How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog And Teach Her To Change Clothes

What muzzle to choose and how to teach a dog to a muzzle? The animal will quickly get used to the comfortable muzzle and wait patiently when it is removed. To achieve this, you need to apply a little trick. On the existing types of muzzles and schooling to them later in the article.

If you have a serious breed dog, then you need to choose a reliable muzzle that would reliably hold the mouth of the animal. Personally, I would choose a nylon muzzle, so that to unfasten it with just one finger movement is enough. This is useful to those people who watch out for their safety. By the way, even though a nylon muzzle looks like something “weakly”, but the same German shepherd (or even larger breed) is ideal. On the types of muzzles a little lower.

How to teach a dog to a muzzle?

Put the collar on the dog, fasten the leash, and then put on the muzzle and sit near the left foot, giving the command "sit". If the dog tries to remove the muzzle, then the command "fu" is useful. it is necessary to prohibit taking it off with its paws. Also, be sure to keep the dog sitting near the foot, rather than walking around you. More details on how to achieve obedience to the commands can be found at the links.

Make sure that the dog sits quietly for at least 10 seconds near the left leg, then give treats through a crack in the muzzle. Then get the dog to sit quietly for 30 seconds. Then say “near” and go for a walk. If during the movement the dog tries to remove the muzzle – stop, put the dog in and ban one team "fu" to remove the muzzle. Sit again for 10 to 20 seconds and go for a walk. While driving, a team near is useful. You will use this command every day.

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You can forbid to remove the muzzle directly in motion. Just if the dog is lagging behind and trying to remove the muzzle – give the command "close", while in motion, and continue walking. Reaching the place of walking – remove the muzzle and give goodies. When you are ready to go home, then first walk a little with the dog on a leash, without putting a muzzle on it, but put on in 2-3 minutes.

All dogs love to walk, but because soon the dog will be happy to get into a muzzle, just to go for a walk with him. At first, do not hold the muzzle on the dog for more than 10 minutes. Over time, she will stay in it much longer.

What muzzle to choose a dog?

  1. How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog And Teach Her To Change Clothes

    Mesh metal muzzle. This muzzle looks impressive, and will be appropriate for very strong and aggressive dogs. True, if the temperature below zero, the pet can stick with the tongue to the frozen net of the muzzle. Stuck is very durable, so the dog is also a threat in it – a blow with a turn of the head will be knocking out.

  2. How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog And Teach Her To Change Clothes

    Leather muzzle. It can be worn at any time of the year, but the skin quickly gets dirty with animal saliva and begins to smell foul. The rivets quickly become rusty, and the skin itself shrivels and cracks. Needless to say, such a negative will pop up not immediately, and even a year later, with careful consideration, will be in a suitable condition. As always, the quality depends on the manufacturer, so look for products made of thick leather, in which the rivets are covered on the reverse side and will not be able to harm the dog.

  3. How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog And Teach Her To Change Clothes

    Blunt leather muzzles. In comparison with ordinary muzzles, the blunt-pointed ones keep their shape better, and the dog’s mouth is more securely closed. By the way, in the heat or during physical exertion, it is better not to torture the dog.

  4. How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog And Teach Her To Change Clothes

    Plastic muzzles. Very light and strong enough muzzles. When choosing, make sure that the soft spots that come into contact with the skin of the animal are covered with soft material. Plastic washes well and dry quickly, but it is afraid of frost, which it loses in strength. Such a muzzle will be a good choice for small breeds.

  5. Nylon muzzles. In appearance, such a muzzle doesn’t look impressive. But in fact, he reliably protects others from the dog’s teeth. The advantages include the ease of donning and the ability to remove just one click on the mount. Also, nylon muzzles are among the cheapest. In the case of very large rocks, it is better to choose the harness more seriously.

That’s all. By the way, watch the video below, which will tell about the choice of the muzzle.

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