How to Clean a Phone From Waste Applications

How to clean the phone from unnecessary Android files is a question, the solution of which allows to improve the operation of the device, to remove factors that impede the full functioning. A lot of unnecessary files are able to play a trick on the OS. To avoid such troubles, you should follow the tips and recommendations presented in the article. Cleaning can be done manually and through special applications.

How to clear the device memory manually?

Applications are installed on gadgets, then they are removed. After carrying out such an operation, the gadget retains residual information files. They are stored in the phone. They are not cleared, but accumulate like a cache in a browser, gradually clogging the device’s memory.

Acting manually, you should also clear the cache. This will free up space on the device and will not fall into the hands of scammers. The memory will be loaded by unused applications and those that were installed previously. If you carry out a manual cleaning, you can count on the phone to start working at its full potential.

Using embedded applications

To get rid of garbage on the tablet and on the phone, you can use third-party applications. Among the most popular of them should be noted:

  1. Clean Master Phone Boost is a popular utility. The advantage is the lack of a board and functionality. Activation will release the smartphone, but at the same time it can be used as an optimization tool.
  2. Smart Booster. Free Cleaner is another program that quickly cleans the phone of unnecessary information. A similar utility is used on a paid and free basis. Using the phone will allow you to clean the device from junk applications and activates the gadget.
  3. App Cache Cleaner. 1TapClean. a functional utility. Quickly removes debris and makes the gadget function faster.

You can use the program History Eraser. A great option to clear earlier calls and search history in a browser through a computer.

No programs

In order not to engage in regular cleaning, you should carefully and accurately download the software and watch what is downloaded to the gadget. Unnecessary files include ads, spam, but also files that were necessary, but not involved. If you need to have a normally working device at your disposal and often do not solve the issue of how to clean android from junk and unnecessary files, you should follow these tips:

How to Clean a Phone From Waste Applications
  • Carrying out optimization;
  • It is worth considering before downloading utilities;
  • Removing applications that are no longer in use.

The last paragraph is allowed to be implemented with the presence of root rights. Accordingly, if you need to free up space on the gadget, you should initially get them. If the software is heavy, they can be transferred to external memory. In the remaining utilities, it is advisable to disable advertising.

How to clean Samsung phone from unnecessary files and programs?

To carry out such an operation, you must use a special file manager. It can be a conductor, a file manager that has an abundance of additional options. Among them there is a built-in operation associated with cleaning up free space.

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Samsung j1

The j1 model requires a utility that can clean up the browser in a couple of minutes. You need to select one of the software and run for cleaning. To do this, the following actions are performed:

Video: How to Clean a Phone From Waste Applications

  1. Google Play starts and you need to find the explorer in it.
  2. Installation is carried out in the usual way and starts.
  3. On the main screen, the Clear button is pressed. Here you will need to wait a bit while the software scans the memory of the gadget.
  4. Checkmarks are added next to categories of unnecessary information.
  5. The Clear button is activated.

If it seems that this operation is not enough, large files can be deleted. To do this, go to the menu and then to the local storage. Folders are checked for unnecessary files. This includes catalogs with music and video, there are special files with magazines and books.

To get rid of an unnecessary file, it takes a certain time to hold your finger on the icon until the menu appears. Here you need to click on delete. This action must be repeated for all candidates destined for destruction. If desired, it is allowed to select not one file, but a group. Special conductors designed to clean gadgets are the best choice as a combination of utility and menu cleaning.

How to clean Android phone from unnecessary files manually BQ?

A similar method using bq allows you to clear the device of the accumulated cache. You can remove it only manually. To do this, the following actions are performed:

  • The settings menu opens and the Memory item is selected;
  • This will open the page with the collected statistics and memory, which may be busy or free. Here you need to click on the internal drive;
  • The page scrolls down and the Cache Data item is clicked. To start the uninstall process, click OK.

This system operation removes temporary applications and the cache on the smartphone remaining from videos, downloaded photos and music. Other files may be downloaded and downloaded a second time. For this reason, you should not be afraid that an important file will be deleted.

How to clean the phone through a computer: what programs?

There are several ways to clear the phone’s memory, how to remove excess. They relate to third-party applications and system tools. Major software should be considered in more detail.

Clean master

This is one of the most popular applications designed to quickly remove unnecessary and improve the work of the gadget. To activate, you need to perform the following actions:

  • The application starts and Start is pressed;
  • The trash search begins;
  • A list divided into special categories will be presented;
  • Those options that are not needed are selected and highlighted;
  • The garbage cleaning option is pressed.

A similar operation should be carried out again to obtain a more thorough result.


This is a suitable cleaner option for a Windows device. Using this information product is easy. The following manipulations are performed:

  1. The application opens and familiarization instructions are studied.
  2. Click Analysis.
  3. After the check is completed, a list of information that needs to be deleted will be presented. Files are categorized.
  4. You can select one object or all unnecessary files and delete them by clicking on the Clear button.

The choice must be carefully monitored so that the utility does not remove the necessary useful information. As in the case of the first application, after some time you need to scan the system for garbage using a special program.

SD Maid

The program is designed to free drives from information collected during work and entertainment. To achieve a positive result, you need to perform these simple steps:

  1. Download and install software.
  2. The Trash tab is clicked.
  3. If there is root access, it must be issued to the application. If it is absent, the scanning process for the presence of unnecessary files will start.
  4. Once click on the delete option automatically. this will start the removal of utilities and cache.

At the end of the process, you need to exit the program correctly. To do this, just click the Back button. After a certain time, the operation will need to be repeated, since the memory is periodically clogged by the use of programs.

To summarize

There are many ways to efficiently clean the memory of a samsung smartphone or an android tablet through a PC, third-party applications or manually. The user can choose the option suitable for himself and the application that will be useful specifically for him. If you follow the instructions provided correctly and eliminate the internal cache, you can quickly and without outside help put the device in order through the computer, making it serviceable and operational.