How to Choose an External Battery For Apple Watch

How to Choose an External Battery For Apple Watch

Choose a portable battery for your phone or tablet.

So, let’s start by deciding for what purpose you choose POWER BANK.

The main purpose of the portable battery is to provide the smartphone with the necessary charge of energy in case of its discharge. Such devices today can have different capacities, it will last from a few days to a week to ensure the battery life of an iPhone or other mobile gadget. At the moment, it is “Battery low” that are the universal saviors of any smartphone or tablet, acting as source of additional energy.

What are portable batteries and how it works

An external battery will provide any mobile device with the necessary charge if its own battery has depleted resources. The principle of operation of the device: the batteries are connected to a small controller board. Connected to it are connectors for charging the smartphone and the device itself. the battery. The better the components used in it, the more reliable the entire design of the external battery is and the longer it will last.

Accordingly, it is better to buy devices that are not too cheap, as there is a risk of getting a low-quality device. Inexpensive external batteries can have “crooked” assembled cells and low-quality parts. So it’s better not to risk it.

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External battery specifications

There are three important aspects to consider when choosing a device.

First: portable battery power

This is the main characteristic that determines the amount of time that the battery can support the energy of a tablet or smartphone. Or, simply put. this is the time that a portable battery can work without recharging from the network. The power of the device is measured in milliampere-hours. mAh. In order to forget about worries about a depleted mobile device, it is better to choose an external battery with a capacity twice as large as that of the gadget itself. If the iPhone 6 battery has a capacity of 1 810 mAh, then to help you need to take an external battery of 3,500-4,000 mAh. She will calmly provide the smartphone with a charge in one full charge.

Video: How to Choose an External Battery For Apple Watch

The best option for gadgets of any model is an external battery with a capacity of 6,000 mAh. She will make comfortable using a smartphone for a couple of days. But a device with a capacity of 12,000 mAh or more can be called a universal soldier, because it can charge two devices at once with the same quality. a smartphone and a tablet.

Second: Discharge Current

A connector with a current of 1 A in a portable battery is suitable for charging a smartphone, and 1.5. 2 A for. tablet. To make it more clear, the current in the battery affects the charging speed of the connected smartphone or tablet. It is necessary to control the coincidence of the current strength of the battery and the specifications of the manufacturer of the mobile gadget. Therefore, it is best to select a portable charger suitable specifically for a particular model, for example, for iPhone. With a current of 1A, for iPad. with 2A. Yes, and charge the iPhone from connector 1A, and the tablet from 2A.

How to know the current strength? It is indicated in the markup next to the USB port.

Third: Dimensions and Weight

  • The dimensions of an external battery directly depend on its power and the number of ports for recharging. The larger the capacity of the device, the greater its dimensions.
  • Therefore, you need to select a portable battery for your gadget. If you just like to chat on social networks from time to time, then buy not a big device, but if you are a businessman and need constant use of a tablet, then get a powerful battery with a capacity of 10-15 thousand mAh. And remember, in an inexpensive device there can be no big power, look really at life.
  • In addition, a rugged case, a solar panel, or a built-in flashlight usually add price to a device. But these are not so important functions that should be emphasized, so why pay more.

Choose portable battery: the main thing

  • So, a portable battery should have a capacity of 6,000 mAh. for a smartphone, or from 12,000 mAh. for the tablet.
  • The device must have a 1A connector, or two connectors 1A and 2A.
  • The mass of the external battery can be about 250 grams.
  • The device should be equipped with energy level indicators, a power button.
  • Everyone chooses the appearance and other functions according to their wallet and taste.

What should be the cost quality portable battery

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