How To Choose A Muzzle For A German Shepherd

How To Choose A Muzzle For A German Shepherd

In order to figure out how to choose the right muzzle for the German Shepherd, you need to know about the features of different types of ammunition. It is necessary to consider this or that protective device taking into account the nature of a particular dog and the conditions for which it is necessary to purchase this accessory.

Which muzzle is better for a German shepherd

A rich selection of muzzles for dogs can cause confusion. Guide for the owner of a shepherd can be answers to major questions.

Why do dogs need ammunition on their faces?

There is a law that tells a dog owner to put a muzzle on a pet in public places. Adequate owner himself will not take the dog into the transport without this accessory. On examination at the veterinarian, this detail helps to calmly carry out the examination and procedures. Often, the owners of excessively active animals put on a muzzle so that the pet does not pick up hazardous waste. In addition, an aggressive dog simply needs to be deprived of the opportunity to try the tooth of passing people. Sheep-dogs, like dogs of impressive size, should appear in public places in muzzles.

Types of protective ammunition

Ideally, you should have several types of muzzles for different life situations, but this is too expensive. It is better to choose the most convenient option for a particular shepherd. Each ammunition has its advantages and disadvantages. You can consider the most popular ones.

Metal muzzle for shepherd

The advantages of this subject include:

  • Reliability;
  • Strength;
  • Convenience for dogs.

Correctly selected ammunition does not touch the muzzle, is well fixed and serves for a long time. It allows the dog to open the mouth inside the "cage", which allows the animal to breathe normally in the heat.

There are several disadvantages of this design. A metal body on a massive dog can injure another dog while playing. The owner can receive a significant blow to the leg with this construction.

For the dog itself, the metal grille can be dangerous during frosts: the tongue easily sticks to it.

It is possible to recommend such a muzzle to a shepherd dog for the warm season for quiet walks or trips in public transport. It is better to choose those designs in which there is a fabric gasket between the dog’s muzzle and the metal grille.

Iron muzzle

Iron Muzzle with Gasket

Plastic ammunition

How To Choose A Muzzle For A German Shepherd

Plastic has some advantages of metal, in particular, it can breathe normally with its tongue hanging out.

The muzzle is light and inexpensive. Its disadvantage is low strength. It is easy to break in the game, in addition, some dogs easily pull it off the muzzle.

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Broken plastic can cause injury to the dog itself and its game partner. In severe frosts, the muzzle can behave unpredictably, for example, to crack. Hard edges touch the skin and sometimes rub it.

Such ammunition can be recommended:

  • For the warm season for a brief walk on the city;
  • For use in public transport;
  • For walking near landfills.

Finding something inedible through a fine grate is almost impossible.

Leather muzzle

Ammunition of leather can be closed – solid or open, which is made of leather straps on rivets. These devices have a common dignity – naturalness, but this is also a disadvantage.

The skin has a strong odor, which is not too pleasant for the shepherd dogs with their sensitive smell. In addition, the material does not tolerate water.

After playing in the sleet, the leather of the accessory dries out and deforms. The muzzle loses its appeal. If it is from belts, then the gaps between them can become wider, which affects the main function – protection.

The main difference between the two types of leather muzzles is that the closed version prevents the animal from opening its mouth, which can lead to thermal shock. Belts are well breathable and do not rub the skin of a shepherd.

How To Choose A Muzzle For A German Shepherd

Open leather muzzle

How To Choose A Muzzle For A German Shepherd

Solid Leather Muzzle

A closed muzzle of leather should be worn for a short time and make sure that the dog does not overheat. The correct ammunition from belts is an excellent choice:

  • For long walks;
  • Games with harmless animals;
  • Travel to transport.

Stretched belts will not protect against poisoned bait or trash on the street, so this muzzle should be updated frequently. This is one of the most comfortable models for the shepherd.

Tissue ammunition

Sometimes this device is called a medical muzzle. It is more suitable for visiting the vet than for a walk. Such muzzles can be divided into 2 types:

  • With a fixed size;
  • With the ability to fit the width of the muzzle.

How To Choose A Muzzle For A German Shepherd

The second option is more convenient, since the tape is fixed to the Velcro in several positions.

The first kind of safer holding the jaw.

