How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

It is easy to choose a dog’s muzzle – but you need to know what muzzles are, why this or that type is suitable, so that the purchase does not turn out to be discarded with money.

Muzzle is not very comfortable, which digs into the chin when the dog opens its mouth. As a rule, these are metal muzzles, they can leave scuffs on the dog’s chin. A good acquisition will be a muzzle, which will not crash under the eyes, put pressure on the nose. It is worth paying attention to the mount. Most mounts have a strap that fastens with a plastic clasp or buckle behind the ears. This model can be used if the dog does not try to throw it off all the time, there is no need to leave it for a long time unattended, when the muzzle is not intended for classes on the development of anger. The muzzle is removed with such a fastener simply, "through the head."

Design with an additional strap on the forehead, adjustable length and degree of tightening of the straps usually solves the problem of secure attachment on the head – when choosing a muzzle, try to give preference to one that is easily adjustable.

Mesh Muzzles

For flexible, calm dogs, enough mesh, made of leather or wire muzzle-basket.

Plastic, Light and comfortable muzzles can often be seen in running dog competitions. True, plastic can easily crack when struck or in the cold.

More durable and durable than the leatherette muzzles, though the order is more expensive, the same design of the skin. Baskets of thin plates of leather look more attractive, but solid leather muzzles are stronger.

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Mesh metal muzzles

In the summer or in positive temperatures, you can wear a mesh metal muzzle to your dog. In frosty temperatures a dog may Glue the lip or tongue to the metal. And metal structures with a leather tab will not be able to completely eliminate this possibility.

Muzzles with insulation they are somewhat more expensive, they are larger and heavier. Foam rubber, which is used as a heater, will protect your dog well in severe frost, however, such a muzzle is absolutely unsuitable for walking in warm weather – it can cause diaper rash.

Double mesh metal muzzle raises the question of expediency. It prevents the dog from picking up all sorts of “interesting goodies” on the run. If you chose such a muzzle, pay attention to the front mesh: it should consist of vertical bars: about a horizontal dog can break a tooth if it tries to bite something or someone.

For an evil dog, a metal collar is a reliable protection.

Solid leather muzzles

For angry dogs, they often buy “deaf” leather muzzles. They, in contrast to the mesh leather baskets, keep well both the shape and aggression of the dog. "Deaf" muzzle should not be used during training and in the heat.

Many instructors allow the dog to be detained in a muzzle, they also develop a goiter and develop a good grip. For such purposes, a “deaf” muzzle made of thick skin, preferably a two-layer and non-crushing, with a good mount, is well suited.

Other muzzles

For fixing the dog’s mouth in various situations, for example, on a veterinary examination, it is used "Looped" muzzle. True, it is undesirable to leave the dog in it for a long time. Nylon Velcro Muzzles It is convenient to use for small dogs, if you ride with a dog in public transport or walk in places with a large number of passersby.

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

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