How to Charge a Gopro Hero 7 Black Camera

GoPro cameras, like most modern devices, use lithium-ion batteries. They do not require any special care, however, following the instructions and recommendations given in this article, you can significantly extend its battery life and service life.

How to Charge a Gopro Hero 7 Black Camera

Instructions for charging the battery Gopro

The following instructions provide the best way to fully and safely charge your GoPro battery:

  1. Disable Wi-Fi / GPS / connect to other devices / voice control (if available);
  2. Disconnect BacPac Series Accessories (if equipped);
  3. Connect the camera via a USB cable to the original Supercharger adapter, an Auto Charger car charger, or to any other high-quality power adapter (for example, from Apple or Samsung) with a voltage of 5V and an output current of 1A (for models Fusion, HERO7 Black, Silver and White, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session are optimal parameters 5V and 2A). As an alternative to the adapter, you can use the USB port of the computer. Wherein:
  • We do not recommend using USB ports on peripheral devices (USB hubs, monitors, etc.);
  • Through USB ports, the GoPro will take longer to charge due to less current;
  • For desktop computers: try to connect the camera to USB ports on the back of the system unit;
  • For laptops: connect the laptop to the charger to provide the required level of power.
  1. One or several red indicators should light up on the camera, informing the user that the device is currently charging;
  2. Turn off your GoPro and let it charge. Turning off the indicators indicates that the camera is fully charged. The battery charging process can take up to 4 hours when charging via the computer’s USB port and up to 2 hours when charging via the adapter (longer for GoPro Fusion). Charging through the original Supercharger AC charger will reduce the time required for recharging by 20-70%.

Important Note: If you notice that the GoPro front (monochrome) screen is active, this can only mean one thing: the camera is on, it consumes power and will take longer to charge. In this case, we recommend disconnecting the camera from the power source, turning it off, and reconnecting to the network. The pictures below show an effective and inefficient way to charge the battery:

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Tips & Tricks

The GoPro battery life declared by the manufacturer is two years. However, certain factors can both extend the battery life and shorten it. Below is a list of tips and simple recommendations, following which you will ensure a stable camera and a long battery life:

  • It is not recommended to charge the battery with defective or faulty cables and power adapters. The best choice would be to use original GoPro cables and adapters;
  • Observe the output current and voltage parameters. It is highly recommended not to charge the camera with adapters whose current exceeds 1A and the voltage is 5V. Exceeding these parameters reduces the capacity and failure of the battery;
  • For models Fusion, HERO7 Black, Silver and White HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session, the optimal output current is 2A. when using this adapter, a balance between charging speed and battery life will be maintained. However, if you are not limited in time, it is recommended that you charge these devices with single-amp adapters. It is important to remember the following rule: the slower the lithium-ion battery is charged, the longer and better it will last;
  • Heat is the main enemy of this type of battery. Try to monitor the temperature of the battery and do not get involved in high-speed charges. Do not use the camera at temperatures of 50 ° C or higher. Do not leave the device turned on in the sun or in a closed car. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to a cooler place during shooting, try to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the device: if possible, lower the screen brightness, turn off the indicators, GPS and Wi-Fi modules. For faster camera cooling, simply remove the battery;
  • Cold, unlike heat, is almost not dangerous for this type of battery. But if GoPro turned off under the influence of cold temperatures and does not turn on, the best solution would be to try to warm it in a warm room or at least in the inner pocket of the jacket. Again, for faster heating, remove the battery from the camera.

Video: How to Charge a Gopro Hero 7 Black Camera

Do not charge the camera if it has been in the cold for a long time before this. let it warm to room temperature. Usually, just wait 20-30 minutes.

Important Note: It is highly recommended not to charge GoPro or its battery from the mains or portable power sources if the ambient temperature is below 4 ° C or above 40 ° C, in order to avoid battery failure or deterioration of performance;

  • Full discharge harms the battery and reduces its life cycle. Try to finish shooting and turn off the camera yourself before the battery runs out. Keep the number of deep discharges to a minimum. completely discharge the battery no more than once every two months;
  • If available, always take a spare charged battery with you when shooting. This is the best option: a spare battery will help with overheating and freezing, as well as extend the shooting time without the need for a full discharge of the main battery. We recommend that you purchase a charger for two rechargeable batteries. an additional battery is already included with this device;
  • If your GoPro battery runs out quickly even when the camera is turned off, we recommend that you read this article.

What to do if the camera does not charge?

In this situation, it is important to try to determine the cause of the malfunction and try to fix it yourself. Experience has shown that the source of the problem may be the device itself, the battery, a USB cable, a power adapter, and even an SD card. Therefore, if the charge indicators do not light up or the camera does not turn on, follow this instruction:

  1. Disconnect your GoPro from an external power source and remove the microSD card. Remove and reinsert the battery;
  2. Hold down the Mode or Menu button (for Session Series cameras) for 2-3 seconds to test camera operation. Pay attention to the indication, sounds and image on the screens;
  3. If there is no reaction, hold down the Mode or Menu button (for Session cameras) for 8-10 seconds and release. Wait about 5 seconds. Try checking the camera again by holding down the Mode or Menu button;
  4. Reconnect the camera to the power source. Check to see if the LEDs light up. If available, use another battery, USB-cable and power adapter. most often the problem is solved at this stage;
  5. If the indicators light up, leave the GoPro plugged in for several minutes;
  6. Disconnect the device from the power source again and hold down the Mode button for 2-3 seconds;
  7. If the camera turns on, turn it off, insert an SD card, wait about 5 seconds, turn it on and try to record a test video.

If GoPro still does not turn on, you should contact the service center at the place of purchase (if the warranty has not yet expired) or any other service center that you trust.