How to Change Windows 8 Monitor Shutdown Time

Hello! For two days I haven’t written anything useful to the blog, I was busy with one very important thing, which I will say at the end of the article :). I’ll tell you right now how to disable sleep mode and display off in Windows 7. You probably know that if you leave the computer alone, do not press keys and do not touch the mouse, then after a certain time the screen turns off and it goes into sleep mode, all this is done to save energy.

All this is of course good, you need to save energy, global warming and other disasters, but the automatic transition to sleep mode very often brings a lot of trouble, as well as the automatic shutdown of the screen.

Perhaps you have had cases when you watch a movie most often online, and every 10 minutes, the screen turns off, you need to press keys, or move the mouse. Or they left something to download from the Internet, and the computer went into sleep mode and everything stopped, these are the problems. And in order to solve them, you just need to turn off the automatic screen off and go into sleep mode. What we will do now.

Video: How to Change Windows 8 Monitor Shutdown Time

Click Start and go to “Control Panel”

In the control panel, look for “Power” and select it.

How to Change Windows 8 Monitor Shutdown Time

The automatic screen off and hibernation can be configured differently for two plans: “Balanced” this plan is most often activated on desktop computers and laptops connected to the mains. And “Energy Saving”, this one automatically turns on normally when the laptop is unplugged. Let’s set it to “Balanced” mode, click on it “Power plan settings”

As you can see, I have to turn off the screen after 10 minutes, and automatically go into sleep mode after 30 minutes. All you need to do is just change the time, or completely disable these actions by selecting “Never” After the change, do not forget to click the “Save Changes” button

That’s all friends, now you can safely watch movies and leave the download for a long time. The computer will not automatically turn off the monitor and goes into sleep mode.

And a few words about what I was busy with these two days. I’m doing a new design for the blog, which if everything is okay in a few days can be seen on this blog, so come in and wait 🙂 I won’t say anything more. Good luck friends!