the corresponding line. A list of working devices will appear in the window that opens. To configure them, right-click on the desired name and select the "Properties" item. Similarly, the steering wheel is calibrated through the "Control Panel".> "Equipment and sound." In the section with gaming devices, select the appropriate one, click "Properties", we get a dialog box with the "Settings" tab. It will have a “Calibrate” button, which we will use.

In calibration mode, the user indicates the normal position of the steering wheel (joystick, gamepad) and its maximum deviations along all axes, as well as special positions, the reaction of buttons and other control structures. Since all the information about the testing process will be displayed on the screen, make sure that the steering wheel responds as you need. Here is a short list of steering wheel and pedal games:

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2;
  • Auto Club Revolution;
  • Race.Driver.GRID.;
  • Driver Parallel Lines;
  • Test Drive Unlimited;
  • rFactor (fashion of various years);
  • Colin M’cray Rally Series
  • Richard Burns Rally;
  • Live For Speed;
  • Toca race driver 3;
  • F1 challenge 99-02;
  • BMW M3 Challenge;
  • Truckers 2;
  • NFS Undergraund and Most Wanted;
  • GTR series.

In the event that problems still arise, check the compatibility of the steering wheel with the game, its minimum and recommended requirements. Similar control devices are also not recommended to be stored under direct sunlight, dropped to the floor or twisted their cable. The ingress of any liquid will adversely affect the performance of the steering wheel.

How to set up a steering wheel on a computer

Setting up the game steering wheel on a computer includes installation, calibration, verification and editing. Skipping a point is undesirable if you want to get the most out of the game. Consider all the steps in order.

Installation. In other words, the installation of equipment. Typically, gaming devices plug into a USB port and support automatic installation. After each installed driver, an alert appears in the tray. When the device is fully recognized, the computer will notify you of the successful completion of the process and offer to start the calibration. Installing the steering wheel, pedals and joystick is similar to the usual connection of a USB mouse and keyboard.

A new window lists all the devices that are connected to this computer, among them there should be a steering wheel. If this did not happen, then click the "Add Device" button and wait for the search for unidentified equipment. Click on the icon with the game device and follow the installation instructions.

Calibration Or steering optimization to your requirements. It happens similarly to setting up a mouse, where you need to set the cursor speed. At the steering wheel, the force of pressing the pedals and the rotation axis are calibrated, and all buttons and levers are checked. To start the setup, enter the command “joy.cpl” in the “Run.” window, which is called by pressing the “WinR” keys or through “Start”, “Accessories”, “Run”. Select the steering wheel and click on the “Properties” key. In the new window there will be four tabs, in three of which you need to make the steering wheel settings for you.

Check and edit. At this point, everything is simple. Open the game, for example, “Need for Speed” and scroll through the control settings. In addition to the familiar keyboard, the steering wheel settings will appear, and go there. Note that the first time the steering wheel and pedals are connected, the control in the game is set automatically and often does not correspond to the user’s desire, so reassign all buttons, especially Gas and Brake, and turns Left and Right. Save the parameters and start the race. Is everything working fine? You are a great fellow and set up the steering wheel on the computer correctly. If not, do not despair, go through the calibration procedure again and carefully study the control menu in the game. Use Google or YouTube to search for information on installing specifically your steering wheel model for a particular game.

Before buying a steering wheel and pedals, make sure that the game is compatible with the device in order to avoid future troubles. And to extend the life of the gaming device, we recommend that you do not allow cable breaks, pulling out from the USB port, dropping the steering wheel and spilling liquid onto the equipment.

Connect the steering wheel to the computer and configure the controller

Car simulations allow you to participate in races without risking your life, developing crazy speed and leaving behind unsuccessful rivals. However, using the keyboard to control the car is not so interesting; another thing is steering. here the realism of management is already going through the roof.

But before you start driving through city streets and rough terrain, forcing opponents to swallow dust, you need to figure out how to connect the steering wheel to a computer.


It is important that at the stage of choosing a game controller to decide in which games it will be used. If you are going to install Truckers 2 on windows 7, then the functionality of the simplest steering wheel is enough.

If you play the latest generation of simulators, it is better to immediately select the controller models more powerful and more functional. For example, Logitech Driving Force GT. it is compatible with PC, PS2 and PS3. So you can connect the PS3 to your computer and enjoy your favorite game on the big screen.

