How To Choose The Right Dog Muzzle

Many dog ​​owners are convinced that the muzzle is completely unnecessary for a small dog. There is an opinion that he is needed only by big dogs or those that belong to fighting breeds. But in fact, a muzzle is absolutely necessary for any dog. Therefore, each owner must purchase it to their pet.

How To Choose The Right Dog Muzzle

This thing can become indispensable in many situations. Going with a pet to the vet, be sure to take a muzzle with you, even if your dog is calm and has a small size. It is also useful during a visit to the beauty salon for dogs. It will be much easier for the veterinarian to do various procedures, such as injections. A specialist in the cabin with ease will cut the claws, clean the ears, trim the dog if it is muzzled. During the walk, he is also indispensable. A muzzled dog will not only not be able to bite anyone, but will not pick anything from the ground. After all, it often happens that the dog itself hurts itself when it picks up and eats anything found on the sidewalk.

It is very important to choose the right muzzle. They are different. For each situation has its own look.

With metal mesh

This species is most common. It looks like a small basket, which is woven of metal. He excludes dog bites. Metal muzzle can be used in the heat. But in the cold it is better not to wear it. The iron mesh muzzle is bulky and rather heavy. Therefore, it is suitable for large and medium dogs. It must be very carefully selected. If the size does not match, then he will strongly rub the dog’s face.

  1. Such a muzzle will not interfere with the normal breathing of the animal.
  2. The dog will be able to drink without taking it off.
  3. In a metal muzzle, the dog is relatively comfortable. In addition, it is reliable.
  4. Over time, it does not stretch and retains its original shape.
  5. Since it is made of metal, it does not wash for a long time and does not break. Therefore, it will last for a long time.
  • It has quite a lot of weight.
  • Not suitable for winter.
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Leather or leatherette

This option is no less effective than the metal muzzle. Putting it on your pet, you can not worry that he will bite someone during a walk. The dog can only open its mouth slightly. It does not even provide her with the necessary level of thermoregulation and respiration. This option is the toughest of all. In order for the dog to feel comfortable in it, it is very important to strictly choose a muzzle in size. If you choose it correctly, the dog will breathe without problems. In addition, if the deaf leather muzzle does not fit in size, it can touch the pet’s eyes, which will annoy him greatly.

Reliability. Putting it on the dog, you can be calm for the safety of others.

  1. Hinders breathing. Long wearing will irritate the animal, will give him discomfort.
  2. In hot weather, such a muzzle for an animal is particularly uncomfortable. It will interfere not only with breathing, but also with thermoregulation. The dog will not be able to drink.
  3. The stiffness of the material also causes a lot of inconvenience.
  4. Over time, the material deteriorates from the saliva of the animal. When exposed to wet saliva and rain after a while will begin to crack.

With mesh
It is made from strips of leather or a substitute, which are fastened together by rivets of metal. This is the most versatile option. It can be used for almost any dog. Wearing a leather muzzle with a mesh on a pet, you can go for a walk, go to any populous place. It is suitable for trips to various public transport, as well as a trip to the vet or to the salon. Such a muzzle, too, must be chosen strictly in size, so that the pet feels most comfortable in it.

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When buying it is very important to determine the quality of the material, as well as the reliability of the rivets. You should not buy a product that has a sharp artificial smell or treated with dyes. Because of this, the dog may be allergic. If the skin is too tight, it will rub the pet’s face. Rivets should not protrude or have sharp corners. It may cause injury.

  • Between the strips there are gaps that allow the dog to breathe quite freely.
  • In it, the pet will feel comfortable.
  • It has less weight than metal.
  • Reliable enough.
  • Over time, it stretches, so it loses its original shape.
  • Material spoils from animal saliva, moisture and other factors.

Cloth Muzzles

How To Choose The Right Dog Muzzle

Such a muzzle will suit the dog, which usually does not show aggression. It weighs a little, it is convenient to use it. You just need to put it on your pet’s face and fix it. Most of them are fixed with fasteksa. This plastic clasp, which is usually used in the manufacture of backpacks. In such a muzzle, the dog will not be able to bite anyone, but it will be able to pick up an object from the ground.

  • If contaminated, the product can be washed.
  • It has a light weight.
  • It is inexpensive compared to other species.
  • It is possible to fit the size of the pet’s face.
  • In it, a dog can pick up a foreign object from the ground.
  • It has low reliability compared to metal and leather.
  • Interferes with breathing.
  • For prolonged wear is not suitable.
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Nylon mesh
It can only be used in an emergency situation when it is urgent to close the mouth of a dog. In such a loop, the dog should be only next to the owner, as it is unreliable. If muzzling is required quite often, it is better to give preference to another type.

Plastic muzzle

This option can be an alternative to metal. It is cheaper, weighs much less. By its principle, similar to the muzzle of metal. The only difference is that the basket does not consist of metal, but of plastic rods.

  • Does not interfere with pet’s breathing.
  • Keeps the shape.
  • Low cost.
  • The reliability of this material is lower than that of metal.
  • In the cold, the basket material may crack.

To pick up a muzzle that is ideal for your pet in size, take your dog with you and try on a product before buying. Only in this way you will choose the most suitable option.

How to teach your pet to wear a muzzle

If you have acquired a puppy, then begin to accustom him to the muzzle as soon as possible. Wear it when you teach your dog to walk with a collar and leash. If the dog gets used to it from an early age, there will be no problem with this in the future.

In any case, the animal must get used to this innovation. Do not scold the dog, if he will try to remove the muzzle. After all, it gives him a lot of inconvenience, even with perfectly matched size. Wear time should be increased gradually.

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