How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

Today, Internet access is implemented on many devices, and TV is no exception. The easiest way to connect new models of television sets to the Network is that they have built-in Wi-Fi modules, and the setup is intuitive. However, you can also connect to the Internet on older devices using a cable connection and special external smart consoles. Read more about the various ways to access the Network via TV. in the material below.

Connection in new TV models

The vast majority of modern television receivers already have built-in features to join the world wide web. All that is required of you is to correctly connect the device and configure the Internet. In practice, there are 2 ways to connect:

  • Wi-Fi device wireless connection;
  • connection using a network cable.

over, the second option can be implemented using a router (router), or without it.

Connection through a router

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

After connecting, a window will appear on the screen with a notification that an Internet connection has occurred. It disappears on its own, and no additional settings are required. you can immediately use SmartTV or update the firmware.

Direct connection

If the router is not provided in the house, and the Internet is only needed on TV, then the Internet cable laid in the apartment by the provider should be immediately inserted into the TV, similar to the one described in the previous paragraph.

If the provider uses the technology of dynamic IP addresses, synchronization will be performed automatically. If technology uses static IP address then after connecting you will have to open the “Network” item in the TV settings and select “Manual settings”. Next, we prescribe the parameters of our connection. IP address and DNS. This information can be obtained from the provider or searched in the contract for the provision of services. as a rule, a settings sheet is issued with it.

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

Important! If PPPoE is used for the connection, it is highly likely that this type of connection will not work directly. In this case, buying a router saves. Even the most budgetary option is suitable, the price of which today varies within a thousand rubles.

Some providers do binding the connection to the device MAC address. In this case, having a PC connected to the Internet in the house, connecting the TV to it will not work. It is necessary to contact the provider and ask to change the attached MAC address to the one assigned to the TV. To do this, go to its settings and find the tab “device support” or “product information”. The list of information will also indicate the MAC address. We rewrite it and inform the provider, after changing the address, we perform the connection using the above methods.

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How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

Via wifi

How to connect a modern TV to the Internet via cable, was discussed above. But this is not the only way to get the opportunity to use the Internet on TV. You can do without laying wires around the apartment, using a wireless connection. To connect the TV to the Internet (wireless) through the router, you will need a minimum of actions, provided that the device has a Wi-Fi module. Before setting up, you need to prepare information about the name of your network and remember the password to it. Next, taking the remote control in hand, with the unit turned on, do the following:

  1. Turn on the device and go to the menu by pressing the desired button.
  2. Further in the settings you need to select “Network” and “Network Settings”.
  3. After that, select the type of connection, in this case, wireless.
  4. The device will start searching for the Web environment, and after a short period of time will list it (it will display, in addition to yours, the network of neighbors, if you live in an apartment building).
  5. Select your network, and after clicking “OK” on the remote you will need to enter the password in the corresponding line. After a moment, a window appears with a message that the connection is established and the inclusion is successful. If this does not happen, find out why the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

If there is no Wi-Fi module

How to connect a TV without a built-in module to the Internet via wifi, but with the ability to use an external device? Everything is very simple. you will need to purchase Wifi adapter and connect it to the USB port of your television receiver.

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

Further, having entered the settings, select “Network”, “Network Settings: Wireless” and press the OK button located on the remote control. You will see a menu in which we select the desired connection.

  1. “Setting from the list of access points (AP)”. is selected if you have authorization data and information about the name of your home network.
  2. “Easy installation (WPS-button mode)”. applies if the possibility is supported in your router automatic connection setup to wifi. This method can be called the simplest, since all that is required of you is to select this item and press the “WPS” button (holding it for a few seconds) located on the router. The setting will happen automatically.
  3. “Network setup (Ad hoc)” is intended if you want to configure a connection to your computer without accessing the Internet, that is local

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

Settings for Smart TV

How to connect the Internet in different ways to the TV is now clear, but to fully utilize the capabilities of Smart TV, just one connection to the World Wide Web is not enough.


  • the first thing to do is go to the main menu;
  • in the upper right corner of the screen there will be a button to enter your account. click on it;
  • in the next window, you can enter your authorization data (if you have already registered) or continue creating an account on LG Apps. the “Register” button;

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

  • Next, you need to create a password and enter it together with the email address in the form that opens, then click on “Register”;

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

  • after that, check your email using a smartphone or through a computer and confirm the creation of a profile;

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

  • to enter your account, click in the upper corner “Login”;
  • enter registration data, check the box next to “Stay logged in” (next time you won’t be asked to enter data);
  • answer “No” in the appeared window asking you to enter additional information;

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

In Samsung Smart TV

To connect the Internet, cable or wireless, to a Samsung TV, you can use the instructions for the same LG device. The connection steps and the scheme are not much different, except for the name of the items in the menu (meaning it’s easy to guess the purpose of the buttons). But there are some differences in setting up Smart TV on Samsung TV:

  • after connecting to the internet, try logging in Smart Hub menu, by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  • To check the Internet and Samsung smart TV, you need to run some application, for example, YouTube.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

If you succeeded in connecting Samsung TV to the Internet, and it worked, then you can relax and start installing various kinds of applications from Samsung Apps, and enjoy watching videos and Internet TV.


The entire connection procedure for the SONY BRAVIA telly (Sony Bravia) is similar to that described above for other brands of devices. But connecting a smart TV to the Internet and setting up Smart functions is somewhat different from those considered.

  1. To get started, press the key on the remote control labeled “Home”.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  2. Press the button with the image of the suitcase in the corner of the window and go to the “Settings” menu.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  3. In this window, select “Network”.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  4. Now click on “Update Internet Content”.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  5. A connection to the Sony Entertainment Network server will begin to configure the services that are currently available.
  6. After the end of the tincture, Bravia will display a message recommending that you return to the main menu by pressing the “Home” button. But you need to ignore this sentence and click to the “SEN” button, after which you will see a list of channels with video and a list of applications, both foreign and Russian-speaking.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  7. Sony may take some time to update. By clicking on the “” or “All applications” sign, you will see the entire list.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  8. Having decided on the choice of content, click “Open”, after which the broadcast will begin.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet
  9. You can add your favorite TV channel to the quick access list by clicking on “Add to my applications”. The list appears initially by pressing the “SEN” key.
    How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

Connect to older TVs

Owners of old models of television receivers should not be upset: it is quite possible to connect it to the Internet. The best solution is to purchase a special smart set-top box running on the Android OS, which connects to a regular TV via HDMI or AV connectors (tulips). Connecting a set-top box is very simple. everything is done exactly as if you would like to connect a TV tuner.

How to Connect a Sony Bravia TV to the Internet

In fact, this is the same tablet, only instead of the screen it uses a TV. By connecting it to the device, you can now watch Internet TV, watch videos from sites, that is, do everything you can do on the tablet. All settings are made in the console menu. The procedure differs depending on the model and is prescribed in the instruction manual.

Advice! You can connect a full keyboard and mouse to the console for convenient navigation and for comfortable surfing through the pages of the World Wide Web.

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