How To Clean Your Dog’S Teeth

What for dog brushing teeth? Pet grooming is the best way to prevent the occurrence of dental diseases, as well as a great way to avoid unpleasant smell from the mouth. Oral health is an important condition for the general condition of the animal, because sore teeth can lead to other dangerous diseases! Brushing teeth can be done both at home and with the help of a professional. But cleaning should be regular, therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to visit the vet so often.

How To Clean Your Dog'S Teeth

Can I clean my dog’s teeth by myself?

Not all dogs allow you to brush their teeth. Therefore, it is very important to teach your pet to brush teeth from an early age. This procedure should be included in the regular routine of the animal. However, an adult dog can also be accustomed to such a hygienic procedure. Teeth cleaning should be done slowly and very carefully. Make sure that the dog does not bite you. If you understand that the animal is categorically against brushing your teeth, then it is best to contact your veterinarian. Perhaps he will advise you to resort to an alternative method of cleaning the teeth and the entire oral cavity.

Alternatively, you can consider using a variety of mouthwashes. Now they are available in the form of additives to water or pet food. Often used and special medicines, but for their use need the advice of a veterinarian. After all, any medicine can lead to indigestion.

Toothbrush and paste for dogs

How to brush your dog’s teeth at home?

Some useful tips:

  • Plaque turns into tartar within 24-48 hours. Therefore, it is important to brush your teeth daily.
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The best thing brush teeth dog at the same time as you brush your teeth. This will help to streamline your pet’s daily routine.

  • Before you start to teach your dog to brush your teeth, ask your veterinarian to show several ways to carry out this procedure.
  • Dog teeth cleaning procedure:

    Before starting the procedure, squeeze a little toothpaste onto the brush. Let the pet taste it. Next, slightly raise the pet lip and slowly begin to brush the outer side of the teeth and gums. Pay special attention to the rear teeth, however, dogs do not always allow it. Brush your teeth first on one side of your mouth, and then on the other. If the dog is stubborn, try to stop the procedure, but be sure to continue it a little later. Over time, your pet will get used to this useful activity.

    How To Clean Your Dog'S Teeth

    The best thing to teach the dog to brush teeth without the use of a toothbrush. You can use your finger instead. When the pet gets used a little, you can go to the brush. When using a toothbrush, never press hard on the teeth and gums. It is necessary to smoothly, without much effort, to clean the teeth on one side, and then on the other. In the first stages you should not try to clean the back teeth. This can be done when the animal has become accustomed to cleaning.

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