How to Connect a Router to a Samsung TV

The ability to connect a TV to the Internet significantly expands the functionality of a conventional device for watching television programs using an antenna. This option of accessing the World Wide Web opens access to any media content online. A TV used as a device for accessing the Internet can replace a computer, as it allows you to perform the same functions as a PC.

About how to connect Wi-Fi to a Samsung TV and how to set up Smart TV, we will understand in detail in this article.

What you should know

In the process of preparing Smart TV for connection, it is recommended to clarify a number of criteria that will allow you to determine how to set up the Internet on a Samsung TV.

  1. The presence (absence) of a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If there is no such module, you will need to ensure its availability and connect via USB (synchronization with the television system will happen automatically).

Watch a video review of an inexpensive network adapter for Samsung TV:

It should be taken into account that when choosing an adapter, it is necessary to take into account the model of the TV, since the compatibility of the devices is determined individually.

  1. Wi-Fi connection options. Here you should take into account the conditions of the provider’s tariff plan, signal quality, router functionality, etc. If you plan to view previously downloaded media content (to a computer), it is enough to use WiFi-D technology. This method involves synchronizing the TV with a PC, duplicating the contents of the computer monitor and subsequent viewing content on a large screen.

Activating Direct eliminates the possibility of using Smart TV as a device for accessing the Internet and does not allow you to work with applications. A router with this method is not required.

Wi-Fi connection

The TV automatically sets up when it is turned on for the first time. If there is no cable connection from the router, the television system itself will start searching for Wi-Fi. How to connect Samsung TV to the Internet when you turn it on again, we will consider step by step:

  1. At the initial stage of the connection setup process, go to the “Network Settings” parameter (in the “Network” tab). The transition is carried out using the “Settings” key (on the remote control).
  1. The appearance of a "dark" screen will indicate that the device is ready to start the setup process. We activate the "Start" option.
  1. At this stage, the television system will prompt you to select the type of connection: cable or Wi-Fi. We indicate wireless and activate "Next".
  1. The time to determine all wireless networks (including ours) will take no more than 15 seconds. Wi-Fi search is performed in the 2.4 GHz band. The network name is defined as “SSID” (defined by the parameters of the router).
  1. Among the list of wireless networks installed by the TV, select your own and enter the password. If the network is not password protected, the connection is activated automatically.

After it was possible to connect Wifi to the Samsung TV, users are advised to go to the "Menu", then go to the "Support" option and then to the "Smart Hub".

Samsung Smart TVs have the “Smart Hub” function, which provides access to various media content.

Connecting your Samsung TV to the Internet wirelessly is described in the following video instruction:

If the TV does not connect to the Internet?

Factors that block the connection and do not allow Wi-Fi on the Samsung TV are, in most cases, related to the settings of the router. This reason is obvious if other devices connected to the router cannot access the Internet.

If the devices used in the wireless network are functioning properly, and the TV cannot access Wi-Fi, it is recommended to remove the obstacles as follows.

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Set Smart TV settings manually

Before setting the parameters in the TV system, go to the settings of the router and deactivate the DHCP function (dynamic configuration protocol). In the TV menu "Network Settings", set the IP address and IP gateway (IP gateway corresponds to the address in the settings of the router.

If the router model is TRENDnet, the IP address is

  • IP address: (you can enter any local address: or, for TRENDnet.;
  • subnet mask:;
  • gateway:;
  • DNS server:

Manually entering settings usually solves the problem of the lack of a wireless connection.

Enter MAC Address

In addition to manually setting the television parameters, it is recommended to refer to the settings of the router and enter the individual MAC address of not only the TV, but also other devices connected to the router.

Hardware reboot

It is often possible to eliminate the reasons that impede the connection by a simple reboot. Here it is proposed to turn off the router with the TV for two minutes and resume the setup procedure when the devices are turned on.

Eliminating interference affecting signal quality

Obstacles in the form of many concrete partitions and furniture negatively affect the quality of the connection. To maintain a stable transmission speed and to avoid periodic interruptions in communication when working in a network, it is recommended to reduce the distance between the devices.

