How to Connect a D Link Router to a Computer

Not much time has passed since when Wi-Fi access points could be found only in very crowded public places, such as airports, train stations, cafes, restaurants and other establishments.

Then, large corporations and smaller offices gradually switch to Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) so that numerous employees can use the Internet simultaneously and without problems.

And for several years now Wi-Fi routers have been installed in ordinary houses and apartments so that all households can connect to a wireless network. Therefore, this topic is relevant. Connecting a Wi-Fi router correctly is a simple task, but a responsible one.

Advantages of using a Wi-Fi router over a regular modem

In this article we will consider connecting and configuring a Wi-Fi router D-Link DSL-2640U. The model in question is designed for home use, as well as for small offices. Such a router will be enough to provide users with high-speed broadband Internet access. The advantage of this model is its low price.

The location of the Wi-Fi router

In order for a Wi-Fi router to cover as much of the apartment or house as possible, it must be installed as high as possible, for good "distribution". It is advisable to place the device in the center of the apartment.
Interference in the effective operation of the router may be its location on the computer system unit, or its signal may distort objects obscuring it. For example, carpets, aquariums, indoor plants and more.

Below is an example of how to properly place a wireless access point in an apartment or a one-story house.

For a two-story house there will be such an option.

Connecting a Wi-Fi router D-Link DSL-2640U

Step 1. You bought a router, brought home, unpacked, check the contents.

The package includes: router, power supply, instruction manual, splitter, patch cord, telephone cable, documentation. This is the standard set needed to connect to the Internet.

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Step 2. Now we need to connect the router to the computer. We put the router a short distance from the computer, look to get enough cable (in this model, the length of the patch cord is 60 cm).

To make it clearer which cable to insert into which connector, we’ll familiarize ourselves with the rear panel of the router.

1. The power cable;
2. On / off button;
3. There are two small buttons: WPS and on / off Wi-Fi;
4. 4 LAN connectors, for connecting 4 devices;
5. DSL Port. Connector for telephone cable;
6. Reset button. Reset to factory settings.

In more advanced models, you can also find a USB port for a 3G modem, flash drive or even a printer.

Next, you need to connect the cables to the back of the router.

How to Connect a D Link Router to a Computer

Connecting Cables to the D-Link DSL-2640U

a) We take the power cable and insert it into the Power connector at number 1.

b) If you use the telephone Internet (adsl technology), then you will need to connect a splitter as well.

The splitter is the boundary between the telephone line and the Internet. It is necessary so that you can simultaneously use your home telephone and the Internet.
The splitter connection diagram is shown in the figure below.

The end of the wire that comes out of the MODEM jack on the splitter is inserted into the DSL jack on the router.

in) We insert one end of the patch cord into any of the 4 LAN connectors on the router.

Insert the other end into the LAN connector on a laptop or computer.

d) Turn on the router by pressing the On / Off button.

Step 3. Before setting up the router, we advise you to reset the settings to factory settings. Press and hold the Reset button for 15 seconds. If everything is installed and connected correctly, then boldly proceed to configure the wi-fi router D-Link.

Configuring Wi-Fi router D-Link DSL-2640U

Step 1. Launch any web browser installed on your computer. In the address bar of the browser, enter the IP address of the router. (default is and press the ente key r.

Step 2. In the window that opens, enter the Username and Administrator Password to gain access to the settings of the D-Link router. The default username. admin and password. admin. Click the Login button.

Step 3. In case of successful authorization, the router settings window will open. Here is general information on the router and software.

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