How to Change Video Format On Computer

How to Change Video Format On Computer

Greetings, dear readers and subscribers of my diary!

In this article, I will talk about how you can change the video format on a computer in a very simple way and without special programs: I encountered this problem myself when I needed to edit the video I shot on a smartphone in Camtasia 2018, and the video in this program didn’t want to be imported.

And only after several unsuccessful attempts, I realized that the format in which my video was recorded. 3gp, not supported by Camtasia 2018, she just did not see this video and did not react to it in any way.

When I understood this, I began to look for ways to solve this problem, because the video was very important for me and I needed to edit it too 🙂 So, as a result of my searches, I was rewarded with the result: the video format can be changed in a fairly simple way.

What is a file format or extension?

Before moving on to the topic of how to change the video format, I suggest deciding on file terminology: instead of the word “format”, you can also find the word “extension”

These are two equally meaningful words, between which you can put an equal sign

The extension or format of the file is the part of the file name that appears after the period, this part, which is written in the name (in the name) of the file, indicates what kind (format) the file belongs to.

That is, my VID_20190708_111909.3gp file needs to be changed to the VID_20190708_111909.mp4 file so that Camtasia 2018 can edit my video, i.e. change the 3gp extension to the mp4 extension.

How to Change Video Format On Computer

About special programs for changing the video format

Sooner or later, any user is faced with the need to change the format or extension and some of them find it difficult to perform this action 🙂 You can find many special programs that help you change the file format.

Such programs are called converters. They can be freely downloaded from the Internet, or you can simply use the online converter and not go through the procedure of installing the program on your computer.

Tip: Before you experiment with changing the video format, you need to make a copy of this video and already experiment with it.

At first I tried to convert the video format to mp4 using an online converter, through Yandex search I found such a converter, but I was disappointed right away, because it can only convert a video format for free up to 200 MB, and my file was 588 MB.

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In the next search, I noticed Movavi Video Converter 19, it’s a paid program, but it offers a free period of a week, which was enough for me to change the format of one video. I quickly downloaded and installed it on my computer, without any problems, I copied my video file into it.

How to Change Video Format On Computer

By launching the converter, I received a warning that the program can be used for free for 7 days, but for this I agree that the converter itself will be advertised on my video. I did not attach much importance, I think: “well, let it be, I will delete it later in the editor", hoping that this ad will be shown in one place in the video.

But it was not there! When I started the video after conversion, the advertisement appeared and disappeared during the whole video, which was unacceptable to me and I deleted this video.

How to Change Video Format On Computer

Upset about another failure, I began to call a programmer I knew who constantly helped me out in such situations, he advised me to try to change the video format without special programs in Windows itself, warning me that this does not always work, but basically it happens without problems.

How to change video format to mp4 without programs

I performed this operation on Windows7, but the principle is similar for other Windows.

By pressing the “Start” button, we go to the control panel. in the upper right corner there is: view: small icons, click, exit:

Click on “Category”

How to Change Video Format On Computer

We find “Design and personalization”

How to Change Video Format On Computer

Find “Folder Options”:

How to Change Video Format On Computer

On the “View” tab we go to the bottom, find “Hide extensions for registered file types”, uncheck it, click "To apply".

How to Change Video Format On Computer

That’s all, we find a copy of our video, on it we call the context menu with the right mouse button, we find “Rename” and in the file name we change the 3gp format to the mp4 format

How to Change Video Format On Computer

The following warning is issued:

How to Change Video Format On Computer

I ignore him and click “OK”.


Everything worked out for me, I imported my video into Camtasia 2018 without any problems and edited it as I needed.

How to Change Video Format On Computer

I am very grateful to my programmer who prompted me on time in such a simple way how to change the video format without programs and unnecessary problems.

If you have questions, ask in the comments

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