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But first you have to build a game controller. Its completeness depends on the model: it can just be a steering wheel; steering wheel and pedals; steering wheel, pedals and gearbox. The process of installing the steering wheel should not cause difficulties for the average user. If you connected the gamepad to a computer, then you can handle a different type of game controller.

Almost all steering wheels are connected to the computer via a USB interface.

The latest models use USB 3.0 technology, however you can install them in USB 2.0 ports (backward compatibility is supported).

After connecting, you will see a notification that windows has detected a new device. You will be prompted to insert a driver disk and install the necessary software for the equipment to work correctly. Follow these guidelines.

If you do not have a software disc, download drivers from the official website of the game controller manufacturer. The main thing here is to correctly specify the device model in order to download the appropriate drivers.


After connecting the game controller, you need to configure it. This is done directly in the car simulator: in the "Settings" menu there should be a special section devoted to regulating the parameters of the connected controller.

Important! The game should be launched only after connecting the steering wheel. Otherwise, the controller in the simulator simply cannot be determined, and you cannot use it.

In the game settings, you will most likely have to indicate the purpose of the buttons and pedals. During the operation of the controller, you will quickly figure out how best to configure it for yourself, so it’s pointless to advise anything here.

How to connect a game steering wheel to a computer

This article is primarily dedicated to those who love racing computer games. We will talk about how to connect the game steering wheel to a computer.

For those who can not imagine their life without virtual racing, the steering wheel is a tool to help you plunge deeper into the game universe. And management with it becomes much more realistic. This is especially noticeable in simulators. Now on sale a huge number of such devices. From simple rudders with pedals to high-tech devices with feedback, shock sensors, realistic gearbox. And also on sale steering wheels combined with a built-in gamepad. So how do you connect all this?

As a rule, the connection is via a regular USB port. Just plug in your device. A message appears stating that a game controller has been detected. After that, insert the driver disk, it should be included and wait for the installation to complete. Next, connect the rest of the peripherals, these are pedals and other equipment. Connectors for connection are located on the rear side of the steering wheel. When everything is installed, open the control panel in the operating system, select the gaming devices tab. A window will open, and the “Calibrate device” tab will be on top. Calibration is made so that the steering wheel accurately repeats the movement of the car in the game. If it is not done, for example, when turning the steering wheel, the car will not turn in the game. But that is not all. Now we have made the basic settings. Now go to your favorite race and open the menu item "Management". There, the keyboard will be selected by default. You need to reassign the steering wheel buttons. Have you done everything? Then you can play. Now let’s see some interesting models.

Steering wheel Logitech G27. Fairly expensive toy, but very high quality. This model has a very high realism. For example, if you drive the car to the left while playing, the steering wheel will turn to the right with effort, almost like in life. There is recoil when you hit the game. There is also a full 6-speed gearbox and metal pedals, which when pressed also have a certain force. Clutch, by the way, is also here. Full paddle shifters will create the feeling of a sports car. Many buttons and switches allow you to customize the controls as you like. You will be satisfied with this model. After her, most likely she will not want something else.

We liked the second model with its reference to the famous car model. This is the ThrustMaster Ferrari Red Legend. This is a budget model, it looks very stylish. In the kit there is nothing superfluous, only the steering wheel and pedals. There are many additional buttons. This steering wheel is suitable for those who do not want to spend too much money, but at the same time buys high-quality equipment.

Now you know how to connect a game steering wheel to a computer. As you can see, this is not a big deal. You will get a lot of emotions from racing games.

Steering wheel and pedals for popular games

The global industry of computer applications is developing by leaps and bounds. The main task of the developers is to bring the game process as close as possible to reality, and many do it very well: modern video games really capture and immerse the user headlong into the world of virtuality. A high-quality control device will always help to complement the gamut of sensations from a well-made game. For example, a gamepad for sports simulations, a joystick for flight simulators or a steering wheel for all kinds of races. The most technological racing manipulators are a steering wheel with pedals and gearbox. In this article we will try to figure out how to set up the steering wheel with pedals on the computer to comfortably play your favorite simulators.

