How to Connect a Smart Speaker to a TV

How to Connect a Smart Speaker to a TV

Yandex.Station is a modern smart column that can follow its owner’s commands, turn on music and movies, search for information on the Internet, manage a smart home, etc. Both the large and small versions of the Station have a nice design, they fit well with the interior of any premises. Since this device is still a speaker in its very first purpose, most users purchase it to listen to music. But along with this, a smart speaker with a voice assistant is interesting to use for other, more advanced purposes.

You can connect Yandex.Station to a number of devices, including a TV (so that the column can start the video for viewing), a video projector, and a smartphone. Connection is possible to a laptop or desktop.

Why connect the Station to a computer

The most commonplace is to use a speaker from Yandex (including a mini) as ordinary wireless speakers. This is done via Bluetooth, but the minus of this idea is that the Station ceases to be smart, and Alice does not activate on it.

Another solution, which by its nature is already more complicated than the previous one, is to control the computer using voice commands through the Yandex column. This case is for those who want to try something new and are not afraid to experiment. We will not “climb into the jungle” right now, but some users who have managed to connect two voice control systems together. the long-existing Lightis program (its slogan is “Control a computer with the voice”) and Alice have such experience.

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By the way, if we talk about managing a smart home, then some craftsmen were able to make friends with the Home Assistant server and as a result got the opportunity to configure all the parameters through voice. Such functionality is only implied by the developers from Yandex for the large version, but at the moment it is waiting for its implementation. advanced users, however, are quick and have already implemented this option in practice.

Video: How to Connect a Smart Speaker to a TV

We can assume such an option for using this column, but real hacker fans will already like it. With the help of the “Station. computer” sheaf, they can perform their purely specific tasks.

Instructions for connecting Yandex.Stations to a computer

There is nothing complicated in this manual, the only requirement is the presence of a Bluetooth module on a stationary PC. If there is no built-in “blue tooth”, a dongle is purchased for the computer, which is inserted into the USB port. Now directly about the connection.

  1. Turn on Yandex.Station. The power button for the speaker is on top. Press it and hold until the LED backlight turns on. The ring will glow blue and blink.
  2. Activate bluetooth on your computer (laptop, desktop).
  3. Enter the Bluetooth settings (from the Windows 10 control panel (7; 8; 8.1) or through the notification window by clicking on the notification icon in the tray).
  4. Start the Yandex column search from your computer. To do this, click on the menu “Add a new device.”
  5. Wait until the PC detects the Station. It should appear in the list of devices.
  6. Click on the column name with the mouse. When the connection between the computer and the speaker is established, the backlight on it will gradually go out.

You managed to connect Yandex Station to the computer. Now it remains to adjust the sound, and you can listen to music from your PC.

In general, it is possible to connect a speaker via HDMI. But not always this option gives the desired result. You will have to use another application, not from Yandex, to solve the problem with sound. Maybe in future versions of the firmware of the Station corrections will appear, and through the cable the smart speaker will be able to work more functionally.