How to Clear Call List on Xiaomi

How to clear the call log on Xiaomi?

Modern smartphones are multifunctional devices, but at the same time they are also used to implement the main task. calls. Each telephone conversation that passed through the smartphone is automatically recorded in the call log.

Such a database with information about calls (interlocutor’s number, date, duration, etc.) is extremely useful, but it should not always be accessible to prying eyes. If the list is checked or the smartphone is simply for sale, then this information should be deleted. How this is done on Xiaomi brand mobile devices will be discussed later in the article.

Standard Uninstall Algorithm for MIUI

On the main versions of the MIUI graphical shell developed on the basis of Android OS, The phone call log clearing scheme is extremely simple. Each Xiaomi smartphone owner should first pay attention to the following algorithm:

    On the system desktop, you need to find the "Phone" application (regular handset).

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How to Clear Call List on Xiaomi
  • Initially, when you click on this “handset”, it is the journal of completed / received / missed calls that opens with the name, number, country, date and time, as well as the duration of the conversation (the number of rings if the conversation did not take place).
  • To perform a cleaning, hold down the number for deletion and wait for the context window to appear.
  • Then the user will have a choice: click “Delete records” and clear only the information about conversations with a specific designated subscriber or select “Batch cleanup”.

  • In the first case, it will be enough confirm that it is planned to delete all records about calls of a specific number, and in batch removal, you will need to mark specific records or click "Select All".
  • After selecting one, several or all calls, you can click on the Delete button below the list and confirm the action.
  • However, the development of the software shell itself does not stand still, and therefore there are devices in different branches of models from Xiaomi on which the removal procedure is carried out somewhat differently. These are the fourth-generation smartphones and Xiaomi Mi A1. How to clear the list on these smartphones will be described later.

    Clear call log on Xiaomi Mi A1

    The developer politely equipped the system shell of this device with the “Contacts” application, into which the user should enter. Next you need:

      Open the drop-down list by clicking the button with three dots in the upper right corner and select "Call History".

    In the next window, press the same button with three dots and select the "Clear" item.

  • Further it will be enough to click on the numbers that should be deleted, or simply click on another drop-down list above the list of numbers, where there will be the same “Select All” tab.
  • The last manipulation will be pressing the “Delete” button under the list and confirming this action.
  • Scheme for Xiaomi 4th generation

    With the release of the fourth generation of devices for each of the branches of the development of the Xiaomi brand (including the beloved Redmi ones), the cleaning scheme was re-changed. So, for example, on Redmi 4x the circuit looks like this:

    • Open the same “Phone” application from the desktop.
    • We open the drop-down menu and click on the optional Recent tab.
    • Go to the "" section.
    • Click on the item "Call Log" and go to the next section "".
    • In this section, a list of possible actions opens, among which you will need to click "Clear Call Log".
    • Pressing “OK” confirms the task and the list is completely cleared.


    Thus, if you follow the described schemes, then clearing the call log will be extremely simple. Even on the newest Xiaomi models, which are preparing to be released in the fifth generation, the scheme will be intuitive (the changes made to it will not become a problem) if the user becomes familiar with it earlier.