How to Clear Huawei Internal Memory

How to Clear Huawei Internal Memory

How to clear the memory on a Huawei and Honor phone is interesting to almost all owners of these models. This is due to the fact that the free space is clogged, and the need for new applications, photos and music does not go anywhere. And so that there is enough space for downloading on the phone, you need to delete the old elements. In this review of functions, we will consider what types of memory such phones have, how to determine its fullness, and how to clean it.

Types of memory on Android devices

On Android devices, three types of memory are allocated:

System memory (RAM) is used to provide processes for starting and running installed applications. This online storage accepts any downloaded software and its utilities.

The second type is where the operating system is stored. The user cannot intervene there and change something. Such actions entail an error in operation, so this type of memory was made private.

The third option is the memory used to store user files, messages, music, photos, videos, etc.

How to see memory utilization statistics

If the smartphone has become slower to load sites or start the work of software, it’s time to check it for workload. It is possible to do so:

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  • open the Play Console;
  • there, select the software whose load information you want to view;
  • click on the line “ information”;
  • specify the type of files.

If the section of the explorer symbolizes a lack of internal space, then it must be unloaded by deleting unnecessary files.

How to clean Honor and Huawei phone memory manually

Video: How to Clear Huawei Internal Memory

There are several options for clearing the internal memory of a Huawei and Honor phone manually:

  • move unnecessary photos and videos to Google Drive or another convenient cloud;
  • through the settings to transfer applications to an external SD-drive;
  • just delete what you don’t use;
  • format external and internal space.

Removing garbage in the browser

Visiting different sites, we definitely collect a lot of unnecessary components in the cache. To keep surfing the Internet fast and convenient, garbage in Google, Yandex, Opera and other browsers needs to be cleaned regularly. This can be done by clearing the cache and search history.

Delete messages

Many do not realize how quickly SMS clogs up memory. They are small, but there are many of them. Due to this, gigabytes of free space cannot be used for other purposes.

Clean up junk files

This option should be conscious, since it is important to understand and weed out something that is no longer useful to you: underused software, old photos or music. All move to the basket.

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Uninstall apps

Often people download an interesting application, but after a couple of days they stop using it. And updates are coming to him, and it is getting harder. To prevent such frames from slowing down the phone, delete what you don’t need in a timely manner.

How to clear smartphone memory using programs

In 2020, Google Play offers Android owners several operational options on how to automatically clean up trash on their gadget.

Clean master

This is the most popular program today. You can download it in Google Play, after which we install and launch. There will be a large, bright “Clear” button on the screen. Click it and wait for the process to complete.

SD Maid

App cache cleaner

This is an offer for those who want to automatically clear the application cache. We clear the internal memory of the phone through the computer. Having connected the mobile gadget to the PC, we open the section “My Computer”, we find the phone there. Right-click on the context menu, click on the “Format” item there. This method is simple and does not take much time, but when you use it, all components of the device are removed.

How to clear the phone’s RAM

Here rollback to developer settings will help. Go to the “Recovery and reset” section. Copy important files to third-party media or the cloud in advance.