How to Change the Charging Socket on the Phone

How to solder a micro usb connector on a tablet, phone, netbook, laptop with your own hands?

Now in devices you can often find usb connectors (ssb, eng. Universal Serial Bus. "universal serial bus"). Due to accidental mechanical damage, for example, while the device is in charging mode, a malfunction such as a break in the micro usb connector is often found. You will learn how to solder a micro usb connector yourself in the article below.

If you like tinkering and know how to handle a soldering iron, then it will not be difficult for you to solder the micro usb connector on the tablet yourself. To do this, we need tools: a 25-watt soldering iron, solder, easily fusible tin, tweezers, a small curly screwdriver, a scalpel or knife with a thin blade, a magnifying glass.

How to disassemble a tablet (phone, laptop)?

The most important thing is that we do everything carefully and accurately!

To disassemble, we need:

  1. Set of screwdrivers;
  2. Tweezers;
  3. Scalpel or knife;
  4. Soldering iron.

Step 1. Unscrew all the fixing screws on the tablet or phone, remove the back cover by gently prying it with a knife or a scalpel, thereby freeing the housing locks from the grooves, tilting the blade towards the screen.

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How to Change the Charging Socket on the Phone

Step 2 After the cover on the tablet (phone) has been removed, it is necessary to ground the soldering iron, solder the wire to the common body (minus) and then the second end of the wire to the body of the soldering iron. This must be done in order to protect the tablet from accidental static electricity, which can damage its electronic components. And you should also make an antistatic bracelet and also ground it.

Step 3 Next, solder the wires from the battery, this is necessary in order not to accidentally short circuit the electronic circuit and not to disable components.

Step 4 After that, we unscrew all the fixing screws on the board and turn it over, thereby we get directly to the micro usb connector itself.

USB Connector Trouble List

The following is a short list of micro usb connector malfunctions and how to solve them:

1. Micro usb connector came into disrepair.

If the connector is unusable and further repair is impossible, then it should be replaced. To do this, we need to find a known good one, you can use an unnecessary or faulty cell phone and unsolder the micro usb connector from the phone. To do this, take a scalpel and insert it between the board and the connector, heating the mounting tabs of the micro usb connector, gradually lifting one side, then the other. Further, after the mounting tabs are soldered off the board, you need to take the tweezers, since the connector heats up quickly, it should not be overheated, because the plastic parts of the micro usb connector can melt and deform. After that, solder the connector pins, they should be heated all at once. Pay attention to the installation, smd parts can be near the connector and, if not properly soldered, they can be soldered or burned, be careful and therefore the tip of the soldering iron should be thin. The sequence of the wiring of the connector is the same and the dismantling of the micro usb connector on the tablet should be performed in the same way.

2.Micro usb connector is working, but torn from the main board.

In this case, you should pay attention to the integrity of the tracks themselves, for this we take a magnifying glass and inspect the installation, if the tracks are whole on the board, then it is good, if not, then you will have to restore them. It is necessary to find all the ends of the torn paths and carefully clean them with a scalpel (clean the varnish), then tin with a soldering iron. After that, we take the micro usb connector itself and solder the mounting tabs of the connector to the board, I advise you to glue the connector to the board before soldering, this will reduce the likelihood of a repeated break. It remains for little to solder the output, if the tracks are intact then it will not be difficult, but if not, do the following: take thin copper wires (one hair of a multi-strand thin wire) and solder between the terminals of the tracks and the connector. If for some reason it was not possible to restore all the tracks (the track under the electronic part is torn and there is no way to track its location). In this case, it will be possible to do only to charge the tablet, while we need to restore only two tracks, two extreme outputs to the micro usb connector, the only drawback is the lack of the ability to connect the tablet to the computer and external devices.

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