How to Clear Memory on a Huawei Tablet

How to Clear Memory on a Huawei Tablet

This article is a more in-depth continuation of the one in which we described common ways to clear memory. If you are wondering how to clear the internal memory on Android manually or using third-party applications, we will help with finding a solution.

You can see how much free internal memory the system has by going through the “Settings” to the “Memory" or "Storage". It is important to note that each phone model reserves a different amount of memory for the system.

Please note that on devices with their own proprietary firmware installed (for example, Xiaomi, Meizu), the memory will initially be occupied even more. The same applies to RAM: for the normal functioning of such smartphones, a minimum of 3 GB is required.

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How to completely clear the internal memory of Android

If you do not have SuperSU rights, then it’s certainly not possible to completely clear the smartphone or tablet. The lack of this feature seriously limits your actions. After reading our article on how to get Ruth rights, you can completely remove all garbage from the device. But if you do not want to lose the official guarantee, then it will be possible to fulfill approximately half of the following.

To free up system memory, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the menu item "Settings";
  2. Find the section "Applications";
  3. Go to item Third-Party Applications;
  4. Click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner;
  5. Sort the list by size.

Uninstall an application or its updates

After you have completed the above steps, after a few seconds you will see the most voluminous applications stored on the Android device. If among the list there are those programs that you do not use, you just need to delete them.

But if you are determined to remove system applications that do not bring you any benefit, we recommend that you read our article on this topic. For example, they set a third-party excellent alarm clock, the built-in one is no longer needed, but he doesn’t want to remove using the standard method. Also, do not forget that the desire to free up more space can lead to the fact that you delete the files necessary for the operating system, and this increases the risk of a “brick”.

Application stop

Another effective way is to force the application to stop. But again, you need to use this function carefully, it can only be done if the application is not system.

Effectively clear internal memory on your phone and tablet

The cleaning process is almost universal and is not particularly different for smartphones and tablets. It is important to take into account the version of Android and the brand of your device.

If you cleaned everything, deleted unnecessary applications and you still have little memory, the choice is small.need to get root user rights. If possible, some applications should be transferred to a memory card.

Frequently Asked Questions / Answers

Video instruction

As you can see, there are methods that can free up the internal memory on the phone, but if it was initially small, and you also loaded various materials there, such methods will not help much. Alternatively, you can use cloud servers for reliable storage, but the best solution is buying a phone with a volume of at least 32 GB for average use.

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