How To Choose A Muzzle For A Shepherd

With the advent of the dog in the house, you should take care of suitable ammunition for her.

  • Easy;
  • Durable;
  • Comfortable;
  • Safe;
  • Well ventilated.

Take into account the size in accordance with what the structure of the skull of a certain breed of dog. To choose the right muzzle for a German shepherd, you need to measure:

  • Muzzle circumference below the eye line;
  • The length of the nose to the eye line;
  • The height of the muzzle from the chin to the nose (plus a few centimeters to account for the open mouth);
  • Girth of the neck directly behind the ears;
  • The distance between the back of the head and eyes.
How To Choose A Muzzle For A Shepherd

For adult German shepherds, as a rule, the length is 10 cm, the circumference is 28 cm, the neck girth can be up to 64 cm. The correct size of the accessory ensures its comfortable use. After removing the muzzle, the pet’s skin should be carefully examined; the presence of traces from the belts indicates that the size of the object was selected incorrectly.

The circumstances in which you must wear a muzzle:

  1. Passing the general course of training, protective and guard duty.
  2. Treatment of injured dogs, the accomplishment of manipulations, accompanied by pain. Even a calm dog in the event of pain may show signs of aggression.
  3. Walk in public places, transportation in transport.
  4. The appearance in the house of a new animal or stranger.
  5. To prevent conflicts between the owner and others, even if the owner is confident that the dog will not bite.
  6. Adult dog, just brought into the house.
  7. In order that the pet did not pick up edible items from the ground, did not spoil the property.
How To Choose A Muzzle For A Shepherd

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Types of muzzles

The main materials from which this item of ammunition is made are leather, metal, plastic. In the market of accessories for animals the following types of muzzles for sheep-dogs are presented:

  1. Police training. Used to teach the German Shepherd Protective Guard Service. Features – durability and safety. Made of leather with metal inserts that provide reliable protection against the attack of the animal. A sufficient number of holes allows the dog to breathe freely. A special pillow for the nose inside the object protects the animal from injury. Plates of metal, located vertically on the front panel and on the sides (optional), help keep the shape of the muzzle, contribute to reliable fixation. With aggressive behavior the dog will not be able to remove it. The only drawback is the most expensive of all types of muzzles.
  2. Leather mesh. Made from strips of leather or leatherette, fastened with metal rivets. The skin is a soft, malleable material, does not freeze and does not overheat, does not cause allergies. A popular type of muzzle at an affordable price. Wearing him on a dog can be sure of its comfort and safety. The disadvantages include fragility, as the skin dries and cracks when wet, and the rivets rust. When choosing, you should carefully inspect the item, pay attention to the quality of the material. The rivets must not contain any rust marks, dents that can injure the dog.
  3. Leather deaf. Reliably fixes the mouth, closing it to the very eyes, there are air vents. Straps for fixing on the back of the head and extra on the forehead prevent the dog from removing the muzzle. This type of muzzle is recommended to choose for training, can be used in any weather, does not rub the animal’s face. Among the drawbacks is a tight fixation, which does not allow the dog to breathe with an open mouth, therefore in the hot season it is not recommended to wear for a long time, the air exchange may be disturbed, and the pet will get a heat stroke.
  4. Metallic mesh. Provides the best air access for your pet, you can freely drink water in it, take food. Well suited for cases when the dog is forced to spend a long time in a muzzle. It is advisable to choose for the purchase of the object, equipped with special linings. This will prevent traumatic effects of the metal on the dog’s face. The disadvantage of this type of accessory is that a dog may accidentally injure people and other animals. Can not be used for training, in rainy and cold weather.
  5. Plastic. The easiest, it is very convenient for dog training, easy to use and maintain. The basket-shaped design allows the animal to breathe freely. If worn for a long time, it may rub against the skin, it is not strong enough; cracks may appear on it at low temperatures and at low temperatures.
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Schooling a muzzle

An adult dog or puppy from 5-6 months of age should be trained to the muzzle gradually. First, the correctly chosen accessory can be put on for a few minutes, each time increasing the time the pet spends in a muzzle. When you try to remove the muzzle, the animal is distracted by a favorite toy, a treat. You can not use the subject as a punishment. To quickly become accustomed to a pet muzzle, you need to use such positive methods (game, walk).

The muzzle is an obligatory subject of ammunition, therefore it is necessary to take responsibility for its choice and subsequent schooling of the animal.

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