How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

Connecting a printer is a fairly simple procedure, not without, however, certain nuances. In this article we will try to give the most complete overview of the process of correctly setting up the printer when it is synchronized with a laptop. The same tips are quite applicable in the case of stationary computers. there are no significant differences in the configuration rules.

Connection process

The process of installing and configuring the printer can be divided into several stages:

  • device connection;
  • driver installation and configuration;
  • print setup.

How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

Initially, the procedure for attaching a printer to a laptop is best done when the power is off both devices. It is necessary to choose the right place where the printing device will be located. It is better if this is a space that does not require constant release upon completion of the paper output procedure. The printer, as a rule, is a rather massive device, and moving it from place to place is inconvenient and fraught with consequences associated with accidental damage to the device.

often printers connect via usb ports, therefore, take care in advance of the availability of free ports for your laptop, so that, again, there is no need to constantly pull out the wires of other application equipment in cases where you need to print something.

The problem of the lack of free connectors these days is solved without problems by purchasing a usb splitter.

If the wires are connected correctly and the equipment is turned on, a message will appear on the screen about the appearance of a new device on the network, accompanied by a characteristic sound signal. If this does not happen, then, first of all, carefully inspect all the wires again for their integrity and tight fit of the plugs to the connectors. In parallel, you can do the following: through the Start menu, call the “Devices and Printers” window. In the window that opens, the icon of your printer should be visible.

How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

Driver installation

The biggest difficulty, as a rule, is the procedure for correctly installing and configuring drivers. If the printer was purchased recently, then in the factory box you can probably find installation disk with the necessary information and a list of programs necessary for the correct operation. Using the installation disk during the initial connection is the simplest procedure, which is also the fastest configuration option. But what to do if you are out of luck and the disc is not in the box? Or maybe the box itself is not there, since the printer was purchased a very long time ago or was given away by some acquaintances as unnecessary.

To "get" the necessary drivers for a printer without a disk, you need 10-15 minutes of time, a small share of ingenuity and focus on the result. There are two ways to search:

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  • through Windows tools;
  • by downloading software on manufacturers’ websites.

Using windows

This option, as a rule, is relevant for the simplest models, the functionality of which provides elementary procedures for standard printing and scanning (if it is an MFP), without the possibility of applying advanced settings. The Windows Update system contains the drivers for the most popular models in their simplest version and can itself search for the necessary programs when the printer is connected.

If this does not happen within a few minutes after joining, it is recommended to go the following way:

  • open the "Control Panel";
  • select the menu item “Equipment and Sound”;
  • find “Devices and Printers”;
  • in the window that appears on the screen, right-click the image and click "Windows Update";

How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

  • in the window that opens, click the line “Check for updates” and wait for 15-35 minutes to complete the search process for all available updates, as well as download them;

How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

  • restart the computer and verify that the printer is working correctly.

Correct settings automatic driver installation Windows means as follows.

  1. In the "Devices and Printers" menu, select "Computer" with the right mouse button.
  2. In the window that appears, click on "Device Installation Settings".
  3. In the next window, select the menu item “Yes (recommended)” and confirm the selection with the “Save” button.

From this moment, with a stable Internet connection, all the necessary driver updates and other software updates will be downloaded and installed on your computer without your direct involvement.

Using the resources of manufacturers

This method involves the independent installation of drivers from the sites of manufacturers of connected equipment. Accessing through the computer the official websites of well-known brands such as Canon or HP is absolutely safe from the point of view of the possibility of receiving malicious software.

To find the driver you need, just know the model of an existing printer. The exact specifications can be found either in the attached documentation or on the housing. After the name of the model is found, you can start searching through the browser. As a rule, when specifying the exact name in the search bar of any browser, in the list of drop-down options for various sites offering programs, the manufacturer’s site will be in the first position. As a rule, but not always. Therefore, in order to eliminate potential threats to your computer, pay close attention to the site where you got when you click on the link. Products webpage it is difficult to confuse with any other: firstly, its name, as a rule, speaks for itself, and secondly, such a site is usually clearly structured and devoid of all kinds of unnecessary information not directly related to the maintenance of branded equipment.

