How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog In Size

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog In Size

Dog ammunition is a very important topic that the owner should pay due attention to. And this concerns not only the owners of large animals (they are legally required to wear “masks”), but also small dogs — they need it more likely to protect themselves. How to choose a muzzle for a dog in size is a serious question that is given to every beginning dog breeder.

Today the market offers many varieties: fabric, nylon, metal, leather or plastic; deaf or mesh. How to choose the right muzzle for the dog, what to pay attention to and what to consider? We choose ammunition depending on the breed of the animal, its size and situation.

Why do dogs need ammunition?

A muzzle is a thing that makes life easier for the owner. Thanks to him, you can avoid many potentially dangerous situations and save the health of not only others, but also your own pet.

So, according to the law, the animal must walk in a muzzle. So you protect not only others, but also himself. It is necessary when traveling in public transport – because its passengers may not want to go even with a peace-loving dog. Obligatory when visiting a veterinarian – even if an animal is inflicted with minor pain, it can react aggressively. The muzzle is required during the trainings. And also he will not allow the animal to pick up any nastiness on the street.

Varieties and their purpose

Today, any dog ​​breeder who wonders how to pick up a muzzle is faced with a wide range of these products. Modern manufacturers offer ammunition for every taste and different in size, which is suitable for both large adult animals and the smallest four-legged. Consider the main species.

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Modification muzzles for dogs are divided into deaf and net.


It is made of leather or eco-leather, ideal for dog training. An animal in such ammunition will not be able to bite a trainer or assistant. But they also have disadvantages: they should not be worn in hot weather and be worn for a long time – since the animal cannot fully breathe, because of this there is a risk of heat stroke.


Made of leather strips attached to each other. Despite the aesthetic appearance, these muzzles are not very effective and durable. An animal can easily tear it as well as bite through it. This species is suitable for small breeds.

There is also a metal version – practical and reliable. It will protect against bites, and in addition, the animal will breathe and even drink comfortably. The main thing – to choose the right size. Such ammunition is ideal for large animals.

Plastic subspecies has all the advantages of a metal muzzle, but less durable. It is inexpensive, you can wear at any time of the year. An animal in such ammunition will not be able to bite or eat something from the ground. The only negative – fragility. In addition, it is unlikely to fit large dogs.

Choosing ammunition

How to choose a muzzle for a dog? What to pay attention to? These questions are set by dog ​​breeders. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Consider the nature of the pet. Fight breeds need high-quality, strong muzzle. While the little good dogs will cost cloth.
  2. The number of mounts. Choose the ammunition, where less mounts. Otherwise, you can get confused while dressing.
  3. The muzzle must be properly selected in size – fit snugly. And the animal in it should be comfortable.
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So, how to choose a muzzle for a dog in size is the main question that every dog ​​owner should be puzzled about.

Taking measurements

How to choose a muzzle for a dog correctly? First of all, it is necessary to take measurements of an animal in order to purchase ammunition that is suitable in size. So, you need to measure:

  • The length of the muzzle (from the tip of the nose to the forehead)
  • Coverage (the largest place is selected and the circumference is measured, the mouth must be closed)
  • The distance from the neck to the eye line
  • Neck circumference
  • The width of the widest part of the muzzle
  • The height of the muzzle (with the mouth closed)

Correctly taken measurements must meet this formula:

  • Two muzzle widths two heights = or > girth muzzle
  • For small dogs

How to choose a muzzle for a dog of small breed? Yes, "kids" also need ammunition. But for them it is better to choose models from nylon or plastic. He will not let the dog eat something from the ground. Also for such breeds as Chihuahua or Toy Terrier, acquire cat muzzles. But it should be borne in mind that in such ammunition it will be difficult for a pet, or even impossible to drink or even lick your lips.

How to put on a pet pouch

At the first fitting, check if the size of the muzzle fits. Properly selected ammunition should not cause discomfort in an animal. The dog should calmly breathe, including with its tongue sticking out, and open the mouth.

After the walk, check if the animal has any marks from the straps on its face. If there is – then it is worth less time to tighten them next time or to choose another size.

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How to teach the animal to walk in a muzzle

How to pick up a muzzle is not all the issues that should concern the owner. It is also important to teach your pet to walk in ammunition.

The first training should be carried out at home, in a relaxed atmosphere. You need to show your pet a muzzle or even put a treat near or in it. A few days later you can go to the second step – put a strap over the pet’s head. At the same time the delicacy should be ready. For good behavior you need to praise the pet.

When an animal gets used to the house ammunition, you can go outside with it. If the owner has attended to the question of how to choose the right muzzle for the dog, and bought a suitable size – the animal will not experience difficulties and discomfort when wearing it and will calmly give it to himself to wear.

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog In Size

Little tricks

Choosing ammunition, consider the size of the animal – for small dogs suitable option with a small number of mounts. But for large ones, you need to pick something more reliable.

"Mask" should not interfere with the animal to breathe with an open mouth.

How to pick up a muzzle is a question that should concern the owner of any large breed. After all, firstly, there are fines for walking without special ammunition of pets over 5 kg; and secondly, the muzzle is the protection of the animal, with it, he certainly will not pick up something inedible from the ground. But this is the most important thing!

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