How to Check Xiaomi Phone When Purchasing

When buying any equipment from hand, you cannot be sure of its excellent quality of functioning, and there are many reasons for this. Someone is lucky, and he takes a thing of good quality, because the seller really does not need it, or he bought something better for himself. But often the equipment is sold after a decent period of use or because it has ceased to suit the owner. We do not claim that you will find a panacea here, but you will learn exactly how to check the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro upon purchase, as well as find useful information suitable for checking any other Xiaomi smartphone.

The first stage of verification

First of all, the verification method will depend on which device you purchase and for what purposes. Regardless of the situation, we check the seller’s documents for this equipment, and if it is not available for any of the reasons indicated, it is in most cases a fraud or it was simply not important for the owner to store them, which shows his attitude to the equipment and it was unlikely to be extremely careful.

Using the packaging of the gadget, you can easily check the device for originality, we wrote more about this in this article. Be sure to check the IMEI on the phone using the command # 06 # typed in the input menu. The code should correspond to that indicated on the box, on the check and possibly present on the phone cover. Read the “About the Phone” information, check the firmware version, find out about the availability of root, look for programs such as SuperSU, Superuser, talking about the presence of non-original firmware, but this is a completely different topic for conversation.

We check the external state

How to Check Xiaomi Phone When Purchasing

We go further, because if everything is normal with the documents and this person owns it, of course, if you did not steal the phone with the packaging (just kidding), then we examine the device for external signs of damage, open the back cover and look at the battery, contacts near it, condition cells for sim cards. It is definitely worth checking the quality of the charger connection, since this is very important and you don’t need to tell anyone else about the charging problem.

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  • Be sure to click on the volume, lock buttons.
  • Check the camera (main and front) by taking a few photos and videos.
  • Call friends from your phone to make sure the speaker and microphone are working
  • Ask if the device was under repair and for what reason

Important! Make sure that the seller has logged out of his mi and google account before buying, as well as completely untied the device. Otherwise, your device will be blocked remotely, and it will turn into a brick. No flashing will help.

Health Check

If the phone looks good on you too, then you can proceed to a more detailed check, which is already much more interesting and complicated. There are several ways to do this. If you can download some software on the spot and you both have time, then check everything right during the transaction.

The best option is to take the phone for one day of verification, but this option works if you leave something valuable as a deposit or you have common acquaintances with the seller. Remember that you still won’t carry out a full and in-depth check on the site and you will never reveal all the possible defects, but we will tell you how to get out of this situation.

If possible, be sure to test your future Xiaomi Redmi 3S with such programs (suitable for other devices on Android):

  • Display Tester is a program that helps you find out a lot of useful and detailed information about the display, the presence or absence of dead pixels.
  • Yet Another MultiTouch Test is another high-quality tool for checking the sensor, the available number of simultaneous taps on the display, and checking its sensitivity.
  • AndroiTS GPS Test. for checking GPS and the quality of geolocation.
  • Sensor Box for Android. we check all possible moments that arise when working with the sensor. Each individual utility will allow you to test its various features.
  • Elixir 2 is a program for experienced users, containing a lot of useful components related to different areas of the device.
  • Wifi Analyzer. helps to learn more about how well the Wi-fi communication sensor works.


Remember that you need to spend a lot of time on a quality test of the device, since you can’t check and test all its functions in an hour. Only with time will it be possible to find out any problems, if any. So we advise, if possible, to bargain for yourself a full day for a test, where you run the battery, find out how much it has been used up, in general, completely merge with the device into your usual rhythm of life, realizing how much the device suits you.

We hope that using our tips, your tested phone will last a long and high quality. The main thing is to treat him with care and care, then even a far from new device will last for years.

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