Drivers need to be downloaded only from official sites, because it is safe, and you are guaranteed to get the latest software version.

For example, you need drivers for your HP printer.

  1. We go to the website
  2. Through the “Support” menu we find the item “Drivers and Programs”.
  3. Enter the product name or serial number in the search line.
    How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop
  4. We find the list of software offered in our case.
    How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop
  5. Choose what you need (you may need information about the version of your OS, be prepared for this).
  6. We are waiting for the package to download and launch the file and install the drivers following the prompts of the wizard.

Connecting a printer to a laptop via wi-fi

With the advent of the wi-fi system in everyday life, there is no need to use countless wires connecting gadgets to each other. The use of a router when connecting the printer to a laptop allows you to use a mobile computer anywhere in the apartment without the need to connect it with wires to the printing press in the case when it is necessary to display text or pictures on paper.

WPS Connection

The simplest synchronization option, the necessary condition for which is the availability of the Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature in the functionality of both devices. The bottom of the router should find wps icon, in the immediate vicinity of which you can find the pin code required during configuration. The next step is to configure the router through the system menu.

  1. To do this, go to the web interface through any browser by typing the path in the address bar or, depending on the model of the device, and find the line Device PIN, where we enter the PIN code mentioned above.
  2. Make sure that you have WPA / WPA2 protection and turn off MAC filtering.
  3. If the printer has a button that activates WPS, press it and wait for the wi-fi system to search for equipment.
  4. Through “Printers and Faxes” we find the device we need and open the context menu, where we put a daw in front of the line “Use by default”.

Using the Connection Setup Wizard

A connection wizard is built into the printer’s operating system and allows you to quickly and easily connect via wifi. A prerequisite will be WPA or WEP protocol support. For the setup itself, you will need information about the SSID of the network and the password for accessing it.

Via the printer control panel, go to the "Settings" menu item and select "Network". After that, the wizard without your participation will begin to search for all available wi-fi networks in the immediate vicinity, and their complete list will be displayed on the screen. If the required network was not in the proposed list, try to find it by manually entering the name. If a network is found, it remains only for security reasons to change the password for access to it. Everything, you can start using the device in operating mode.

Network Printer Setup

Configure the access of the laptop to a printer that is already connected to another computer, allows you to configure the network printer. When choosing driver properties, you need to activate the ability to access over the network, and from the laptop to print through connecting to equipment through the network.

The wizard is launched through the “Control Panel” of the computer. In the window that opens, you need to add the printer through the menu item "Add Network", in a few minutes or seconds, depending on the speed of the OS, the necessary equipment will be found. After that, you need to go to the printer settings through the shortcut that appears and enter the IP address of the device (it can be found in the instructions). After the manipulations, the laptop needs to be rebooted, and if everything is done correctly, the printer will begin its work.

Printing Preferences

By configuring the printer’s access to the laptop via a normal wired connection or via a wi-fi access point, you have the opportunity to use it. Directly printing a document, picture or photograph itself can be carried out in various ways, depending on what kind of information processing program you use.

The easiest way to print a file is to use Ctrl and P keyboard shortcuts. This method is applicable both for printing "Word" documents, and for printing pictures on paper. Thus, you can print only one copy of the file in its original format.

The most commonly used MS Office editors offer users a wide range of printing options. Settings include the ability to select the number of copies needed, page orientation, which allows you to conveniently arrange text in the required format, and other useful functions. You can resize the margins of a document, as well as set the toner save mode. Having set all the necessary parameters, through "Preview" You can see how the file will be presented in the final version, make adjustments if necessary and print the final copy already.

How to Connect a Samsung Printer to a Laptop

Connecting a printer to a laptop is a doable task that even a novice user can handle. If you correctly take into account all the nuances described above and timely read the instructions that came with the printer, you can avoid many problems associated with incorrect settings. Modern technology is equipped with a maximum of capabilities that facilitate synchronization processes, but even if you use outdated models, remember that there are no unsolvable problems!

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