How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

Despite the fact that many dog ​​breeders consider a muzzle. too much precaution, it is as important as a collar and leash. It is used

  • When traveling in public transport;
  • On walks – large dogs must be muzzled;
  • On the site during the training;
  • For a visit to the vet and a smooth examination of the animal.

Among other things, the muzzle will save the dog from the poisoned baits scattered around the yard, from the desire to pick up and eat discarded spoiled food or bite carrion. So, the muzzle is absolutely necessary for dogs. Properly chosen, it will not cause discomfort to the animal.

Types of muzzles

All of these accessories vary in design, material and functionality.

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

For the manufacture of muzzles using soft and, at the same time, durable materials:

1. Metal. Metal muzzles are very durable and are used for large, strong fighting or other breeds. Their designs are diverse. from a simple nickel-plated wire grille, which almost completely closes the mouth, to leather-lined models. The latter do not rub the skin, and are more comfortable for the dog. They are used for wearing smooth-haired dogs, whereas bespodkladkochnye models are suitable only for dogs with abundant hair: St. Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.

The advantages of such muzzles:

    • High reliability. This model completely eliminates the possibility of bites;
    • Does not obstruct the breathing of the dog. The muzzle can be used in hot weather;
    • Resistant to mechanical damage;
    • Easy to clean and wash.

    The disadvantages of metal models:

    • Not intended for use at low temperatures. The metal is potentially dangerous damage to the mucosa, the tongue at a temperature below zero degrees;
    • May rub the skin;
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    2. Leather. This accessory is an example of what a muzzle for a dog should be for a caring owner. For its manufacture using a strong and dense skin. There are deaf and “basket” models made of leather belts. Deaf muzzles tightly cover the animal’s mouth, closing it almost to the very eyes. At the same time, the nose is open. Vents are made all over the muzzle’s surface so that the dog does not overheat. This model is suitable for potentially dangerous breeds of dogs, but due to poor ventilation it is used only in the cool season. The muzzle “basket” can be used all-season.

    The benefits of leather muzzles:

    • High reliability. The poses are completely excluded;
    • Suitable, including shorthair dogs, does not rub skin;
    • Mobile animals will not be able to injure their owners while moving;
    • In the muzzle “basket” the dog can breathe with his tongue hanging out, drinking.

    The disadvantages of leather models:

    • In muzzles, "baskets" the dog can pick up pieces of food from the ground;
    • The skin is not sufficiently resistant to metal and is inferior;
    • It requires regular cleaning, washing and oiling to prevent cracking.

    How to choose a muzzle for a dog participating in sports?

    For these purposes, suitable models made of lightweight and not constraining the movement of materials: plastic and nylon. Plastic muzzles, "baskets" do not constrain the dog’s face, are well ventilated and do not create additional loads during training and competition. Plastic is not afraid of moisture, so in such a muzzle a dog can swim and walk in the rain. Among the shortcomings, low strength can be noted – this material may burst and become unusable due to impact or long operation.

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    How to choose a muzzle for a dog of medium and decorative breeds?

    Nylon models are suitable for small dogs: Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested Dogs, Dachshunds. Such muzzles completely encircle the muzzle and do not allow animals to pick up litter from the ground and drink water. The nose is open, but the dog cannot breathe with his tongue out. As a rule, these muzzles are worn for a short time: for a visit to the veterinarian, for trimming claws and during a trip in public transport. In addition to solid options, there are nylon models with mesh-walls of translucent fabric. These muzzles are fitted with Velcro.

    What is needed muzzle dog with a shortened face?

    For bulldogs, Shar-Pei, boxers and other breeds with a shortened muzzle, special models of muzzles have been developed, which fully take into account the shape of the head and the muzzle of the animal.

    In addition to these options, there are lightweight muzzles in the form of a loop, which are suitable for old and good-natured dogs. They tightly cover the face in the middle and straps attached to the back of the head.

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