How to Clean Your Computer from Dust

Dust is the number one enemy for the computer (except for viruses). If you do not regularly clean your personal computer, then sooner or later, but this will lead to unpleasant consequences. The smallest outcome may be a slowdown in all processes conducted in the operating system. If you neglect the cleaning rules regularly, then it may cost you to replace the burned part (processor, power supply, video card, etc.). The need to clean the computer is due to the fact that the dust accumulated on the boards has poor thermal conductivity, so the parts heat up (which is expressed in the “brakes” of the system) and burn out in extreme cases (the computer completely refuses to work).

Computer cleaning should be carried out in three stages:

Cleaning the system unit from dust

For clarity and your understanding (what actions, what are followed), we divided the whole process into several steps:

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How to Clean Your Computer from Dust
  • Disconnect the system unit from the power supply and accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.).
  • Put the system unit in the middle of the room and turn it on its side, the side that is “deaf”, that is, does not open. This is done so that we have full access to the contents of the system unit from all sides.
  • Remove the side cover of the system unit. Basically, it is mounted on two bolts on the back of the computer. A screwdriver is useful for unscrewing. After removing the cover, set it aside and do not lose the bolts!
  • Check the contents for fastening power, all the parts should firmly “sit” in their places, if you see elements that are not attached to the box of the system unit or to one of the boards in any way. remove this element, as it can be accidentally sucked by a vacuum cleaner. If you intend to remove any parts for cleaning, then we recommend that you first take a picture of the general view of the system unit from the inside. Otherwise, then you can forget where and how it was inserted.
  • Now turn on the vacuum cleaner and go for a pipe (preferably with a narrow nozzle), along the entire area of ​​the system unit. The tube (or nozzle) should be 5-10 millimeters from the boards. Where there are no (boards) (bottom of the box, side parts or other elements), you can walk back to back. If you are cleaning for the first time, then turn on the minimum power of the vacuum cleaner in order to understand that there is nothing terrible and dangerous in this and the computer cannot be damaged.
  • Not all dust will be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner, therefore it is advisable to have a brush with you, which you will guide along the board and knock out a layer of dust.
  • As a rule, a larger layer of dust can be found on coolers (fans that cool the processor, video card, etc.), as well as on radiators (for example, under the cooler on the processor). Therefore, it is better to remove these “fans” and to clean the blades and the area around the perimeter with a properly damp cloth. It is better to remove the dust layer from the radiator with a vacuum cleaner, otherwise it may fall into the middle of the plates, from where it will already be very problematic to get it. The coolers are mounted, as a rule, on four bolts at the edges, so there will not be any special problems.
  • Pay special attention to the video card, its cooler cannot be removed, but it also requires careful care, since in the presence of dust “brakes” will appear in games or even when watching large-format films. In addition, the cooler of a dusty video card is very noisy. It is unlikely that you can clean the board to its ideal state, but try to get to all dusty places (with a vacuum cleaner, brush or rag) if possible. The card can be removed, but remember how it was attached, as well as which connector it was in.
  • The power supply is also subject to cleaning. However, it’s better not to get in there, blow it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and walk around with a damp cloth.
  • Try not to touch the boards at all, as they are, firstly, very sensitive to water, and secondly, they have the ability to cling to the fabric. Thus, either tear the fabric, or tear the part from the board (bend). With a cloth, you can walk along the back of the system unit, where the connectors are located, there will also be a considerable layer of dust, if you have not cleaned it for a long time.
  • After removing the dust from all the elements, fix them in place, close the lid of the system unit, turn it over to the correct position and go over with a rag once so that the system unit does not look dirty from the outside either. If wet rags were used during cleaning, allow the system unit to dry. for about 20 minutes.

Video: How to Clean Your Computer from Dust

That’s all, the system unit is clean. Let’s move on to the next components of the computer ?!

How to clean your computer keyboard and mouse from debris

Probably, for every PC user, the keyboard is a piggy bank of various crumbs. Indeed, many of us from time to time eat or drink over the keyboard. Therefore, it is not surprising that garbage can get there. What will be your actions:

  • To get rid of crumbs and other small debris, it is enough to turn the keyboard over and give a good pat on it. At the same time, try to change the angle of the keyboard so that the crumbs do not clog in one hole.
  • The keyboard can be vacuumed or purged. At the same time, the distance to the keys can be any, they still will not come off and will not break.
  • If a drink got on the keyboard and the keys began to stick, then you can’t do without a full analysis, since you will have to wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth, and it’s better to even wash it — the keyboard frame and the keys themselves.
  • Large rubbish is less likely to get into the mouse, often it is hair and thread that interfere with the optical beam to work accurately. Therefore, you will have to disassemble the mouse and remove the resulting garbage (you won’t have to wipe and blow it out).
  • The final step is to assemble the devices and connect them to the computer. It is almost impossible to damage or spoil anything here, the main thing is to be careful and do not break anything.

How to clean the monitor and other computer components

Here we are immediately ready to tell you that you do not need to clean the monitor or its accessories (printer, speakers, router, etc.) on your own. You can only brush off the dust from them, and on the monitor still wipe the screen with a special napkin, but nothing more. All these things are not intended to be interfered with by amateurs. In addition, such devices do not require cleaning, unless they were seriously stained with something (for example, two kilograms of flour was scattered on them). However, in such cases, you should urgently contact the computer equipment repair service for professional cleaning of all elements of the device. That’s all the tips and advice that we would like to give you about cleaning your computer from debris and dust.