How to Connect a Phone to a Tricolor Receiver

The main criterion for connecting the receiver is a correctly installed and well-tuned Tricolor TV dish. If your satellite dish is configured correctly, then connecting the receiver will take you no more than 10-15 minutes.

In this article we will analyze the possible schemes for connecting the Tricolor TV receiver to both the plate and the TV using examples of certain models of receivers. Receivers may differ in technical component from your receiver, but the essence of the connection always remains the same.

If you did everything according to the instructions, but there are no results, you can read the article. What to do if there is no signal Tricolor.

How to connect the receiver to a plate.

To connect the Tricolor TV receiver to a satellite dish, you need:

  1. 2 F connectors
  2. Coaxial cable RG-6

The first thing we need to do is lay the RG-6 cable from the satellite dish to the receiver’s installation location. The next step, we wind the F connectors on both ends of the cable. Let’s look at a diagram of how to do this.

How to Connect a Phone to a Tricolor Receiver

  1. Using ordinary wire cutters, bite off the end of the cable so that it is perpendicular.
  2. We make an incision of insulation 10-12 mm from the end of the cable and remove it.
  3. Straighten the braid and foil along the cable.
  4. We retreat 2-3 mm from the cable sheath and remove the insulation of the central core.
  5. We check that the braid and pieces of foil do not touch the central core of the cable and wind the F connector all the way.

The next step is to fasten one end of the cable to the receiver in LBN in and the other end to the converter on the satellite dish. Carefully, without knocking down the plate, we fix the cable to the antenna with ordinary construction ties or electrical tape.

How to connect the receiver to the TV.

The way you connect the Tricolor TV receiver directly depends on your TV. There are 3 main types of connection between the receiver and the TV, let’s analyze them.

    The first is to connect through the built-in RF modulator (for older models of receivers).

The essence of this connection is that your receiver converts the video signal to analog and transmits it to the TV using the usual coaxial cable. For this connection, your receiver must have an RF OUT output.

In practice, such a connection is used in public places, such as shopping centers, cafes, where you need to connect many televisions with the ability to view one channel selected on a satellite receiver.

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For example, if Russia24 channel is selected on the receiver, then Russia24 channel will be shown on all TVs.

To connect in this way, you just need a regular TV cable. You insert one end of the cable into the receiver (RF OUT), insert the other end into the TV (ANT in), then start the auto-tuning of channels on your TV. Your TV will find one analog channel, where your video signal from the Tricolor receiver will be located.

The main thing is to remember the channel number on the TV with the Tricolor signal and no longer switch programs from the remote control from the TV, now you will control your channels from the remote control from your receiver.

If you do not have a built-in RF modulator in the Tricolor TV receiver and you are happy to watch the same channel at the same time on all TVs, then you can purchase an RF modulator and split the signal by means of a splitter with the number of outputs corresponding to the number of your TVs.

  • Connecting the Tricolor TV receiver to a 3RCA or SCART TV. This type of connection is mainly used for older TVs that do not have an HDMI input.
  • Connecting the Tricolor TV receiver using an HDMI cable. With this connection you will achieve high quality on your TV, this applies not only to pictures, but also to sound. All modern TVs have HDMI inputs.
  • How to connect the receiver to 1 TV

    For example, the GS E521 L receiver with the ability to connect a second receiver

    How to Connect a Phone to a Tricolor Receiver

    We screw the cable coming from the satellite dish to the LBN in 1 connector.

    We connect the receiver with the TV with an HDMI or 3RCA cable, depending on the availability of the corresponding connectors (to achieve the best quality, connect with an HDMI cable).

    By connecting them together, we select the appropriate input to which you connected your TV (you can find out by looking at the TV, all the connectors are signed and numbered. Example: HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or AV 1) using a TV remote control.

    On the screen you will see the initial setup of the receiver, after completing it and saving the found channels, you can start watching satellite television.

    After setting up, you may need to register, you can do it yourself on the website in the “subscriber registration” column.

    How to connect two TVs to Tricolor TV.

    For example, the receiver GS E521L / GS C5911

    How to Connect a Phone to a Tricolor Receiver

    Method number 1 (using a network cable UTP)

    We connect two cables from the Tricolor satellite dish to LBN in 1 and LBN in 2.

    If it is not possible to extend two cables from the antenna to the E521L server, you can use the jumper between the LBN 1 out and LBN 2 in contacts (with this connection, there will be small losses in the number of channels on the second C5911 receiver).

    You can make a jumper from a piece of a conventional RG-6 coaxial cable by screwing the F connectors on both sides. We connect the receiver using an HDMI or 3RCA cable (if the TV has both inputs, then an HDMI connection is preferred).

    We select the video input we need on the TV, for example, HDMI 1, after that you will see the initial settings on your screen. How to make the initial settings you can find in the book “user manual” included in the kit.

    The next step will be to connect the E 521L server and the additional C 5911 set-top box, for this we need a crimped UTP network cable. Using a UTP cable, we connect the receivers to each other by inserting the ends of the cable into the ETHERNET connectors. We connect the optional C 5911 set-top box to the TV using HDMI or 3RCA. As on the first TV, select the appropriate video input and perform the initial settings.

    To connect to the server, in the “network settings” item, you need to select the server, if it is connected correctly, it will appear automatically in the 2nd column, select it and click “search”. In some cases, after the receivers are fully connected, you will need to update the receiver software. Updating should be done with the additional prefix C 5911, setting the channel at No. 333 “telemaster” and wait 5-10 minutes. During this time, a column will appear on the screen with a request to update the software, click the “OK” button and wait for the update to complete. It is very important not to turn off the power during the update!

    How to Connect a Phone to a Tricolor Receiver

    Method number 2 (using a Wi-Fi router)

    The difference between the connection in scheme No. 2 from scheme No. 1 is the ability to view your favorite channels on a tablet or mobile device. To do this, we connect the receivers through the router, setting the appropriate parameters in the initial setup of the receivers in the “network setup” item. To view Tricolor TV on a tablet or mobile device, you need to download the “Play.Tricolor” application. Connect to the Wi-Fi network of your router and set the appropriate settings on your device in the “Play.Tricolor” application.

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