How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

Buying ammunition is one of the most important issues for the owner. After all, the comfort of the pet and the safety of others directly depend on the quality of the purchased products. Canine remind that the concept of ammunition includes not only the leash and collar (harness).

A necessary condition for keeping a dog and being with it in public places is also to purchase a muzzle.

Does the dog need a muzzle

Most often only owners of large breeds of dogs answer this question in the affirmative. The owners of small four-legged pets believe that it is completely unnecessary for a small dog to wear a muzzle. After all, their favorite is simply "not able to bite."

But not always a person understands that a miniature spitz, Japanese hin or Italian greyhound looks harmless for an adult. But for a child of 2-3 years is a dog of impressive size.

There are several reasons to teach a dog of any size to wear a quiet muzzle. Consider the most important:

  • Safety of others. Even a miniature pet can, if not bite, then scare a person;
  • Dog safety The use of a muzzle during a walk eliminates the possibility of raising food from the ground. It is not a secret to anyone that in the settlements there are “dog hunters” who poison the dogs, scattering food with poison;
  • Comfort work veterinarian. Most dogs extremely negatively react to claw correction, grooming, and other medical manipulations (intramuscular or intravenous injections, cleaning of the anal glands or ears, etc.). Using a muzzle allows a specialist to work quietly without fear of being bitten;
  • The ability to move with a pet in public transport without conflicts with other passengers.

It is important: The sooner the owner teaches his dog to a muzzle, the easier it is for an adult animal to bear the need to wear it.

Types of muzzles for dogs

Leather muzzle

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

Leather muzzles are more popular for all types of dogs. The model is a grid of individual strips of skin or leatherette. They have a number of undeniable merits:

  • Low weight;
  • Neat appearance;
  • Reliability;
  • Does not interfere with good ventilation.
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Despite the large number of positive qualities, experts recommend to take into account the disadvantages of such products:

Unscrupulous manufacturers use leatherette as well as low quality dyes and impregnations. The pet increases the risk of an allergic reaction with the constant wearing of such products;

  • Weakly holds the form, the formation of wrinkles;
  • Failure. Leather straps often dry out if not properly stored.

Such models have a relatively high price. They can be decorated with rivets or other decorative elements. Widely used for moving in public transport and on walks.

Plastic muzzle

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

  • He excludes the possibility of picking up something from the ground;
  • Allows you to get a pet drunk;
  • Maintains the required level of ventilation;
  • Low weight;
  • Eliminates the risk of frostbite of the lips and nose in frosty weather.

There is an opinion that this model is ideal for large breeds of dogs. But experts remind that the plastic muzzle has several drawbacks:

  • Low level of reliability;
  • With prolonged exposure to low temperatures, plastic may crack.

Canine experts advise to use a plastic muzzle in the warm season, and only for dogs with a calm and balanced character.

Nylon muzzle

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

One of the most practical options for the safety of the animal and others. It is a wide strip of fabric, which is fastened with a fastener. Many manufacturers use a plastic latch, because these muzzles are designed for animals with a minimum level of aggression.

Among the positive qualities of these models are:

  • Ease. The product is practically weightless and can be used for a pet miniature or decorative breed of dogs;
  • Practicality. The muzzle is well washed and dries quickly;
  • Comfort for dogs. The model is made of light but durable nylon;
    Affordable price.
  • Low level of ventilation leads to impaired free breathing in hot weather and overheating of the pet;
  • Low reliability. Canine experts do not recommend such models for large and aggressive animals;
  • Not used for long wear;
  • Does not exclude the possibility of a dog pick up food from the ground.
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It is important: if the dog is aggressive or inadequate, then it is worth refusing to acquire such a model. The risk that an animal tears up such a product is too great.

Metal muzzle mesh

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

A very popular model among owners of medium and large animals. It is a metal rods, twisted like baskets. Found its use in the southern regions and the middle zone.

Its advantages include:

  • Good ventilation, which is of paramount importance in a hot climate;
  • Reliable fixation of the dog’s muzzle, which ensures maximum safety of others;
  • Impossibility to lift something from the earth;
  • The ability to drink water;
  • Long service life.

We should not forget about the disadvantages of this model:

  • In the winter season there is a high risk of injuring your pet’s cold lips and nose;
  • Impressive weight compared to other models. It is achieved through the use of metal rods;
  • Metal models are used for medium and large dogs. On the shelves sometimes there are products for representatives of smaller breeds, but they have not found wide application.

Muzzle loop (halter)

How To Choose A Muzzle For A Dog

This model can be used only for short-term fixation of the animal. Experts note that a mandatory condition is the presence of the owner in the immediate vicinity of the pet.

Unreliable product that the dog can take off at any time. The advantages include low weight, affordable price and compact size.

Which muzzle to choose

Experts recommend acquiring several models of muzzles. The use of this item of ammunition allows you to:

  • Teach your pet to wear a muzzle. Products made of nylon and plastic work well for this task;
  • Walk with your pet in public places or move in transport. Finding an animal without a muzzle in crowded places is unacceptable. Therefore, for a quiet pet suitable nylon or plastic version. And for more aggressive individuals, leather or metal muzzle will be indispensable;
  • Metal or leather product is suitable for the safety of others. So, a trip to the veterinarian, coupled with carrying out painful medical manipulations, it is better to make a dog with a muzzle;
  • For a safe walk. Many pets have the harmful habit of picking up food from the ground or other little edible items. Metal mesh, leather or plastic muzzle eliminates the possibility for the development of this unpleasant habit;
  • For regular walks without conflicts with others, risk for a pet to pick up something from the ground, etc. In this case, leather or metal muzzle will become indispensable. In the absence of the habit of "vacuuming" the ground in search of food, you can use a nylon analogue.
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It is important: if the owner can not independently determine which version of the muzzle for his pet will become universal, then you should seek the help of specialists. You can visit the club, dog show or consult a veterinarian. You will certainly help to choose the right model for each dog.

How to choose the size of the muzzle

To purchase the perfect muzzle canine dog experts recommend measuring:

  • Muzzle circumference;
  • The length of the muzzle;
  • The distance from the tip of the nose to the fastening point of the product.

It is important: In order not to be mistaken with the size and choose the most comfortable option for your own dog, dog handlers recommend taking the dog with you. This will give the opportunity to try on several types of products and pick one. Which delivers the least inconvenience.

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