How to Connect a Printer to a Computer Correctly

Some users sometimes find it necessary to solve a problem related to how to connect the printer to a computer. In general, connecting an MFP or printer to a PC is quite easy and simple, and any beginner can handle this. To do this, you need to connect the printer / MFP to the computer and the power source, and also install the device software, i.e. special software. over, for any operating system, the sequence of actions will be identical, even if the device is connected to windows 10. The main solution to this problem is a step-by-step approach. The following detailed description should help you in this matter.

detailed instructions

  • First you need to connect the printing device to the mains and turn it on. If the device is new, i.e. just purchased, be sure to remove in accordance with the instructions all transport tapes, which are usually yellow or orange.
  • Insert the cartridges into the brand new multifunctional device according to the illustrations that are included in the instructions that come with it, which are required to come with the same device.
  • In the next step, you have to turn off the new printer and connect it to the USB port of the PC using the USB cable, which is usually purchased separately from the device.
  • Turn on the device that you just connected to the PC and pay attention to the computer. He must detect the printing device, after which the operating system installed on it will display a message like “Found new equipment” in the light yellow box, and its name will be displayed below.
  • If you connected the printer to the computer correctly, then you should open a window called “New Hardware Wizard”. The CD with the device drivers pre-installed in the drive will be put into effect after you select the automatic installation or installation from the specified location and click on “Next”. Of course, automatic installation is the preferred option.

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Other options

If the above method does not suit you, then you can connect the printer to the computer without the wizard for new equipment, i.e. directly from the CD supplied with the equipment. To do this, you just need to insert it into the drive and after automatic start, find the corresponding inscription in the menu and click on it. First check the connection of the computer to the printer so that during the installation you do not have any problems, and after its completion the installed device was ready for configuration and operation.

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How to Connect a Printer to a Computer Correctly

Another option that allows you to connect to a computer using a USB cable is to install the driver from a window with a list of printers and faxes. There you should find the installation of a new device and select the following: “Local printer connected to this computer.” If you want the PC operating system to find the device connected to it, check the box next to the item that implies automatic detection of the printer. Of course, in order to connect the device using this option, the CD-ROM with the new hardware software must be in the drive.

If you don’t have drivers, or you just decided to update them, because Do not like to use old versions, then you can find the appropriate software for your device on our website or on the official website of its manufacturer. It will be quite simple to navigate its web resource, because all the websites of world manufacturers of printing office equipment have Russian-language versions. After downloading, you have to unzip the archive, and then just install.

If the methods that involve connecting the PC to the printer using the USB cable do not satisfy you, then you can use a Wi-Fi router to solve this problem. You can find out how to properly connect the device to a computer in this way in this article: connecting the printer through a router. It is also possible that the printer is connected via a local network — read more about this in the article “How to connect a printer via a local network”.