How To Choose A Bowl For A Dog

How to choose a bowl for a dog?

This question worries not every dog ​​breeder: many people buy a product to your taste or even give out a pet to one of their own plates. However, this is not entirely correct and is not always convenient for both the dog itself and the owner. In this regard, we decided to tell you how to choose a bowl for a dog, so that you and the animal like it.

How To Choose A Bowl For A Dog

Criterias of choice

It seems only at first glance that it is enough to decide on the material of the bowl and – that’s all, the selection will be completed on this. In fact, there are a lot of parameters to consider. Consider them in order.


Let’s start with age, as it plays an important role when choosing a bowl for a dog.

Heavy, stable bowls made of ceramics, glass or steel are well suited for a puppy, as they are difficult to roll on the floor during meals. There are plastic models with a rubber base that prevents slipping, but plastic, unlike the above materials, is interesting and pleasant to gnaw, so in the first months of a dog’s life it’s better not to give preference to it.

For adults, bowls made of any material, including plastic, are almost equally well suited. The only condition: it must be food and not have an unpleasant smell.

Size (height)

Many owners of large breed dogs prefer metal bowls on stands, which allow the bowl to be raised above the floor to make it easier for the pet to eat. You can learn more about the need and rules for using coasters from one of our past articles.

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The size of bowls for food and water directly depends on the weight of the animal. In the first one, exactly one portion of food should be placed, so that the residues (especially wet food) do not develop bacteria. The recommended size of the portion of dry food can be found on the basis of the breed, age and weight of the dog according to the table indicated directly on the package.

With regard to water, it is believed that an average adult dog needs about 60 ml of clean drinking water per kg of weight per day. Puppies, active and lactating animals, as well as in hot weather need a little more. In fact, it is not necessary to make accurate calculations – it is enough to provide the pet with constant access to clean water.


Several important points depend on the breed:

  • Muzzle shape – for dogs with a flat muzzle need shallow bowls.
  • The length of the ears – for long-eared and long-nosed breeds, narrow plates are ideal, in which the ears do not fall.
  • The length of the coat – long-haired dogs wet the hair on the face while drinking, so a non-spillful bowl and a flat, shallow food plate will work well for them.


Not every owner can spend enough time with his pet and carefully follow the schedule of his food. If you spend a lot of time at work, the best option for you would be automatic feeders and drinkers. They add water and fill up the food in the pan as needed, so even in the period of your absence the dog will be full.

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There are also electronic feeders, but not everyone can recommend them for purchase.

And the last but most important factor for most is price. The most affordable are plastic bowls. They are easy to use (durable, easy to clean), but not heavy enough and can have an unpleasant odor, which prevents the dog from eating normally.

Ceramic or glass are quite expensive, but they look more solid and can please the owners with a variety of designs, but require careful handling. Bacteria quickly build up in cracks, and chipping at the edges can cause injuries. In addition, it is almost impossible to choose a ceramic bowl for a large breed dog.

How To Choose A Bowl For A Dog

And finally, metal (polished steel) plates can be considered the golden mean. They are extremely easy to handle, cheap enough and, importantly, durable. Their only drawback is the “facelessness” of the design, however, manufacturers have already learned how to deal with this – they offer beautiful removable sides. Stands are also often equipped with metal bowls, but for obvious reasons, they are somewhat more expensive.


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