Tissue muzzle is worn for manipulation in the medical office. For walking, it is inconvenient, because it does not open the mouth. The option with a flypaper can be "expanded" and used for daily walks. Please note that such "extended" ammunition does not prevent the eating of garbage. Sheepdog in it can, if desired, "grab" someone.

How to pick a muzzle in size

However, it is not always possible to force an unprepared animal to appear in an unfamiliar place, and sometimes it is just difficult to take out a large dog. In this case, you need to understand how to find out the size of the necessary ammunition. Main settings:

  • The girth of the muzzle is measured by a measuring tape, departing 1 cm from the eye line.
  • The length of the muzzle is measured from the nose-lobe to the 1 cm mark from the eyes.
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This distance of 1 cm must be shepherd, so that the design does not interfere with the look, that is, Would not touch the eye. The girth of the muzzle should be measured with the mouth closed, but then added to the size of 3 to 7 cm. This will allow the animal to breathe.

The correct size of the muzzle can be confirmed after fitting. The remaining traces of the design on the face indicate the wrong choice.

How should the muzzle sit

If the design is designed for open mouth, then you need to offer a shepherd a treat, without removing the ammunition. If the animal can open its mouth and stick out the tongue, then the choice is made correctly. On the construction with rivets, check their strength, so that the thing will last longer.

For veo – Eastern European shepherd dogs, it is better to use additional parameters:

  • Neck girth;
  • The distance between the back of the head and the ears.

These dimensions will help calculate the length of the fixation belts.

Video: how to pick a muzzle for a German shepherd

Muzzle for a puppy German shepherd

To pick up ammunition so that it would fit on any age, it does not work out. Babies need a muzzle. As the puppy grows, it will have to be changed. First you need to choose a soft design that does not prevent the puppy from breathing freely. There is a category of muzzles, which can only be formally attributed to protective ammunition. They are a loop of leather belt, wound on the face. This could be the first model for a growing German shepherd.

How to put a muzzle on a sheepdog

In order to wear a muzzle, you must first put the dog’s face in the "basket" of the design. If the muzzle "lay down" comfortably, fasten the design with straps at the back of the head and neck. In the future, you can get rid of the fasteners, putting rivets on the adjusted length of the belts. In this case, placing the "basket", you can pull the straps through your ears. A carabiner can be welded to the straps on the back of the head, which will fix the construction on the collar. This will not allow the animal to remove the ammunition on their own.

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How to teach a German shepherd to a muzzle

It is easier to start any training from puppyhood, however, this magnificent breed perfectly learns skills later.

From what age to wear protective gear

Before trying on any design on the face, you need to grow the face itself. No one would ever think to hang straps on a puppy’s snub nose. It is reasonable to start training a German Shepherd puppy at the age of 3-4 and up to 6 months. At this age, the baby begins to gradually accustom to walks.

How to teach an adult dog

A mature dog is unlikely to be delighted if you immediately pull an incomprehensible construction on his face, so this should be done in stages:

  1. Introduce the animal with a new subject. Let the dog sniff it and get used to it.
  2. Put in the design delicacy. Let the pet himself put his face there. Do not try for
  3. To whip up the ammunition or keep the dog there, otherwise the process will be delayed. The number of approaches for the delicacy should be at least 10-15.
  4. Hold a hand with a delicacy in front of a muzzle, treating a shepherd when she shoves her face in it. Here you can give a certain command, which will be further associated with this action.
  5. Let’s command, on which the animal puts his face in the ammunition. Treat her with a treat. At the same time, carefully fasten the straps for a few seconds, or better, wear them quickly through your ears and immediately remove them.

If you do this three times a day, then in 2-3 days you can accustom the shepherd dog to the ammunition.

When to teach a sheepdog

It is more convenient to time training to feed or walk. This will be an additional encouragement for the animal. The first walk with a new detail may scare the dog a little. If, after fixing the muzzle, the dog tries to remove it, distract it with a toy or pull it up, expressing dissatisfaction with a stern voice. You can not overdo it. As soon as all the paws will be on the ground, and the animal will no longer be tied up by the ammunition, immediately begin to praise it and intensively feed it with a treat.

It is necessary to choose official ammunition proceeding from character of a sheep-dog and convenience. You can teach a smart animal to wear it at any age.

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