Equipment installation

The first step in working with a new device, whether it be a joystick, printer, or any other example, is to install software. We start the disk that comes with the device and install the driver using the steps suggested by the installation wizard. You can also install new equipment from the control panel. To do this, in the "Control Panel" we find "Install Equipment", then select our device from the list and click "Next". Then we indicate the path to the installation file and click "OK". Installation will be performed automatically.

If you do not have software, you should download it on the developer’s website and install the drivers through the control panel or in any other way.

After installing the drivers, we connect our device to the computer. Typically, the steering wheel is connected using a USB cable.

To make sure that the steering wheel is working properly, open the “Control Panel”, select “Game Devices” and make sure that the “Status” item is labeled “O / C”. Next, we right-click on “O / C”, go to “Properties” and test the performance of pedals, steering wheel, buttons and switches: when they are activated, everything should be displayed correctly on the screen.

Game Control Parameters

We open the racing simulator, find the control settings and set our manipulator as the main type of control. There, in the control settings, we adjust the steering sensitivity, degree of rotation, recoil force and other parameters according to our own feelings. It’s impossible to set up the steering wheel perfectly the first time. the settings need to be tested repeatedly during the game, but the result will definitely pay off the effort.

TIP. When connecting for the correct operation of the device, it is better to use the proprietary wire that comes with the kit.

If you are not satisfied with the operation of the device, and in the game settings you cannot fix this problem, then you can calibrate the manipulator using the built-in utility of the windows operating system. To do this, select the item “Hardware and Sound” in the control panel, then open “Devices and Printers”, in the list that appears, find our manipulator and call the context menu by right-clicking. In the menu that opens, select “Parameters” and “Calibrate”. The equipment adjuster window opens, in which you can adjust the necessary properties of the steering wheel, pedals and buttons.

Training car simulator for computer

For some devices, additional utilities are available that make it easy to configure for different games. For example, for the steering wheels of the Logitech family, the Logitech Profile program was developed, which allows you to create and configure a profile for each game. If you use this utility, you do not have to delve into the options of the game. when you start, your profile settings are turned on automatically.

Steering wheels for popular games

In a separate chapter, we highlight the setting of rudders for some popular computer games. In principle, the rudders are adjusted the same way for all types, according to the above instructions, however, some games have problems, so let’s focus on some features of the rudder settings.

Features steering settings for the simulator Crew

Many users have a question, how to configure the manipulator to play The Crew, due to such problems:

  • A slight turn of the steering wheel provokes a sharp maneuver in the game.
  • The game reacts only to the maximum turn of the wheel (if you do not twist the wheel to the end, the vehicle does not perform a turn in the game).
  • Using Logitech Profile does not start saved profile settings.

Advanced Effect Settings in Logitech Profile

Further, it is better to set the “Limit” and “Sensitivity” to the maximum value and select the optimal linearity value for your driving style.

Features steering wheel settings for the game GTA

Many gamers have problems connecting a racing manipulator to play different versions of GTA: GTA 4, GTA 5, GTA San Francisco, GTA San Andreas. The main problem is that the steering wheel itself is connected, and the pedals in the game do not work.

This is due to the fact that the Grand Theft Auto game is not a racing simulator as such, therefore it is designed specifically for playing on a computer keyboard or console gamepad. Immediately I will please the readers: there is a way out of this situation, however, let’s do it in order.

Method 1. Trying to configure the pedals through Logitech Profiler

We launch the installed Logitech Profiler, create a profile for playing GTA and in the settings we specify the keys: for the accelerator pedal we indicate the up arrow on the keyboard, for the brake pedal the arrow down. Save the settings and launch the game. If the game still does not respond to pedals, go to method No. 2.

Logitech Profiler Window

Method 2. Set up the pedals in the GTA using a special program

To synchronize the steering wheel with pedals for the GTA game, a special program San Andreas Advanced Control has been developed. It can be downloaded from

San Andreas Advanced Control Window

San andreas advanced control

Download the program and install by the steps suggested by the Installation Wizard. After installation, open, select the options in our manipulator and configure the steering wheel and pedals for the game.


Game wheels allow us to get the most out of virtual games. If we set up a racing simulator, then it usually supports connecting the steering wheel and all the settings can be performed in the game itself. Setting up the game steering wheel is a delicate matter and requires a lot of free time, because only in practice can the correct parameters be determined. If we connect the steering wheel in games that are not adapted to such manipulations, then special programs will come to the rescue, allowing you to deceive the system.

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