How to Connect a Router to a Computer Correctly

Access to the Internet can be obtained via the Internet cable or Wi-Fi router. In the second case, the connection speed is much higher, and the amount of data transmitted is not limited.

The principle of operation of a wifi router

A router, aka a router, works as follows. A cable is brought into the room, which is connected to the router, and then pulled to the computer. The router processes the signal and transmits it to all devices through the air. Most routers are pre-configured at the factory. The user can only connect the device to a PC and use the Internet.

How to Connect a Router to a Computer Correctly

The device memory contains a routing table. It contains paths to all devices. So the whole network is formed. Periodically, the router sends messages to each device to see if a signal reaches it. In this way, the current state of the routing table is checked and dynamic routing works. To prevent the signal from being transferred to someone else’s device, specific addresses are set. It is more difficult to control static routing if many devices are connected, but it is more secure.

What you need to connect the router to a computer or laptop

To connect a Wi-Fi router to a computer you need:

  • the router itself;
  • network cable;
  • PC, laptop with a network card.

Modern devices are equipped 4 LAN connectors. That is, you can connect 4 computers to one device or form a local network. The cable usually comes with the router, and the card is integrated into the motherboard.

How to independently connect a router

Typically, the installation of the device is carried out by employees of the provider company. But beginners will be able to connect a Wi-Fi router to a computer on their own.

Wireless connection

First you need to connect the power cable from the outlet to the device. Next, connect the provider cable and the cable from the computer.

The final step. pull the network cable into the PC socket.

Wired connection

One end of the network cable must be connected to LAN connector (yellow) router, and the second. to a computer or laptop.

On the device one of 4 indicators should light up.

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The connection should be displayed on the taskbar of the PC screen.

How to correctly configure the operation of a wifi router

After the connection is established, you can do the configuration.

For one pc

If you connect Wifi router to computer failed, then the toolbar will glow red cross.

The first thing to do is simply change the cable. If the connection status has changed. for example on yellow cross, then the problem is in it.

Most often, difficulties arise due to the fact that network card disabled. To fix this error you need to "Toolbars"Select"Network and Internet", and then "Network connections". Among the icons, “LAN connection". Right-click on the shortcut and select "Enable".

If there is no such label at all, then on the PC driver not installed. It is best to download the driver from the disk that came with the hardware.

For PC and mobile gadgets

You can also set up a connection on a laptop through the toolbar. In the lower left corner, an Internet connection shortcut is displayed. Click on it and go to the "Network and Internet Settings". The list displays the available devices. You need to find the name of the router on the network, click on the shortcut and click the "Connect". If the connection is secure, the system will request a username and password.

The connection on the smartphone is set up in the same way. In the phone settings you need to select the section WLAN, Find the name of the wireless network in the list, and then enter login and password.

How to install a new router instead of the old

First you need to connect a new router to a PC, as described previously. If the device has already been configured by the provider, then immediately after connecting the cable the Internet will work. To check, just open the browser and download the pages of sites. But in the case of replacing the old device with a new one, you often have to change the settings.

After connecting the network cable, you need to open a browser and in the search line drive “" or "»And click Enter. One of these IPs will open the settings. If none of them worked, then the correct IP must be indicated in the instructions for the router.

If everything is done correctly, a window to enter the settings will appear in the browser window. The system will request a username and password. When connecting for the first time, in both fields should indicate “Admin". Instead password a combination may be used 1234. Also, the login and password to the system can be specified in the instructions for the router.

If none of the proposed options worked, it was not possible to open the settings, so your connection needs additional settings. Only the provider company can understand this question. The exact parameters depend on the device model and service provider. There is no universal instruction for such cases.

The settings menu contains several items. Fill in the fields according to the instructions for your device. It is very important to come up with a strong password. Its length must exceed 7 characters. A strong password consists of latin letters and numbers.

Passwords and limited access when distributing the Internet

The router itself does not provide access to the World Wide Web. It must be pre-configured and connected to the provider’s network. At this point, a problem may arise due to limited access.

If the network cable is connected, but the adapter does not work, then there may be several reasons:

  • the router is incorrectly configured;
  • the driver is out of order;
  • The wireless network is not configured.

Another reason may be the inclusion of a saving mode on laptops with low battery.

In the first case, you need to reconfigure the router according to the instructions. And in the second. reinstall the driver.

If problems arose in the network, you should check the IP address settings. On the Toolbar in the network control center, select the wireless connection item and open "The properties".

In the next menu, select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)".

In line "IP address»Need to manually drive subnet address, which is indicated on the sticker at the bottom of the case.

Now consider how to remove limited access on Windows 8 PC. To solve the problem, you need to restart the network adapter.

For this, in the teamRun»You need to enter a line ncpa.cpl.

A list of available connections appears on the screen. We find the right one and open the PCM context menu. In the drop-down menu, select “Disable», Wait until the adapter changes color to gray, and then reconnect the device.

Another reason for an incorrect connection may be the incorrectly entered login and password of the network. To solve this problem, you should contact your provider.