Automatic device connection

If you have the WPS function on Smart TV and the router, it is recommended to make an automatic connection. Joining is done by simultaneously activating the WPS keys for 15 seconds (on two devices).

Connection Speed ​​Control

Drops in the data rate can be caused by:

  • insufficient functional potential of the router (router replacement required);
  • heavy congestion of the transmission channel (several devices are involved);
  • terms of the provider’s tariff plan (it is recommended to switch to a faster one).

Connection check

If the previously established connection was interrupted for any reason, it is necessary to determine the failure factors in each direction of interaction between the devices. The solution to the problem should be sought in the "Network" section. In the "Status" field, it is recommended to pay attention to the access channel and IP address.

Usually, two reasons that hinder a stable connection are identified:

  1. Errors in the chain: Smart TV router.
  2. Failures in the chain: router. Internet.

How to connect the Samsung TV to the router in case of problems and check the connection, we will look at each example.

TV. Router

Here you will need to re-configure on Smart-TV:

  • activate the “IP” key, select the manual entry of parameters and specify the properties of the router (information is reflected on the device’s case);
  • keep Ethernet connection;
  • test the created connection.

If during the testing process errors are detected, it is recommended to delete the old information about the router from the TV’s memory and reactivate the connection setup.

Router. Internet

Here the reason for the lack of connection is the router. Resume data transfer is recommended by:

  • rebooting the device (you may need to perform a complete reset);
  • eliminate interference in the signal transmission sector (it is proposed to reduce the distance between the TV and the router);
  • contacting the provider for information on the period of repair activities on the line;
  • disconnecting an external Wi-Fi device (when using it). It is recommended to remove the module from the USB port and reinstall it after a few seconds.

It should be taken into account that in the absence of a file with network characteristics (after activating Hard-reset), you will need to call a specialist company that provides Internet services.

Connect to Wi-Fi without DHCP

DHCP is responsible for resolving errors in the transfer of dynamic IP addresses and other configurations. If you need to connect to a wireless network without taking into account the distribution of network addresses, you should disable automatic installation and enter the parameters manually (IP, gateway address, DNS, subnet mask). The required information is presented on the router case.

At the next stage, you will need to eliminate the errors of the DHCP session, which provides Wi-Fi access to other devices involved in the network and distributes IP addresses. The addresses of all devices should be stored in the memory of the router (by entering MAC addresses). This procedure will prevent errors in the distribution of addresses between devices operating on the network (each device will receive an IP address without hindrance).

This method of connecting to a router is not popular, since in most cases (if difficulties arise), users prefer to turn to the services of specialists in setting up network equipment.

Useful Tips

Malfunctions in the operation of network equipment will help to eliminate the following recommendations:

  1. TV software update. To activate the update in the television system:
  • go to the official Samsung website and download the required file to a flash drive formatted in FAT32;
  • connect the USB flash drive to the USB port of the TV and activate the data analysis process;
  • go to the "Software Update" function and start the update in automatic mode;
  • confirm installation.
  1. The correct file selection with the update on the manufacturer’s website. It is recommended to comply with the criteria that contribute to the proper operation of the equipment after installing the updates:
  • compliance of the TV parameters (according to the model) with the requirements of updates;
  • selection and installation of the latest version.

If the new version of the software does not allow you to work in the usual mode, it is recommended to roll back to the previously installed configuration.

  1. Ad-hoc network launch. This type of wireless connection does not require a router. Wi-Fi distribution is carried out using portable devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop). The Ad-Hoc connection does not allow Smart TV to access the Internet independently, but allows you to receive media content from other gadgets.

In some cases, you may need to reset to factory defaults on the TV. How to do this, see the video:

We hope that these recommendations will help users connect Smart TV to a wireless connection, and the question is “How to set up Samsung for a comfortable network experience?” will not cause difficulties. Ask questions, leave comments and suggestions, subscribe to our updates! Thanks to all!

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