How to Connect a Sega Box to a TV


Nostalgia for the old days is a strong and corrosive feeling. I think those who did not play Dendy, Sega, Sony PS 1 (etc.) consoles may not understand me. many of those games have become common nouns, many of those games are real hits (which are still in demand).

To play those games today, you can install special programs on your computer (emulators, I talked about them here:, or you can connect the old console to TV (the benefit is that even modern models have an A / V input) and enjoy the game.

But most monitors do not have this input (for more details on A / V, see: In this article I wanted to show one of the ways how you can connect an old console to the monitor. So…

In an important retreat! Typically, the old set-top boxes are connected to the TV using a conventional television cable (but not all). A / V interface is a kind of standard (in common people. “tulips”). this is what I will consider in the article. There are three actual ways (in my opinion) to connect the old set-top box to the new monitor:

1. purchase a set-top box (stand-alone TV tuner), which can be connected directly to the monitor, bypassing the system unit. Thus, you simply make the monitor out of the TV! By the way, pay attention to the fact that not all such devices support (A / V) input / output (usually, they cost a little more);

2. Use the A / V input connectors on the video card (or on the built-in TV tuner). I will consider this option below;

How to Connect a Sega Box to a TV

3. use some kind of video player (video recorder, etc. devices). they often have a composite input.

Video: How to Connect a Sega Box to a TV

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As for the adapters: they are expensive, and their use is not justified. It is better to purchase the same TV tuner and get 2 in 1. and a TV and the ability to connect old devices.

How to connect an old set-top box to a PC via a TV tuner. step by step

I had an old AverTV Studio 505 internal TV tuner lying on my shelf (it is inserted into the PCI slot on the motherboard). He decided to test it.

Fig. 1. TV tuner AverTV Studio 505

Directly installing the board in the system unit is a simple and quick operation. You need to remove the plug from the back wall of the system unit, then insert the board into the PCI slot and fix it with a screw. It takes 5 minutes (see Fig. 2)!

Fig. 2. installation of a TV tuner

Next, you need to connect the video output of the set-top box with the video input of the TV tuner with “tulips” (see Fig. 3 and 4).

Fig. 3. Titan 2. a modern console with games from Dendy and Sega

By the way, on the TV tuner there is also an S-Video input: it is quite possible to use adapters from A / V to S-Video.

Fig. 4. Connecting the set-top box to the TV tuner

The next step was to install the driver (in more detail about updating the drivers: and with them special. AverTV program for managing settings and displaying channels (comes bundled with drivers).

After its launch, it is necessary to change the video source in the settings. select the composite input (this is the A / V input, see Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. composite input

Actually, further on the monitor appeared a picture no different from the television! For example, in fig. Figure 6 shows the Bomberman game (I think many people know it).

Fig. 6. Bomberman

Another hit in fig. 7. In general, the picture on the monitor with this method of connection, it turns out: bright, juicy, dynamic. The game runs smoothly and without jerking, like on ordinary TV.

Fig. 7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This concludes the article. Everyone enjoy the game!