How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

How to pick a dog muzzle?

In one of the past materials, we answered in some detail the question of which dogs need a muzzle for walking. And if your dog was on the list of “lucky ones”, then you probably faced the following problem – how to pick up a muzzle for a dog, so that it would be comfortable (if at all possible), and others could feel safe.

How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

Choose size

First of all, it is necessary to determine the size. Ideally, the muzzle should sit tight enough so that the dog could not remove it through the head, and at the same time, do not press, so that the pet was comfortable breathing, including opening its mouth and sticking out its tongue.

To take measurements you will need a tailor measuring tape or, in extreme cases, a rope. There are 6 main sizes:

  1. The length of the muzzle is the distance from the tip of the nose to the eye line (1-2 cm from the nose),
  2. The girth of the muzzle is also measured at the point of the eye line.
  3. Girth of the neck at the place of attachment of the muzzle (behind the ears, above the collar).
  4. The distance from the eyes to the nape is from the line of the eyes across the forehead to the intersection with the girth of the neck.
  5. The muzzle width is at its widest point.
  6. The height of the muzzle with hanging cheeks.

These sizes are quite enough to pick up a muzzle of an ideal size even in the absence of a pet at hand.

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Choose a view

To pick up a muzzle for a dog, you will need to solve one more question – to determine the type (model). They are now quite a lot, and each has its pros and cons. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

Metal mesh

How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

Looks like a rigid basket of metal rods with a strap-mount.


  • Does not prevent the dog from breathing,
  • You can drink without removing
  • One of the most durable options
  • Virtually no wear.


  • The hardest of all muzzles,
  • Not suitable for winter – nose or tongue may freeze to the bars.

This model is well suited for large fighting and hunting dogs.

Open leather

How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

It is a basket of thin strips of leather or leatherette, fastened together by rivets.


  • Breathable,
  • Universal,
  • Comfortable enough
  • Reliable
  • It weighs less than metal.


  • Does not hold the form,
  • Wear out (stretched and frayed) over time.

Here it is worth emphasizing another drawback, which is not related to this variety in its entirety, but is peculiar to individual models. The fact is that the cheapest muzzles made of leatherette can have a strong smell and contain dyes. All this sometimes causes allergies. In addition, you should always pay attention to the quality of the rivets to avoid injury.

Otherwise, open leather muzzle is the most versatile and convenient option for almost all breeds.

Closed (deaf) leather

How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

The design is similar to the previous model, but it is made of wide strips and often has a flat front part.



  • Difficult to choose the right size
  • Making it difficult to breathe
  • Hard,
  • Wear under the action of saliva and sun.
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This muzzle can only be recommended for large, aggressive dogs, as it simply does not give them the opportunity to bite, but it is best to use it only for short walks or transportation, as it does not allow the dog to breathe normally.


How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

Muzzles from nylon lines can have different designs and be a full-fledged “basket” of strips with rivets (similar to leather open) or a simple loop with an open front part that allows the dog to close its mouth (in the photo above).


  • Convenient,
  • The size is easily adjustable,
  • Wearproof,
  • Can be washed
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Reliable enough
  • Cheap.


  • Does not give full breathe (open mouth),
  • Does not prevent the selection of objects and feed from the ground,
  • It protects against strong bites, but allows you to bite your front teeth.

The above drawbacks relate only to muzzles-loops. They are best used only in emergency cases – small trips and visits to the vet. For long walks, they are poorly suited, as the dog cannot open its mouth and breathe fully. But nylon mesh muzzles can be safely recommended to most owners, since they are the most accessible and easy to care for.


How To Choose The Size Of The Muzzle For A Dog

It is an analogue of metal mesh, but is made of plastic.


  • Does not interfere with breathing
  • The dog can drink right in the muzzle
  • Light,
  • Does not squeeze the mouth and nose
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not very reliable
  • May burst in the cold.

Plastic muzzle-basket is quite convenient to use, but it is absolutely not suitable for large breeds due to lack of strength.

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So, we have considered all the main types of modern muzzles and identified their strengths and weaknesses. As already noted, most open owners can easily recommend leather open models or their nylon counterparts, but if you wish, you can, of course, purchase other options. The main thing is not to forget about their reliability and convenience for the dog itself.

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