How To Choose The Right Dog Muzzle Size

Choosing a muzzle for a dog is a very important and crucial issue that many pet owners face. Currently, the market can find a large selection of metal, nylon and leather products, which differ in various shapes and sizes. At the same time, both domestic and European manufacturers can produce them.

If you also started to wonder about buying such a valuable and indispensable device, be prepared pay due attention to his choice. By the way, many owners refuse from such an acquisition, believing that it can deliver discomfort to the pet and deprive it of its freedom. Nevertheless, no one is immune from the unforeseen behavior of the four-legged, who can easily bark at a small child, mom with a stroller or an old woman who crosses the road. In this case, conflict is inevitable.

Therefore, it is not better to motivate yourself not to buy a muzzle. It is much more reasonable to begin to deal with the issue of purchase as detailed as possible, taking into account the recommendations of professionals and the opinion of experts.

How to choose

Many dog ​​owners believe that there is no reason to worry, as their pet is calm, does not show aggression and does not cause harm while on a leash. However, in reality the situation looks completely different, and people who are afraid at the sight of a four-handed person are afraid of those dogs who have no muzzle.

And if a tiny York is unlikely to break out of the hands of the owner and be able to attack a person, then the German Shepherd, Shar Pei, Pit Bull or Staffordshire Terrier look ominous. Therefore, if your pet belongs to large breeds, think about buying a good muzzle, otherwise you will not be able to eliminate the stereotype about the aggressive behavior of such a giant.

If you belong to those people who believe that only big dogs can be dangerous, you will have to be disappointed. In fact, even small dogs behave aggressively and need to use a muzzle. In addition, such a device will be indispensable when passing a medical examination in a veterinary clinic or in many other situations.

How to choose a dog muzzle in size

What is the main purpose of the dog muzzle – A similar question interests many people who have never dealt with this accessory before. As you know, it is used for the following purposes:

  • Pet transportation in public transport. Agree, not all passengers of the train or bus will be ready to continue the trip with a huge pet, even if he does not show aggression.
  • For the training of adult animals. If you bought a dog at a conscious age, the use of a muzzle during training is necessary. The fact is that such a dog often resists and refuses to execute commands.
  • To protect against poisoning. It is no secret that all small and adult four-legged friends are capable of picking up from the ground everything that can catch their eyes. The presence of a muzzle makes it impossible for them to pick up a tidbit, which often represents a mortal danger to the life of a pet.
  • To successfully pass a medical examination in a veterinary clinic. It is known that animals react badly to situations where they are hurt, even if it is unintentional. Therefore, to protect the doctor from an unforeseen attack of the "patient" during the examination is the task of every caring owner.
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In addition, the presence of a muzzle will be a guarantee of strong and good relations with neighbors who will not doubt that your pet will be able to harm someone. As a result, your reputation will grow rapidly, so the dog will be able to live in a house in peace. But it is much more pleasant to achieve understanding and agreement from other tenants of a multi-storey building, rather than believing that they will stop casting their sidelong glances at your fourfold friend. Therefore, buying a muzzle for a Labrador, a pit bull, a Shar Pei, and any other dog breeds is a very reasonable investment that will take away many additional problems.

Important selection rules

So, if you intend to purchase this accessory for your pet, please note a number binding rules and recommendations. They are as follows:

  • When choosing a suitable muzzle, consider the puppy’s breed characteristics and its size. It is easy to guess that a muzzle for a pit bull, boxer, miniature pinscher or shepherd dog cannot be used for spitz and welsh korg, or vice versa. Therefore, you should take into account this feature to avoid mistakes when choosing.
  • The cost of a particular model is determined by the manufacturer, country and material used in the production. If you put a priority on cost savings, do not forget that the first thing you need to look at is the comfort of wearing and the strength of the product, and only then the price.
  • A muzzle for a pit bull, German shepherd or other large dogs should be comfortable and not put pressure on the nose or the area around the eyes while wearing. Before you buy, be sure to try on the pet product and make sure that it can lick, breathe deeply and open your mouth. This factor is especially important when walking in the hot season, when representatives of large breeds in the form of mastiffs, lapdogs or pit bulls suffer greatly from heat and heat.
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Interesting fact: if you are wondering how many muzzle mounts should be, pay attention to these features:

  • If your dog is calm and balanced, one attachment is enough, which is located behind the ears;
  • If he gets rid of the leather or fabric “mask” without any problems, try to find a more reliable solution.

Varieties and materials

Currently available on the market a wide range of muzzles for dogs. Each species is characterized by its features, advantages and disadvantages:

Other materials

How To Choose The Right Dog Muzzle Size

Also available for sale. and plastic products. Their design can be made in the form of a basket or grid. In this case, the dog’s muzzle will be relatively free, so he will be able to lick or stick his tongue out with deep breaths. Of the disadvantages of this solution is a short service life and the need for regular cleaning. It is no secret that plastic is strongly exposed to mechanical stress, and especially when exposed to low temperatures. Because of this feature, he is able to rub the animal’s face.

Another type of muzzles is very popular, which will be a good solution for peaceful and calm dogs. It is about a bridle or loop. Fabric or leather straps fix the jaws of the animal and fasten at the back of the head. This option is suitable for walking in public places, especially for owners of dogs, who react badly to wearing metal or plastic mesh.

How to choose a muzzle by size

If you are wondering what is the best muzzle to wear on your puppy or adult pet, consider this feature, like wearing comfort. The purchased model should not give the dog any uncomfortable feelings, therefore, before selecting a suitable model, be sure to take measurements. To do this, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Length (measured from the eyes to the nose and from the neck to the eyes);
  • Girth (when measuring the tape is shifted just below the eye line);
  • The width of the face.
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It is important to understand that the dimensional grids of different manufacturers differ significantly from each other, so taking measurements is a prerequisite and a guarantee of a successful choice. In this case, you can find the perfect solution, without spending money and time to purchase "a cat in a bag."

What muzzles to use for small dogs

If you are a chihuahua, poodle or pug owner, It is best to give preference to special models of nylon. Soft or hard frames (if we are talking about plastic products), fully seize the muzzle and do not allow the pet to pick up something inedible, but very attractive from the ground. Also in this case can be used and cat muzzles, which are great for tiny dogs.

From a photo of such constructions it can be understood that the animal will not be able to open its mouth to bite someone or eat something very dangerous for life. However, apart from the advantages of such a muzzle, there are also disadvantages. The main one is the lack of opportunities to lick your lips or quench your thirst.

At the same time, you should understand that the protective “mask” should not prevent the pet from drinking, breathing with its tongue hanging out or opening its mouth. This condition is necessary for all types of masks: be it a basket, a grid or a node. As an exception – deaf model.

How to properly muzzle a pet

How To Choose The Right Dog Muzzle Size

After successful removal of all measurements the dog should not feel discomfort, even if we are talking about metal "baskets" of wire. Nevertheless, the likelihood of possible troubles is still high, so before you go for a walk with your puppy, make sure that the design does not interfere with his calmness and does not put pressure on the muzzle. Pay attention to the tightness of the buttoned straps. If after a long walk on the nose and muzzle of the dog, deep traces of the mesh appeared, try to loosen the clasp or purchase another product. It is no secret that the chosen model may be too cramped or small for your fourfold friend.

If you take into account all the features of the choice of a muzzle for your dog, the end result will exceed all expectations.

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