How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

Samsung-branded TV receivers that support Smart-TV technology continue to conquer the domestic consumer radio market. Their fast-growing popularity is due to many functional advantages that were previously inaccessible to owners of conventional TVs. Among them are connecting to the Internet (wired or using WiFi), searching and viewing video content of interest without reference to specific television channels, the ability to communicate on social networks and much more. However, despite the apparent resemblance to a computer, the SMART TV is still significantly inferior to the latter. And first of all, this concerns the amount of internal memory, which is clearly not enough to view video content (movies, video clips, video streaming, etc.) when using the built-in browser. Therefore, this article will discuss how to clear the memory on the Samsung TV SMART TV.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

Features of the built-in memory

The lack of built-in memory of SMART TV receivers of any brand, including Samsung, is due to the fact that the selected video file is first loaded into the internal information storage and only then transmitted to the screen. As the playback progresses, memory is freed, but if the process of cleaning it is slower than loading the content, then it may overflow. In turn, this causes an error message to appear on the TV screen and the inability to continue viewing. It is interesting that even the specialists of the Samsung Group, which is considered the leader in this market segment, have so far failed to solve the existing problem at a constructive level.

Thus, the browser of any Samsung Smart-TV television receiver (for example, models Ue46f6400ak, Ue43m5500, etc.) has limited capabilities due to insufficient internal memory, without which downloading video content is impossible. Its main features:

  • self-cleaning is carried out only if the content download is slower than the video playback speed on the screen;
  • the amount of memory cannot be increased due to the use of an external drive (hard drive, flash drive, etc.);
  • memory overflow is not tied to any specific applications, sites or Internet pages and can occur at any time.

The consequences of a lack of internal memory

Accumulation of the data array in the built-in information storage device may ultimately lead to overflow of the useful amount of the internal memory of the television receiver. At the same time, viewing of content stops, and a corresponding message appears on the screen. In some cases, the application may spontaneously start overloading. In addition, a message about a lack of memory can at any time appear completely unexpected for the user when:

  • connecting a TV to a computer;
  • Using a USB flash drive
  • listening to audio files;
  • watching movies, etc.

In practice, the internal memory of Samsung SmartTVs is full when the owner uses the built-in browser to view video content. After its volume is completely filled, the TV “freezes” and / or disconnects from the Internet. At the same time, it becomes impossible to install widgets and / or applications, as well as view video content. You can fix the problem only by freeing up the internal memory of the television receiver from redundant data.

Releasing Samsung SMART TV Receivers Internal Memory

You can free up the internal memory of Samsung SmartTV TV receivers by performing simple operations such as removing unused applications and clearing the cache of the built-in browser. If these actions do not lead to a positive result, then the owner of the TV will have to contact Samsung Unified Support or, at your own risk, try to reset the TV to factory settings.

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Removing unused applications

Removing unused or unnecessary applications is one of the effective ways to free up the internal memory of the television. To do this, you will need:

  1. Enter the SmartTV homepage;
  2. open the application menu (APPS panel);
  3. go to settings (icon in one of the upper corners);
  4. in the window that opens, find unnecessary (unnecessary) applications and sequentially click on each of them by pressing the "Delete" button;
  5. confirm the actions taken and close the window.

A similar result can be obtained by resetting all Smart Hub settings. This will remove all downloaded applications and eliminate existing errors. This will restart and install all factory applications in automatic mode.

Smart Hub settings can be reset via the “Settings” menu, following the route ““ Support.> Self-diagnosis.> Reset Smart Hub. " There you will need to enter the security PIN “0000” in the corresponding line (by default). After the message “Reset is completed” appears, you need to go to the APPS panel, wait for the notification about the initial setup and, following the prompts on the TV receiver screen, enter the menu. There you will need to select the applications necessary for using and press the “Finish” key.

In the event that resetting the Smart Hub to the factory state did not lead to a positive result, you can carry out a similar procedure for the entire TV. How to do this is shown in detail in the video:

At the same time, on all Samsung smart TV receivers (series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.), the settings are reset the same way. The only possible difference is a slight difference in the names of the menu items.

Clearing the embedded browser cache

You can free up the TV’s internal memory by clearing the built-in browser’s cache. Do this as follows:

  • go to the main menu of Smart-TV;
  • launch the browser;
  • open the "Settings" menu;
  • in the "Delete History" section, find the item "Cache";
  • button “Delete now” confirm the action.

The process of clearing the cache may take several minutes, after which the viewing of video content should resume.

Contacting Samsung Electronics Unified Support

Samsung Electronics has been operating unified support since 1994. The remote service, thanks to which the owners of the television equipment of this brand, not leaving their home, receive not only qualified advice, but also prompt technical support, has allowed the company to significantly increase public confidence in its products. By contacting the hotline 88005555555 or by leaving a message on (Online Live Chat), the owner of the TV can notify the operator of the problem.

To provide service specialists with remote access to their TV receiver, it is necessary:

  • open the TV menu;
  • enter the "Support" section;
  • select the item “Remote control”;
  • provide the security PIN to a service technician.

At the same time, work is carried out online, and the service operator sees on the screen of his device only what is displayed on the faulty TV receiver. You should know that the company guarantees complete data security, which can be stored on the TV.

System reset TV

If all of the above methods did not lead to the expected result, and the owner of the TV does not have the opportunity to contact the service specialists, then he can take the risk and carry out an engineering reset of the TV settings on his own. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions in this order:

  1. turn off the TV;
  2. on the remote control (RC), strictly following the sequence, quickly press the buttons: INFO.> MTNU.> MUTE.> POWER or MUTE.> 1.> 8.> 2.> Power, the TV will turn on, and the service menu in English will appear on the screen;
  3. using the up and down arrows, select Option and press the OK key;
  4. in the window that opens, select Factory Reset and double-click the OK button on the remote control.

After that, the TV will turn off and then turn on, and the installation of the initial general parameters will begin (menu language, country, network settings, etc.). Then you need to perform the usual user TV setup (channels, etc.). When accessing the SMART menu, it turns out that all widgets and previously made settings are missing. They will have to be installed again. In more detail, the process of system resetting the TV is shown in the video:

Viruses in Samsung SmartTVs

Purely theoretically, due to the fact that SMART TV sets have access to the Internet, the possibility of virus interference in their work cannot be completely ruled out. However, based on the fact that Samsung’s new SMART-TV (UE43NU7470 and others) use an operating system with a closed file system that cannot be penetrated, they are not equipped with antivirus programs.

Summarize. To prevent malfunctions when playing video content over the Internet, periodically, in the SMART TV receivers of Samsung, the web browser cache should be cleaned. In addition, you do not need to accumulate applications that have lost their relevance and delete them in time. Then you do not have to reset the TV to factory settings and reconfigure it again.